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Providing Health Care by McGuire, Alistair, Fenn, Pa... ISBN: 9780198283225 List Price: $80.00
Health Care Cost Management by Chenoweth, David ISBN: 9780697148049
Developing New Clinical Roles A Guide for Health Professionals by Humphris, Debra, Masterson,... ISBN: 9780443070716 List Price: $59.95
Economic Implications of Rising Health Care Costs by Unknown ISBN: 9781568061405 List Price: $30.00
Health Care Crisis Containing Costs, Expanding Coverage by National Issues Forums Staff ISBN: 9780840374332 List Price: $3.90
Health Care Cost Explosion by National Issues Forums Staff ISBN: 9780840386564 List Price: $3.90
Health Care Cost Explosion by National Issues Forums Staff ISBN: 9780840386571 List Price: $3.90
High Cost of Healing Physicians and the Health Care System by Brown, J. H. ISBN: 9780898852226 List Price: $35.95
Innovations Ninety-Two Models for Cost Management & Health Care Quality by Curry, Wesley ISBN: 9780924674143 List Price: $60.00
Financing Health Care in the 1990s by Appleby, John ISBN: 9780335097760 List Price: $38.95
Childhood Cancer The Challenge to Hawaiis Healthcare System by Creadick, Jean P., Cammack,... ISBN: 9780788106637 List Price: $25.00
Clinical Practice Guidelines Directions for a New Program by Institute of Medicine Staff... ISBN: 9780309043465 List Price: $30.00
Compliance for Medical Practices A Seven-Step Plan by Reeves, Crystal S. ISBN: 9781567261318 List Price: $68.00
Cost Survey 2002 Report Based on 2001 Data 1064-4571 by Medical Group Management As... ISBN: 9781568291802 List Price: $460.00
1996 Fee and Coding Standard National Pricing Guide for Setting Fees by Unknown ISBN: 9781563371820 List Price: $99.95
Administration Procedures for Medical Assistant by Bonewit-West, Kathy ISBN: 9780721631783 List Price: $21.95
Organization of Medical Practice and the Practice of Medicine by Wolinsky, Fredric D., Marde... ISBN: 9780910701075 List Price: $27.00
CPT: Beyond the Basics by Smith, Gail I. ISBN: 9781584260370 List Price: $60.00
Practical Medical Billing by ICDC Staff, Staff ISBN: 9780131718517 List Price: $31.95
St Anthony Hcpcs Level II Code Book 1994 by Lorenz, E. ISBN: 9781563291708 List Price: $75.00
St Anthonys Drg Working Guidebook 1994 by Lorenz, E. ISBN: 9781563291715 List Price: $69.00
Medical Office Practice: Simulation by Atkinson, Phillip S., Cleme... ISBN: 9780538111706 List Price: $29.95
Medical Reimbursement : A Contextualized Method by Ledbetter, Julie ISBN: 9781465262448 List Price: $59.95
Making Sense of Personnel Management by Irvine, Sally, Haman, Hilary ISBN: 9781870905480
Medical Typing Drills by Brenner ISBN: 9780159548004
Workbook for Paramedic Practice Today: above and Beyond : Volume 3 by Aehlert, Barbara ISBN: 9780323043793 List Price: $26.95
Manual of Medical Procedures by Suratt, Paul M., Gibson, Ro... ISBN: 9780815183655 List Price: $26.95
Medical Pegboard Procedures by Taylor, Dorothy A., Keeling... ISBN: 9780538111119 List Price: $37.95
Pediatric Associate, P. C. : A Medical Office Simulation by Humphrey, Doris ISBN: 9780538653787
Pediatric Associate, P. C. : A Medical Office Simulation by Humphrey, Doris ISBN: 9780538653770
Case History Method in the Study of Family Process by GAP Committee on Family ISBN: 9780873181051 List Price: $5.00
Purchase of Medical Care Through Fixed Periodic Payment by Williams, Pierce, Chamberla... ISBN: 9780598766588 List Price: $101.70
Public Relations in Medical Practice by Bryan, James Edward ISBN: 9780598716354 List Price: $97.70
Curing the Crisis : Options for America's Health Care by Reagan, Michael D. ISBN: 9780367016210
NHS Budget Holder's Survival Guide by Bailey, David ISBN: 9781138429437
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