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The genre of true crime is growing in popularity in both literary and film, and as such it is a growing area of study as well, with more and more people wanting to understand the theory behind it. Valore Books have an extensive range of discounted true crime textbooks for you to choose from. The topics range from organized crime, corporate and governmental deviance, extreme killing, serial murder, terrorism, gangs, white collar crime, ethics of killing, making sense of murder and the mafia. It sounds like a grizzly reading list but the books are truly fascinating. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by ordering your books here online. A trip to your college bookshop with the long lines at the checkout and the crowded shelves can be murder in itself, so save your self the hassle and buy or rent your books here instead. You won't regret it!

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Secret Wars : The Shadowy World of Spies and Killers by Kumar, Arun ISBN: 9788124102367
Problems for Business Crime, Cases and Materials, Supplement for 1992-1993 With by First, Harry ISBN: 9781566620352 List Price: $7.95
Evil That Men Do by Lloyd, Georgina ISBN: 9780709035305
Situational Prevention of Organised Crimes by Clarke, Ronald V., Tilley, ... ISBN: 9780415628037
Criminals and Terrorists in Partnership : Unholy Alliance by Carrapico, Helena, Irrera, ... ISBN: 9781138098893
Crime in the Professions by Smith, Russell G. ISBN: 9781138741751
Role of Female Spies in World War II by Murray, Hallie ISBN: 9781502655509 List Price: $42.80
Role of Female Spies in World War II by Murray, Hallie ISBN: 9781502655493 List Price: $20.00
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