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Handbook of Hospital Medicine by Mitchell, P. J., Platt, P.,... ISBN: 9780852004463 List Price: $48.00
Health Care Education: A Guide to Staff Development by Parker, Barbara K. ISBN: 9780838543016 List Price: $37.95
Hearing Voices : Qualitative Inquiry in Early Psychosis by Boydell, Katherine M., Ferg... ISBN: 9781554582631
Conflicted Health Care : Professionalism and Caring in an Urban Hospital by Apesoa-Varano, Ester Caroli... ISBN: 9780826520081 List Price: $59.95
St Bartholomew's Hospital in Peace and War : The Rede Lecture 1915 by Moore, Norman ISBN: 9781107418868 List Price: $19.99
Health Care Marketing Management A Case Approach by Cooper, Philip D., Robinson... ISBN: 9780894433948 List Price: $224.95
Health Services Management Readings, Cases, and Commentary by Kovner, Anthony R., Neuhaus... ISBN: 9781567932201 List Price: $86.00
Therapy Services Organisation, Management and Autonomy by √ėvretveit, John ISBN: 9783718652464 List Price: $47.95
Health Services Management: Readings and Commentary - Anthony R. Kovner - Hardcover - 4th ed by Kovner, Anthony R., Neuhaus... ISBN: 9780910701549 List Price: $47.00
Sociology Of The Caring Professions by Abbott, Pamela, Meerabeau, Liz ISBN: 9781857289039 List Price: $42.95
Dealing with Difficult Staff in the NHS by Gourlay, Robin ISBN: 9780335205899 List Price: $30.95
Innovations in Physiological Anaesthesia and Monitoring - R. Droh - Hardcover by Droh, R., Spintge, R. ISBN: 9780387503318 List Price: $69.95
The For-Profit Healthcare Revolution: The Gorwing Impact of Investor-Owned Health Systems in... by Gee, E. Preston, Lutz, Sandy ISBN: 9781557386502 List Price: $32.50
Total Quality Management for Hospital Nutrition Services by Schiller, M. Rosita, Miller... ISBN: 9780834205512 List Price: $133.95
Understanding Hospital Financial Management by Herkimer, Allen G., Jr. ISBN: 9780871893925 List Price: $155.95
Hospitals: What They Are and how They Work by Snook, Donald I. ISBN: 9780894433399 List Price: $38.00
Mental Health and Canadian Society: Historical Perspectives by Moran, James, Wright, David ISBN: 9780773531390 List Price: $32.95
Making Healthcare Care by Letiche, Hugo K. ISBN: 9781593119232
Making Healthcare Care by Letiche, Hugo K. ISBN: 9781593119225
Discharge Planning for Home Health Care by Gingerich, Barbara Stover, ... ISBN: 9780834205727 List Price: $227.95
Building Works Hospital by Malam, John ISBN: 9780872265851 List Price: $16.95
Health and Safety Management Principles and Best Practice by Fuller, Colin, Vassie, Luise ISBN: 9780273684824 List Price: $88.00
Community Hospital and Its Expanding Role in Thanatology by Wolf, Stewart G. ISBN: 9780398051600 List Price: $31.75
Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking by Bickley, Lynn S. ISBN: 9780781758192 List Price: $78.95
Law of Hospital+health Care...cases.. by Showalter, J. Stuart, Reams... ISBN: 9780910701945 List Price: $40.00
Programmed Manual for Nursing Home Administrator Examinees by Boudreaux, Edmond ISBN: 9781878199072 List Price: $35.00
MedLearn's CPT Coding Workbook 1997 by MedLearn ISBN: 9781889115214 List Price: $89.00
St. Anthony's HCPCS Level III Code Book by Jones, Marleeta, Castillo, ... ISBN: 9781563293771 List Price: $39.95
Executive Compensation Guidelines for Healthcare Leaders and Trustees by Flannery, Thomas P. ISBN: 9781567931846 List Price: $74.00
Smoking Cigarettes, Eating Glass : A Psychologist's Memoir by Sawyer, Annita Perez, Santa... ISBN: 9781939650269
NAB Study Guide by Sorenson and Rock Staff, Er... ISBN: 9780963506436 List Price: $65.00
Fair Mile Hospital : A Victorian Asylum by Wheeler, Ian ISBN: 9780750956031
Hospital Airborne Infection Control by Kowalski, Wladyslaw Jan ISBN: 9781138071629
Wireless Medical Systems and Algorithms : Design and Applications by Salvo, Pietro, Hernandez-Si... ISBN: 9781138585003
Your Patient Safety Survival Guide : How to Protect Yourself and Others from Medical Errors by Watson, Gretchen Lefever, B... ISBN: 9781538127476 List Price: $20.00
Introduction to Hospital Accounting by Seawell, L. Vann ISBN: 9780930228941 List Price: $60.00
Health Outcome Measures in Primary Out-Patient Care by Hutchinson, Allen, McColl, ... ISBN: 9783718659005 List Price: $38.95
Health Unit Coordinating by LaFleur Brooks, Myrna ISBN: 9780721643021 List Price: $35.00
Health Unit Coordinating by LaFleur Brooks, Myrna, Gill... ISBN: 9780721600994 List Price: $59.95
Customer Service Revolution in Health Care by Zimmerman, David, Zimmerman... ISBN: 9780786308934 List Price: $42.50
Critical Care Monitoring: From Pre-Hospital to the ICU by Levine, Robert L., Fromm, R... ISBN: 9780801669620 List Price: $84.00
Life on the Ground Floor by Maskalyk, James ISBN: 9780385665988
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