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The Promoters' City: Building the Industrial Town of Maisonneuve 1883-1918 by Linteau, Paul-André, Chodos... ISBN: 9780888627827 List Price: $24.95
Urban America and Public Policies - Marian Lief Palley - Paperback - 2nd ed by Palley, Marian L., Palley, ... ISBN: 9780669040043 List Price: $23.33
From Policy to Practice - Martin Rein - Paperback by Rein, Martin ISBN: 9780873322195 List Price: $14.95
Urban Waterfront Development - Douglas M. Wrenn - Paperback by Wrenn, Douglas M., Casazza,... ISBN: 9780874206197 List Price: $42.00
Computer-Aided Transit Scheduling: Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Comput... by Desrochers, M., Rousseau, J... ISBN: 9780387556345 List Price: $93.00
Introducing Town Planning - Clara Greed - Paperback by Greed, Clara ISBN: 9780582293007
Recycling Cities for People - Laurence S. Cutler - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Cutler, Laurence S., Cutler... ISBN: 9780843601701 List Price: $34.95
Land Uses in American Cities - Harold M. Mayer - Paperback by Mayer, Harold M., Hayes, Ch... ISBN: 9780941226028 List Price: $9.95
Building on the Past Visions of Housing Futures by Malpass, Peter, Cairncross,... ISBN: 9781861347510 List Price: $47.50
Housing, Culture, and Design: A Comparative Perspective by Low, Setha M., Chambers, Er... ISBN: 9780812212716 List Price: $34.95
Economics of Urban Problems - Arthur F. Schreiber by Schreiber, Arthur F., Clemm... ISBN: 9780395317426 List Price: $44.36
Planning with Neighborhoods by Rohe, William M., Gates, La... ISBN: 9780807816387 List Price: $37.50
Arcosanti an Urban Laboratory by Soleri, Paolo ISBN: 9780932238276 List Price: $5.95
Local Housing Market Simulation A Micro Approach by Oskamp, Anton, Oskamp ISBN: 9789051704181 List Price: $26.00
Models in Planning by Lee, Colin ISBN: 9780080170206
Setting Municipal Priorities: American Cities and the New York Experience - Charles Brecher ... by Brecher, Charles, Horton, R... ISBN: 9780814710678 List Price: $25.00
Land Use Planning and the Mediation of Urban Change: The British Planning System in Practice... by Healey, Patsy, McNamara, Pa... ISBN: 9780521301442 List Price: $54.95
The Citizen's Guide to Planning - Herbert H. Smith - Paperback - Rev. ed by Smith, Herbert H. ISBN: 9780918286147 List Price: $21.95
Urban Social Geography by Knox, Paul ISBN: 9780582300446 List Price: $16.95
Urban Transport Economics by Hensher, D. A. ISBN: 9780521291408 List Price: $18.95
Rental Housing: Is There a Crisis? by Weicher, John S. ISBN: 9780877663072 List Price: $34.00
Land Ownership and the Social System by Stauber, Leland G. ISBN: 9780962072017
Art of City-Making by Landry, Charles ISBN: 9781844072460 List Price: $127.50
Professionals and Urban Form by Blau, Judith R., Pipkin, Jo... ISBN: 9780873956765 List Price: $19.95
Usable Urban Past Planning And Politics by Artibise, Alan J., Stelter,... ISBN: 9780770517939 List Price: $32.95
Town And Country Planning In The UK by Nadin, Vincent, Cullingwort... ISBN: 9780415358101 List Price: $53.95
Building on the Past Visions of Housing Futures by Malpass, Peter, Cairncross,... ISBN: 9781861347527 List Price: $99.00
Remaking the City: Social Science Perspectives on Urban Design - John S. Pipkin - Hardcover by Pipkin, John S., La Gory, M... ISBN: 9780873956772 List Price: $49.50
Housing Perspectives: Individuals and Families by Wedin, Carol, Nygren, Gertr... ISBN: 9780808723875 List Price: $13.95
Mass Scale Housing for Hot Climate by Puri, B. B. ISBN: 9788120407978 List Price: $18.00
Meeting Our Nations Housing Challenges Report of the Bipartisan Millennial Housing Commissio... by Molinari, Susan, Ravitch, R... ISBN: 9780756729776 List Price: $40.00
Mixed-Income Housing In Memory of Donald Terner by Keyes, Langley C., Khadduri... ISBN: 9780788182723 List Price: $20.00
City Design: Traditional, Green, Modern and Systems Urbanism by Barnett, Jonathan ISBN: 9780415775403
Recycling Cities for People by Cutler, Laurence S., Cutler... ISBN: 9780442216047 List Price: $26.95
Meeting Megacity Challenges: A Role for Innovation and Technology by National Research Council S... ISBN: 9780309055383 List Price: $30.00
Gulliver's Travels by Tippett, Brian ISBN: 9780391035973 List Price: $8.95
Housing Supply and Affordability by Schnidman, Frank, Silverman... ISBN: 9780874206241 List Price: $38.00
Recognition and Redistribution: Beyond International Development by Weber, Heloise, Berger, Mar... ISBN: 9780415448178
Stevenage: A Sociological Study of a New Town by Orlans, Harold ISBN: 9780837157580
Remaking the Welfare State: Swedish Urban Planning and Policy-Making in the 1990s by Khakee, A., Elander, I., Su... ISBN: 9781859720516
Transformation of San Francisco by Hartman, Chester ISBN: 9780847673728 List Price: $28.50
Remaking the City by Pipkin, John S., La Gory, M... ISBN: 9780873956789 List Price: $18.95
Housing, the State and the Poor by Gilbert, Alan, Ward, Peter ... ISBN: 9780521262996 List Price: $47.50
Models in Planning by Lee, Colin ISBN: 9780080170213
Urban Pattern by Gallion, Arthur B., Eisner,... ISBN: 9780442229269 List Price: $14.95
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