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It helps to have a vast depth of knowledge on the subject of political science, especially if you want to do well in college. This can be done if you rent used general textbooks from our collection and return them after a semester or quarter. Alternatively the more essential books can be bought outright - yet still for an affordable price. It's easy to buy cheap general textbooks such as Understanding Public Policy; Agendas, Alternatives and Public Policies; and Policy Paradox: The Art of Political Decision Making. We've got well over one hundred textbooks on general topics in this area, so make sure you get the cheapest deals by browsing our collection for discounted copies now. Rent for a cheap price or buy for a significant discount and hang onto it for as long as you need it. We buy back general books so remember this for the future too.

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Public Policy : A New Introduction by Knill, Christoph, Tosun, Jale ISBN: 9780230278394
Commissions of Inquiry and Policy Change : A Comparative Analysis by Inwood, Gregory J., Johns, ... ISBN: 9781442647664 List Price: $80.00
Public Policy in Canada : An Introduction by Miljan, Lydia, Brooks, Stephen ISBN: 9780199025541
Public Policy : A Contemporary Perspective by Sapru, Radhakrishan ISBN: 9789386062178 List Price: $20.00
Values and Public Policy : Rethinking the Policy Process by Botterill, L., Cockfield, G. ISBN: 9781784710071
Analysis and Public Policy : Successes, Failures and Directions for Reform by Shapiro, Stuart ISBN: 9781784714758 List Price: $110.00
Thinking Outside the Box by Banting, Keith G., Chaykows... ISBN: 9781553394297 List Price: $39.95
Universities in Decline : From Tcb by Wiarda, Howard J. ISBN: 9780761862185
Public Policy : A New Introduction by Knill, Christoph, Tosun, Jale ISBN: 9780230278387
Beyond Malthus : The Nineteen Dimensions of the Population Challenge by Brown, Lester R., Gardner, ... ISBN: 9781138164437
Feminist Economics and Public Policy by Campbell, Jim, Gillespie, M... ISBN: 9781138950856
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