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Rural Development : Rural America Faces Many Challenges by Unknown ISBN: 9780788101366 List Price: $30.00
Federal Funding Sources for Rural Areas (1992) by Unknown ISBN: 9780788101373 List Price: $35.00
Rural Development : New Approach to Empowering Communities Needs Refinement by Summers, Robert C. ISBN: 9780788146329 List Price: $25.00
Hurricane Iniki, September 6-13, 1992 : A Natural Disaster Survey Report by Unknown ISBN: 9780788115332 List Price: $30.00
Hawaii Coastal Hazard Mitigation Planning Project by Unknown ISBN: 9780788124273 List Price: $35.00
Northern Great Plains Rural Development Commission : Overview and Recommendation by McKellips, Roger D. ISBN: 9780788174643 List Price: $20.00
Rural Issues by Unknown ISBN: 9780808748687 List Price: $26.00
Political and Comparative Dimensions of Regional Integration : The Case of ECOWAS by Gambari, Ibrahim A. ISBN: 9780391036963 List Price: $39.95
Business Clusters : Partnering for Strategic Advantage by Jayachandran, C., Thorpe, M... ISBN: 9780415602310
Mobilizing Regions Mobilizing Europe by B├╝ttner, Sebastian ISBN: 9780415678759
Cohesion Policy and Multi-Level Governance in South East Europe by Bache, Ian, Andreou, George ISBN: 9780415594196
Building Competences for Spatial Planners by Perdico├║lis, Anastassios ISBN: 9780415594547
Multi-Objective Regional Energy Planning (Studies in Applied Regional Science) by Blair, Peter D. ISBN: 9780898380088 List Price: $61.00
Innovation and Regional Development : Strategies, Instruments and Policy Coordination. Proce... by Ewers, Hans-Jurgen, Allesch... ISBN: 9780899256290 List Price: $106.15
Role of Integrated Rural Development Projects in Developing Local Institutional Capacity by Conyers, Diana, Van Tilburg... ISBN: 9780945271024 List Price: $6.00
Economics of Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge Systems into Agricultural Development : A Mo... by Titilola, S. Oguntunji ISBN: 9780945271277 List Price: $7.00
Connaissance Endogene Local Comme Cle du Developpement au Niveau Local : Possibilities, Cons... by Nigerian Resource Centre fo... ISBN: 9780945271383 List Price: $8.00
Rural Credit : Issues for the '90s by Singh, Surjeet ISBN: 9788120406469
Rural Social Transformation by Lal, Sheo K. ISBN: 9788170331599
Readings in Integrated Rural Development by Subramanian, S. R. ISBN: 9788120401631
Planning for Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation by Singh, B. D. ISBN: 9788170993162
Communication and Rural Development by Ambedkar, J. B. ISBN: 9788170993582
Rural Development Issues of the '90s : Perspectives from the Social Sciences (A Centennial P... by Williams, Thomas T., Hill, ... ISBN: 9780962502101 List Price: $19.95
Beyond the Global City : Understanding and Planning for the Diversity of Ontario by Nelson, Gordon ISBN: 9780773539853 List Price: $95.00
Animation Rurale and Rural Development : The Experience of Upper Volta by Charlick, Robert B., Vengro... ISBN: 9780867310436 List Price: $6.65
Paraprofessionals in Rural Development by Esman, Milton J., Gritzinge... ISBN: 9780867310450 List Price: $9.05
Feasibility and Application of Rural Development Participation : State-of-the-Art Paper by Uphoff, Norman T., Cohen, J... ISBN: 9780867310023 List Price: $15.15
Regional Housing Assistance Allocations and Regional Housing Needs by Goodman, John, Jr. ISBN: 9780877662631 List Price: $6.00
Regional Planning in England 2000 To 2010 by Swain, Corinne, Marshall, T... ISBN: 9780415526043
International Planning by Parker, Gavin ISBN: 9780415589116
International Planning by Parker, Gavin ISBN: 9780415589123
Market Towns : Roles, challenges and Prospects by Powe, Neil, Hart, Trevor, S... ISBN: 9780415541114
Food, Agriculture, and Rural Policy into the Twenty-First Century: Issues and Trade-Offs by Hallberg, M. C., Ray, Daryl... ISBN: 9780813387642 List Price: $29.95
Landscape Planning (Built Environment Series) by Turner, T. ISBN: 9780091647100 List Price: $310.00
Managing Rural Development (Bibliographies in Technology & Social Change Ser, No 2) by Meyer, Robert E. ISBN: 9780945271055 List Price: $6.00
Quality of Life in Rural Asia by Bloom, David, Malaney, Pia N. ISBN: 9780195924541 List Price: $26.00
Regional Economies and Industrial Systems by Hamilton, F. E., Linge, God... ISBN: 9780846415244 List Price: $29.95
Regional Development in Western Europe by Clout, Hugh D. ISBN: 9780846415114 List Price: $38.95
Regional Development and Conditions for Innovation in the Network Society by Geenhuizen, M. S. van, Gibs... ISBN: 9781557533555 List Price: $69.95
Regional Development and the International Division of Labour International Firms in the Net... by Van den Broek, G., Haude, D... ISBN: 9788170222835 List Price: $17.50
Regional Development in the 1990's The British Isles in Transition by Townroe, Peter, Martin, Ron ISBN: 9781853021398 List Price: $57.00
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