Considering textbook rentals for your courses and not sure where to start?

Finding the right textbooks to rent for your college courses can be a daunting task. Here are a few ways to be sure that you end up with the exact textbook rental for your classes.

ISBN-13 vs. ISBN-10

Every textbook has a unique identifier called an ISBN. ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. Prior to 2007, all textbooks had an ISBN-10 which is a unique 10 digit identifier the publishing industry used to identify book titles and editions. In January of 2007, the International Standards Organization (ISO) went from a 10 digit to a 13 digit ISBN, now known as an ISBN-13. The purpose of this was to accommodate the increasing volume of books being published. Everything published prior to that date now has a ISBN-10 and an ISBN-13. All editions published after January 2007 will only have an ISBN-13. This distinguishment is very important when searching for textbook rentals for your classes.

Top Textbook Rentals by Subject

When searching for textbook rentals, doing a query by subject is also a good method to use to narrow down which textbooks you will need to rent for your classes. We make it easy for you to find the textbooks you need by classifying our top textbook rentals by popular education subjects. You can find rentals by going to our textbook rental subjects page and clicking on the subject which matches your search query. Popular topics include rent biology textbooks, rent calculus textbooks, rent chemistry textbooks, rent economics textbooks, rent english textbooks, rent history textbooks, rent law textbooks, rent management textbooks, math textbooks, rent medical textbooks, rent nursing textbooks, rent psychology textbooks.

Top 50 Textbook Rentals

If you are curious about which textbook rentals everyone else is renting, we have compiled a list of our top textbooks to rent for college below. Feel free to browse through these popular textbook rentals and chances are you will find the top textbook for the course subject that you are looking for. Since these are the most rented textbooks on, there is a good likelihood that your fellow classmates are renting the same books.

These are just a few of the ways to find the textbook rentals you are looking for. You can also use our Advanced Book Search to browse books by Title, Author, or ISBN. However you decide to find your next textbook rentals, you can always expect the lowest prices, the most titles, FREE return shipping on all rental textbooks, and the best customer service at!

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Human Anatomy & Physiology (11th Edition)
Human Anatomy & Physiology (11th Edition) by Marieb, Elaine N., Hoehn, K... ISBN: 9780134580999 List Price: $299.20
Exploring Psychology
Exploring Psychology by Myers, David G., DeWall, C.... ISBN: 9781319104191
University Physics with Modern Physics
University Physics with Modern Physics by Young, Hugh D., Freedman, R... ISBN: 9780135159552
Financial Accounting for MBAs
Financial Accounting for MBAs by Easton, Peter, Wild, John, ... ISBN: 9781618533586
Argumentation Understanding and Shaping Arguments
Argumentation Understanding and Shaping Arguments by James A. Herrick ISBN: 9781891136344
MGMT (Book Only)
MGMT (Book Only) by Williams, Chuck, Chuck Will... ISBN: 9781337407472 List Price: $37.25
Immune System
Immune System by Parham, Peter ISBN: 9780815344667 List Price: $130.00
Financial Accounting
Financial Accounting by Hanlon, Michelle, Magee, Ro... ISBN: 9781618533111
Psychology by Myers, David G., David G. M... ISBN: 9781319050627
Social Psychology (Fifth Edition)
Social Psychology (Fifth Edition) by Tom Gilovich, Dacher Keltne... ISBN: 9780393667691
Understanding Pathophysiology
Understanding Pathophysiology by Huether, Sue E., McCance, K... ISBN: 9780323639088 List Price: $131.00
Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication
Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication by Adler, Ronald B., Rosenfeld... ISBN: 9780190646257 List Price: $97.95
Physiology of Sport and Exercise
Physiology of Sport and Exercise by Kenney, W. Larry, Wilmore, ... ISBN: 9781492572299
Practical Argument : A Text and Anthology
Practical Argument : A Text and Anthology by Kirszner, Laurie G., Mandel... ISBN: 9781319194451
Lecture-Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy, 3rd Edition
Lecture-Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy, 3rd Edition by Edward E. Prather, Slater T... ISBN: 9780321820464 List Price: $39.20
CPT 2021 Professional Edition
CPT 2021 Professional Edition by American Medical Association ISBN: 9781640160491 List Price: $121.95
Laboratory Manual for Physical Geology
Laboratory Manual for Physical Geology by Charles Jones, Norris Jones ISBN: 9780073524139
Property by Dukeminier, Jesse, Krier, J... ISBN: 9781454881995 List Price: $257.00
Wills, Trusts, and Estates
Wills, Trusts, and Estates by Dukeminier, Jesse, Sitkoff,... ISBN: 9781454876427 List Price: $257.00
Leadership: Theory and Practice
Leadership: Theory and Practice by Northouse, Peter G., Peter ... ISBN: 9781506362311 List Price: $88.00
Microbiology by OpenStax ISBN: 9781938168147 List Price: $52.00
Applied Behavior Analysis (3rd Edition)
Applied Behavior Analysis (3rd Edition) by Cooper, John O., Heron, Tim... ISBN: 9780134752556 List Price: $133.32
We the People
We the People by Ginsberg, Benjamin, Lowi, T... ISBN: 9780393679670
Technical Communication
Technical Communication by Mike Markel, Stuart A. Selber ISBN: 9781319058616 List Price: $122.99
Introduction to Health Care Management
Introduction to Health Care Management by Buchbinder, Sharon B., Shan... ISBN: 9781284156560 List Price: $85.95
Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology
Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology by Comer, Ronald J., Comer, Jo... ISBN: 9781319126698
Art of Public Speaking
Art of Public Speaking by Lucas, Stephen, Stob, Paul ISBN: 9781260412932
Nursing Informatics And The Foundation Of Knowledge
Nursing Informatics And The Foundation Of Knowledge by Dee McGonigle, Kathleen Mas... ISBN: 9781284121247 List Price: $94.95
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