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Rural Development: Principles, Policies and Management by Singh, Katar ISBN: 9788178299266 List Price: $29.95
Development Dilemmas in Rural Thailand by Hirsch, Philip ISBN: 9780195889680 List Price: $35.00
Office Dispersal by Rhodes ISBN: 9780521083089
Rural Development and Population: A Supplement to Population and Development Review, Vol. 15... by McNicholl, Geoffrey, Cain, ... ISBN: 9780195068474 List Price: $35.00
Development for Rural Poor by Tripathi, Satyendra ISBN: 9788170330448
Development and Change in India by Tewari, R. T., Joshi, A. ISBN: 9788170242000 List Price: $62.00
Enlarged Europe Regions in Competition by Albrechts, Louis, Hardy, Sa... ISBN: 9781853021886 List Price: $49.50
In Pursuit of Peace On Non-Alignment and Regional Cooperation by Hameed, A. Shahul ISBN: 9780706922271 List Price: $18.95
Innovation and Regional Development Strategies, Instruments and Policy Coordination Proceed... by Ewers, Hans-Jurgen, Allesch... ISBN: 9783110122619 List Price: $98.60
Integrated Rural Development and Area Planning in India by Rao, M. B. ISBN: 9788170414995 List Price: $25.00
Its Dynamics and Local Linkages Rural Industrialisation in Kerala by Eapen, Mridul ISBN: 9789055380541 List Price: $27.00
Knowledge of the Land Land Resources Information and Its Use in Rural Development by Dalal-Clayton, Barry, Dent,... ISBN: 9780198296010 List Price: $225.00
Local Planning in Practice by Bruton, B. ISBN: 9780091653811 List Price: $19.95
Chinese Urban Reform What Model Now? by Kwok, R. Yin-Wang, Parish, ... ISBN: 9780873325899 List Price: $83.95
Appropriate Technology for Rural Development in India by Blankenberg, Floris P. ISBN: 9788170223719 List Price: $35.00
Beyond Green Belts Managing Urban Growth in the 21st Century by Regional Studios Assc. Staff ISBN: 9780117023550 List Price: $48.95
Man and Land in Paraguay by Kleinpenning, J. M. G. ISBN: 9789067651745 List Price: $23.90
Introduction to Regional Planning Concepts, Theory and Practice by Glasson, G. ISBN: 9780091337513 List Price: $11.95
Introduction to Regional Science/Rsr No 4 by Isard, Walter ISBN: 9780943019031 List Price: $12.00
Encyclopedia of Community Planning and Environmental Management by Schultz, Marilyn S., Kasen,... ISBN: 9780871964472 List Price: $50.00
Planning Models by Reggiani ISBN: 9781845420222 List Price: $240.00
India: A Regional Interpretation by Deshpande, C. D. ISBN: 9788172110819
Sub-Regional Planning Studies: An Evaluation by Cowling, T. M., Steeley, G. C. ISBN: 9780080170190 List Price: $21.00
Rural Diversification by Prag, Peter ISBN: 9780728203716 List Price: $49.95
Workforce Development Networks in Rural Areas Building the High Road by Green, Ken ISBN: 9781845428723 List Price: $110.00
Plans of Men by Doob, Leonard William ISBN: 9780208001269 List Price: $43.50
Land Use Planning by Priemus, Hugo, Priemus, Hug... ISBN: 9781845420482 List Price: $225.00
Politics Land Use Planning by Elkin, Stephen L. ISBN: 9780521203210 List Price: $19.95
Plymouth: Vision of a Modern City (Informed Conservation) by Gould, Jeremy ISBN: 9781848020504 List Price: $20.00
Rural Enterprise: Shifting Perspectives on Small-Scale Production (Critical Perspectives on ... by Whatmore, Sarah, Lowe, Phil... ISBN: 9781853461132 List Price: $69.00
Bridging the Gap between Planning and Implementation: Turning Transformative Visions into St... by Oosterlynck, Stijn, van den... ISBN: 9780415566834 List Price: $150.00
Spatial Planning and Climate Change (Natural and Built Environment Series) by Wilson, Elizabeth, Piper, Jake ISBN: 9780415495905 List Price: $150.00
Affluence, Mobility and Second Home Ownership (Housing and Society Series) by Paris, Chris ISBN: 9780415548915 List Price: $150.00
Regional Development in Central and Eastern Europe: Development processes and policy challen... by Gorzelak, George, Bachtler,... ISBN: 9780415571364 List Price: $155.00
Introduction to Rural Planning : Economies, Communities and Landscapes by Gallent, Nick, Hamiduddin, ... ISBN: 9781138811447
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