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Pratical Medical Billing and Guide to Medical Billing (2 Volume Set) by Brown, Sharon E., ICDC Staf... ISBN: 9781881159575 List Price: $59.95
Pratical Medical Billing by Brown, Sharon E., ICDC Staf... ISBN: 9781881159551 List Price: $27.95
Understanding Medisoft Instructor Resource Guide by Brown, Sharon E., ICDC Staf... ISBN: 9781881159476 List Price: $18.95
Comparing CPT Code Payments for Medi-Cal and Other California Payers by Hunter, Sandra, Maerski, Su... ISBN: 9781929008667
Comparison of Small Group Rates in California--HIPC vs. Non-HIPC by Shore, Karen K., Bertko, John ISBN: 9781929008377
Complete Workers' Compensation Guide for Texas Physicians by Langham, Barbara A. ISBN: 9780964026285 List Price: $169.00
Starting a Medical Practice in Texas by Wilcox, Donald P., Davis, C... ISBN: 9780964026278 List Price: $29.00
Purchasing Power in Health Business, the State, and Health Care Politics by Bergthold, Linda A. ISBN: 9780813514871 List Price: $59.00
Rvus Applications for Medical Practice Success by Glass, Kathryn P. ISBN: 9781568291772 List Price: $94.00
Driver Rehabilitation And Community Mobility Principles And Practice by Pellerito, Joseph Michael, Jr. ISBN: 9780323029377 List Price: $73.95
Contemporary Medical Office Procedures by Humphrey, Doris ISBN: 9780538700153 List Price: $32.95
Physician Payment Reform It's Impact on Payers and Providers by Lauve, Richard ISBN: 9780924674150 List Price: $25.95
Planned Markets and Public Competition Strategic Reform in Northern European Health Systems by Saltman, Richard B., Von Ot... ISBN: 9780335097296 List Price: $123.00
State-Level Databook on Health Care Access and Financing by Winterbottom, Colin, Liska,... ISBN: 9780877666332 List Price: $42.50
Laboratory Test Handbook with DRG Index by Jacobs, Kasten, Bernard L.,... ISBN: 9780801629969 List Price: $40.00
Understanding MediSoft by ICDC Publishing Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780131718647 List Price: $35.60
Health Care Financing Administration (hcfa) Financial Report Fiscal Year 1998 by DeParle, Nancy-Ann M., Snyd... ISBN: 9780756702120 List Price: $30.00
St. Anthony's Clinical Reference to Diagnostic Coding: Adx by Lorenz, E. ISBN: 9781563291159 List Price: $95.00
Physician Compensation And Production Survey 2003 Report Based on 2002 Data by Medical Group Management As... ISBN: 9781568290515 List Price: $475.00
Clinical Practice with Individual and Family - Hardcover by Unknown ISBN: 9780536596321 List Price: $45.00
Medical Office Practice Set by Atkinson, Phillip S., Begg,... ISBN: 9780538700108 List Price: $29.95
St.anthony's Drug Optimizer 1997 by Moriarity, Cay, Palmer, Jul... ISBN: 9781563293665 List Price: $129.00
Issues in Health Economics - Roice D. Luke - Hardcover by Luke, Roice D., Bauer, Jeff... ISBN: 9780894433818 List Price: $61.50
Money Power and Health Care by Melhado, Evan ISBN: 9780910701266 List Price: $32.00
Current Issues in Nursing - Text and E-Book Package by Cowen, Perle Slavik, Moorhe... ISBN: 9780323065740 List Price: $94.43
Saunders Medical Office Management - Text and E-Book Package by Andress, Alice Anne ISBN: 9781416064480 List Price: $122.43
The Complete Guide to Part B Billing and Compliance by St. Anthony's Publishing St... ISBN: 9781563294150 List Price: $249.00
The Year Book of Family Practice, 1988 by Rakel, Robert E. ISBN: 9780815170389 List Price: $54.95
Economics of Health and Medical Care - Philip Jacobs - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Jacobs, Philip ISBN: 9780871896070 List Price: $39.95
Ingenix Coding Lab 2006 Medical Billing Basics by Ingenix ISBN: 9781563377228 List Price: $74.95
Costs and Benefits in Health Care and Prevention: An International Approach to Priorities in... by Laaser, U., Rocella, E. J.,... ISBN: 9780387527086 List Price: $34.95
Ingenix Coding Lab Physician Offices by Ingenix ISBN: 9781563377235 List Price: $74.95
Ingenix Coding Lab Understanding Modifiers 2006 by Ingenix ISBN: 9781563377266 List Price: $84.95
Computers in the Medical Office by Sanderson, Susan ISBN: 9780072948561 List Price: $95.33
Advanced Case Study Workbook with Answer Key - Patrice Mori by Morin-Spatz, Patrice ISBN: 9780923369583
Health Care Costs and Financing: A Guide to Information Sources by Keintz, Rita M. ISBN: 9780810314825 List Price: $68.00
Managing Health Care Costs, Quality and Technology: Product Line Strategies for Nursing by Mowry, Mychelle M., Korpman... ISBN: 9780871892959 List Price: $59.00
Working-Class Patients and the Medical Establishment by Green, David G. ISBN: 9780312889807
Cost Survey Report 2003 Based on 2002 Data by Medical Group Management As... ISBN: 9781568290539 List Price: $460.00
St. Anthony's Guide to Chiropractic Managed Care by Leditman, Jay ISBN: 9781563293269 List Price: $149.00
Medical Office Design Territory and Conflict by Doble, Henry F., Jr. ISBN: 9780875272436 List Price: $42.50
Medical Marriage The New Partnership Between Orthodox and Complementary Medicine by Featherstone, Cornelia, For... ISBN: 9781899171163 List Price: $29.95
Medical Economics and Health Finance by Eastaugh, Steven R. ISBN: 9780865690660 List Price: $15.00
Methods in Medicine A Descriptive Study of Physicians' Behaviour by Ridderikhoff, J. ISBN: 9781556080807 List Price: $178.00
Principles of Reimbursement in Health Care by Beck, Donald ISBN: 9780894438875 List Price: $59.50
Handbook of Medical Treatment by Watts, H. David ISBN: 9780930010072 List Price: $12.95
Current Issues in Nursing - Text and E-Book Package by Cowen, Perle Slavik, Moorhe... ISBN: 9780323059589 List Price: $89.93
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