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Green Globe Yearbook 1995: Yearbook of International Co-Operation on Environment and Develop... by Bergesen, Helge O., Parmann... ISBN: 9780198233251 List Price: $64.00
Designing for Designers by Nasar, Jack L., Preiser, Wo... ISBN: 9781563674594 List Price: $55.00
Child Welfare Connecting Research, Policy and Practice by Kufeldt, Kathleen, McKenzie... ISBN: 9780889203921 List Price: $45.00
Child Development and Social Policy Theory and Applications by Hall, Nancy Wilson, Zigler,... ISBN: 9780070727243
Child Welfare A Multicultural Focus by Cohen, Neil A. ISBN: 9780205298907 List Price: $84.20
Peacebuilding As Politics Cultivating Peace in Fragile Societies by Cousens, Elizabeth M., Kuma... ISBN: 9781555879464 List Price: $22.50
Urban Policy Issues Canadian Perspectives by Fowler, Edmund P., Siegel, ... ISBN: 9780195415933 List Price: $60.00
Geography of Europe by Blouet, Brian W. ISBN: 9780471655541 List Price: $128.95
Social Policy And Practice In Canada A History by Finkel, Alvin ISBN: 9780889204751 List Price: $34.95
Environmental Case Translating Values into Policy by Layzer, Judith A. ISBN: 9781568028989 List Price: $48.95
Introduction to Global Environmental Issues by Pickering, Kevin T., Owen, ... ISBN: 9780415140997 List Price: $64.95
The Politics of Taxing and Spending by Fisher, Patrick ISBN: 9781588266194 List Price: $19.95
Living in the Environment Principles, Connections, and Solutions by Miller, G. Tyler, Jr. ISBN: 9780495015987 List Price: $200.95
Understanding Your Social Agency by Lauffer, Armand ISBN: 9781412926539 List Price: $34.95
Social Welfare : Politics and Public Policy (Research Navigator Edition, with Themes of the ... by DiNitto, Diana M., Cummins,... ISBN: 9780205164196 List Price: $160.20
Social Work Advocacy A New Framework for Action by Schneider, Robert, Lester, ... ISBN: 9780830415243 List Price: $133.95
Designing and Managing Programs by Kettner, Peter M., Moroney,... ISBN: 9781412951944 List Price: $99.95
Ultimate Resource 2 by Simon, Julian L. ISBN: 9780691042695 List Price: $45.00
Land Development by Kone, Daisy L. ISBN: 9780867186093 List Price: $55.00
Environment and Economy by Scott Cato, Molly ISBN: 9780415477413 List Price: $53.95
Case Studies In Child, Adolescent, And Family Treatment by LeCroy, Craig Winston, Dale... ISBN: 9780534524555 List Price: $80.95
Social Welfare A History of the American Response to Need by Axinn, June, Stern, Mark J. ISBN: 9780205522156 List Price: $89.40
State of Education Policy Research by Cohen, David K., Mosher, Fr... ISBN: 9780805858341 List Price: $104.95
First Along the River A Brief History of the U.S. Environmental Movement by Kline, Benjamin ISBN: 9780965502900 List Price: $16.95
Environment by Raven, Peter H., Berg, Lind... ISBN: 9780471704386 List Price: $140.95
Applied Social Research A Tool for the Human Services by Monette, Duane R., Sullivan... ISBN: 9780495392460 List Price: $137.95
Rethinking Abortion Equal Choice, the Constitution, and Reproductive Politics by Graber, Mark A. ISBN: 9780691005270 List Price: $28.95
Growing Greener Cities: Urban Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century by Birch, Eugenie L., Wachter,... ISBN: 9780812220377 List Price: $34.95
Nazi Economic Recovery 1932-1938 by Overy, R. J., Kirby, Maurice ISBN: 9780521557672 List Price: $26.99
City Design by Barnett, Vincent ISBN: 9780415775410 List Price: $60.95
American Social Welfare Policy A Pluralist Approach With Research Navigator by Karger, Howard Jacob, Stoes... ISBN: 9780205420735 List Price: $122.67
Working With People The Helping Process-with Myhelpinglab by Brill, Naomi, Levine, Joanne ISBN: 9780205483754 List Price: $98.40
Accounting for the Environment by Gray, Rob, Bebbington, Jan ISBN: 9780761971375 List Price: $66.95
Collaboration in Social Work Practice by Weinstein, Jenny, Whittingt... ISBN: 9781843100928 List Price: $42.95
Social Work Macro Practice Workbook by Fauri, David P., Netting, F... ISBN: 9780534513030 List Price: $78.95
Soviet Economic Structure and Performance by Gregory, Paul R., Stuart, R... ISBN: 9780060425067 List Price: $50.00
Building Basic Competencies in Social Work Research An Experimental Approach by York, Reginald O. ISBN: 9780205193578 List Price: $66.00
Living in the Environment by Miller, G. Tyler, Jr. ISBN: 9780534519124 List Price: $85.75
Foster Care by Johnson, Jerry L., Grant, G... ISBN: 9780205389506 List Price: $22.20
Rethinking the American City : An International Dialogue by Orvell, Miles, Benesch, Kla... ISBN: 9780812245615 List Price: $45.00
Social Work and Social Welfare: An Introduction, Books a la Carte Plus MySocialWorkLab by Marx, Jerry D., Broussard, ... ISBN: 9780205001804 List Price: $69.33
Urban Regeneration A Handbook by Roberts, Peter W., Sykes, Hugh ISBN: 9780761967163 List Price: $146.00
Practice Evaluation for the 21st Century by Hudson, Walter W., Nugent, ... ISBN: 9780534348670 List Price: $164.95
Labor Markets, Employment Policy and Job Creation - Lewis C. Solmon - Hardcover by Solmon, Lewis C., Levenson,... ISBN: 9780813389004 List Price: $71.50
War and Economy in the Third Reich by Overy, R. J. ISBN: 9780198205999 List Price: $55.00
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