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Holford by Cherry, Gordon E., Penny, L. ISBN: 9780720117868
Politics and the Housing Crisis since 1930 by Keith, Nathaniel S. ISBN: 9780876639122
Social History of Housing, 1815 to 1970 by Burnett, John ISBN: 9780416737202 List Price: $13.95
Cross-Cultural Urban Design by Bull, Catherin, Boontharm, ... ISBN: 9780415432795
Best Practices in Assisted Living: Innovations in Design, Management & Financing by Reginer, Victor, Hamilton, ... ISBN: 9781881010258 List Price: $18.00
Advanced Residential Applications and Case Studies by Munizzo, Mark A., Musial, L... ISBN: 9780840049247 List Price: $34.95
Cultural Planning An Urban Renaissance? by Evans, Graeme ISBN: 9780415207324 List Price: $51.95
Cultural Planning An Urban Renaissance? by Evans, Graeme ISBN: 9780415207317 List Price: $175.00
Department of Housing and Urban Development Information on Its Role, Programs and Issues by England-Joseph, Judy A. ISBN: 9780788174179 List Price: $20.00
Developmental Approach to Urban Transport Planning An Indonesian Illustration by Dimitiriou, Harry ISBN: 9781859720042 List Price: $84.95
Economics of Housing Markets by Goodman, A. C., Muth, Richa... ISBN: 9783718648726 List Price: $31.95
Housing and Urban Development in the U.S.S.R. by Andrusz, Gregory D. ISBN: 9780873959124 List Price: $23.95
Hybrid Housing A Contemporary Building Type for Multiple Residential and Business Use by Ahrentzen, Sherry ISBN: 9780938744771 List Price: $18.00
Ice Houses of Britain by Beamon, Sylvia, Roaf, Susan ISBN: 9780415033015 List Price: $224.50
Imperial Designs and Indian Realities The Planning of Bombay City 1845-1875 by Dossal, Mariam ISBN: 9780195631388 List Price: $35.00
Independent Cities Rethinking U.S. Urban Policy by Waste, Robert J. ISBN: 9780195108293 List Price: $56.00
Intelligent Building Technology in Japan by Rubin, Arthur ISBN: 9780788148934 List Price: $20.00
Faculty Community A Case Study in Renewal by Sedey, Daniel ISBN: 9780917930850 List Price: $32.00
Gentrification, Displacement, and Neighborhood Revitalization by Palen, J. John, London, Bruce ISBN: 9780873957854 List Price: $29.95
Global City-Regions Trends, Theory, Policy by Scott, Allen J., Scott, All... ISBN: 9780198297994 List Price: $199.00
Gordonstown, a New Design for America by Gordon, Stuart ISBN: 9780960394203 List Price: $7.95
Keeping to the Marketplace The Evolution of Canadian Housing Policy by Bacher, John C. ISBN: 9780773509849 List Price: $95.00
Land Supply Monitoring A Guide for Improving Public and Private Urban Development Decision by Godschalk, David R., Hekman... ISBN: 9780899462110 List Price: $25.00
Land Assembly in the Indian Metropolis by Gupta, R. C. ISBN: 9788185565101 List Price: $24.00
City Reframed Managing Warsaw in the 1990's by Czarniawska, Barbara ISBN: 9789058230652 List Price: $64.95
City Zoning The Once and Future Frontier by Weaver, Clifford L., Babcoc... ISBN: 9780918286178 List Price: $22.95
City, Capital and Water by Malone, Patrick ISBN: 9780415099424 List Price: $129.95
Community Development Extent of Federal Influence on Urban Sprawl Is Unclear by May, Signora ISBN: 9780788184925 List Price: $20.00
Contemporary Urban America Problems, Issues, and Alternatives by Lang, Marvel ISBN: 9780819182616 List Price: $77.50
Cosmopolis Yesterday's Cities of the Future by Mansfield, Howard ISBN: 9780882851310 List Price: $10.00
Applied Urban Analysis by Cullen, Ian ISBN: 9780416364408 List Price: $14.95
Basic Microcomputer Programs for Urban Analysis and Planning by Ottensmann, John R. ISBN: 9780412007415 List Price: $32.50
Basic Microcomputer Programs for Urban Analysis and Planning by Ottensmann, John R. ISBN: 9780412008719 List Price: $18.95
Baseline Measures for Improving Housing Durability Hd by Chapman, Robert, Izzo, Chri... ISBN: 9780756730147 List Price: $25.00
Western Civilization: An Urban Perspective Volume 1 (Paperback Textbook, 1981 by Willis, F. Roy ISBN: 9780669033656 List Price: $20.00
Making Public Transport Work by Bunting, P. M. ISBN: 9780773526075 List Price: $95.00
International Perspectives in Urban Studies by Paddison, Ronan, Money, Joh... ISBN: 9781853023835 List Price: $34.95
Introduction to Forecasting Techniques in Planning Analysis by Field, F., Macgregor, M. ISBN: 9780091731014 List Price: $190.00
America's Cities: Strategic Planning for the Future by Kemp, Roger L. ISBN: 9780813428109 List Price: $16.95
Para-Transit: Neglected Options for Urban Mobility by Kirby, Ronald F., Bhatt, Ki... ISBN: 9780877661306 List Price: $10.50
1995 Raoul Wallenberg Lecture: Daniel Libeskind: Traces of the Unborn by Libeskind, Daniel, LeCuyer,... ISBN: 9780961479213 List Price: $11.50
Educ for Urban Design by Ferebee, Ann, Pittas, Micha... ISBN: 9780942468007 List Price: $5.00
Urban Transportation Economics, Vol. 51 by Small, Kenneth A. ISBN: 9783718651696
South Capitol Street Urban Design Study by the National Capital Planning Commission by Gallagher, Patricia E., Alt... ISBN: 9780756744519 List Price: $40.00
Spacemate The Spacial Logic of Urban Density by Pont, Meta B., Haupt, Per ISBN: 9789040725302 List Price: $23.00
Special Examination of Fannie Mae Report of Findings to Date by Dickerson, Christopher H. ISBN: 9780756745677 List Price: $45.00
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