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Regional Innovation Strategies The Challenge for Less Favored Regions by Morgan, Kevin ISBN: 9781853026997 List Price: $32.95
Regional Innovation Systems The Role of Governance in a Globalized World by Cooke, Philip, Heidenreich,... ISBN: 9780415303682 List Price: $166.00
Rural Action A Collection of Community Work Case Studies by Henderson, Paul, Francis, D... ISBN: 9780745307893 List Price: $23.00
Rural Development Availability of Capital for Agriculture, Business, and Infrastructure by Summers, Robert C. ISBN: 9780788141942 List Price: $20.00
Rural Development Participation Concepts and Measures for Project Design, Implementation and... by Cohen, John M., Uphoff, Joh... ISBN: 9780867310016 List Price: $14.25
Rural Development in North-East India by Saikia, P. D. ISBN: 9788170185512 List Price: $20.00
Rural Economic Modelling An Input-Output Approach by Midmore, P., Harrison-Mayfi... ISBN: 9780851991122 List Price: $60.00
Rural Ecology by Mumtamayee, C. ISBN: 9788170242314 List Price: $34.00
Rural Development Retrospect and Prospect by Mandal, Gobinda C. ISBN: 9788170223962 List Price: $21.00
Rural Development Principles and Practice by Moseley, Malcolm ISBN: 9780761947660 List Price: $111.00
Rural Development Patchwork of Federal Programs Needs to Be Reappraised by Harman, John W. ISBN: 9780788113383 List Price: $20.00
Rural Development in India by Lawania, Vinod K. ISBN: 9788170244684 List Price: $15.00
Rural Markets and Development A Case Study of Rajasthan State by Saxena, H. M. ISBN: 9788170330547 List Price: $24.00
Rural Resource Management Problem Solving for the Long Term by Miller, Sandra E., Shinn, C... ISBN: 9780813806860 List Price: $39.95
Rural Poverty in Asia Priority Issues and Policy Options by Quibria, M. G. ISBN: 9780195860047 List Price: $26.00
Rural Poverty in Asia Priority Issues and Policy Options by Quibria, M. G. ISBN: 9780195860030 List Price: $80.00
Panchayat Raj, Rural Development and the Political Economy of Village India by Nicholson, Norman K. ISBN: 9780867310146 List Price: $4.95
Planning Perspectives on the Central Zone by Adiseshiah, Malcolm S. ISBN: 9788122002614 List Price: $25.00
Transition in Vietnam Impact of the Rural Reform Process on an Ethnic Minority by Luibrand, Annette ISBN: 9780820460659 List Price: $30.95
People First by Burkey, Stan ISBN: 9781856490818 List Price: $25.00
Gender,class+rural Transition by Mackintosh, Maureen ISBN: 9780862328405 List Price: $17.50
Country Visions Knowing The Rural World by Cloke, Paul J. ISBN: 9780130896018 List Price: $52.50
Rural Transformation in Asia by Breman, Jan, Mundle, Sudipto ISBN: 9780195625196 List Price: $21.00
Guide to Funding Resources for Rural Areas, 1994 by Gardner, Melanie ISBN: 9780788119736 List Price: $20.00
Perspectives on Indian Regionalism by Palanithurai, Ghandi ISBN: 9788185475585
Critical Perspectives in Rural Development Studies (Critical Agrarian Studies) by Borras Jr, Saturnino M. ISBN: 9780415552448 List Price: $125.00
Managing Rural Development: Ideas and Experience from East Africa by Chambers, Robert ISBN: 9780931816376 List Price: $14.50
Reshaping Regional Relations: Asia-Pacific and the Former Soviet Union by Thakur, Ramesh, Thayer, Car... ISBN: 9780813385068 List Price: $59.50
Regional Dynamics: Studies in Adjustment Theory - Gordon L. Clark - Hardcover by Clark, Gordon L., Gertler, ... ISBN: 9780043303535 List Price: $75.00
Poor but Proud: Alabama's Poor Whites - Wayne Wayne Flynt - Hardcover by Flynt, Wayne ISBN: 9780817304249 List Price: $46.75
Globalising Rural Development Competing Paradigms And Emerging Realities by Behera, M. C. ISBN: 9780761934783 List Price: $84.00
Globalising Rural Development Competing Paradigms And Emerging Realities by Behera, M. C. ISBN: 9780761934790 List Price: $48.95
Region, Nation, "Heartland" Uttar Pradesh in India's Body Politic by Kudaisya, Gyanesh ISBN: 9780761935193 List Price: $75.95
Region, Nation, "Heartland" Uttar Pradesh in India's Body Politic by Kudaisya, Gyanesh ISBN: 9780761935469 List Price: $46.95
Economic Adaptation: Alternatives for Nonmetropolitan Areas by Barkley, David L. ISBN: 9780813387154 List Price: $45.00
Regional Planning: Evolution, Crisis and Prospects by Lim, Gill C. ISBN: 9780865980976 List Price: $42.00
Rural Development and Population: Institutions and Policy - a Supplement to Population and D... by McNicholl, Geoffrey, Cain, ... ISBN: 9780195068498 List Price: $15.00
United States and the Regional Organization of Asia and the Pacific by Rostow, Walt W. ISBN: 9780292785120 List Price: $30.00
Methods of Regional Analysis by Isard, Walter ISBN: 9780943019024 List Price: $5.95
Empirical Explorations in Regional Growth by Ghali, Moheb A. ISBN: 9780898380590 List Price: $103.00
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