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Quantitative Measurements for Logistics by Frohne, Philip T. ISBN: 9780071494151 List Price: $99.95
Information Operations--Doctrine and Practice by Paul, Christopher, Krohn, C... ISBN: 9780275995911
Military Geography From Peace to War by Palka, Eugene J., Galgano, ... ISBN: 9780073536071 List Price: $70.00
Pre-Deployment Stress, Mental Health, and Help-Seeking Behaviors among Marines by Farmer, Carrie M., Vaughan,... ISBN: 9780833083821
On Infantry by English, John A., Gudmundss... ISBN: 9780275949723 List Price: $32.95
Latin Siege Warfare in the Twelfth Century by Rogers, Randall ISBN: 9780198206897 List Price: $55.00
U.s. Homeland Security A Reference Handbook by Ball, Howard ISBN: 9781851098033 List Price: $55.00
Target Acquisition in Communication Electronic Warfare Systems by Poisel, Richard ISBN: 9781580539135 List Price: $136.00
Logistics Principles And Applications by Langford, John W. ISBN: 9780071472241 List Price: $89.95
Military Innovation in the Interwar Period by Millett, Allan R., Millett,... ISBN: 9780521637602 List Price: $33.99
Logistic Regression by Menard, Scott William ISBN: 9781412974837 List Price: $78.95
Military Readiness : Navy Needs to Assess Risks to Its Strategy to Improve Ship Readiness by Pickup, Sharon L. ISBN: 9781457839825 List Price: $20.00
On War : The Best Military Histories from the Pritzker Military Museum and Library Award-Win... by Pritzker Military Museum an... ISBN: 9780989792813 List Price: $27.00
Civilian-based Defense by Sharp, Gene ISBN: 9780691078090 List Price: $26.95
Nuclear Weapons Testing at the Nevada Test Site the First Decade : 2nd Edition - December 2012 by Hopkins, John C., Germain K... ISBN: 9780988767904 List Price: $50.00
Theory and Practice of Counter-Insurgency : Warrior-Scholars in Irregular War by Mumford, Andrew, Reis, Brun... ISBN: 9780415836906
Introduction to Electronic Warfare by Schleher, D. Curtis ISBN: 9780890061428 List Price: $144.00
Suing the Gun Industry A Battle at the Crossroads of Gun Control and Mass Torts by Lytton, Timothy D., Lytton,... ISBN: 9780472032112 List Price: $28.95
The Latin American Drug Trade: Scope, Dimensions, Impact, and Response by Chalk, Peter ISBN: 9780833051790 List Price: $20.00
Engaging the Enemy by Zisk, Kimberly M. ISBN: 9780691069821 List Price: $52.50
Speak: Litplan Teacher Pack by Unknown ISBN: 9781602492509 List Price: $29.95
Military Ethics by Fotion, N., Elfstrom, Gerard ISBN: 9780710201829 List Price: $32.50
Encyclopedia of the World's Air Forces by Taylor, Michael ISBN: 9780816020041 List Price: $35.00
Economics of Offsets Defence Procurement and Countertrade by Martin, Stephen ISBN: 9783718657827 List Price: $170.00
Elite Military Formations in War and Peace by Ion, A. Hamish, Neilson, Ke... ISBN: 9780275946401 List Price: $87.95
Arms Industry Limited by Wulf, Herbert ISBN: 9780198291640 List Price: $166.00
Dealing With the Threat of Cruise Missiles by Gormley, Dennis M. ISBN: 9780198515272 List Price: $30.00
Global Cases in Logistics and Supply Chain Management by Taylor, David L. ISBN: 9781861523952 List Price: $67.99
Air Warfare An International Encyclopedia by Boyne, Walter J., Boyne, Wa... ISBN: 9781576073452 List Price: $185.00
Civil Defense A Choice of Disasters by Dowling, John, Harrell, Eva... ISBN: 9780883185124 List Price: $59.95
Marching Through Chaos The Descent of Armies in Theory and Practice by English, John A. ISBN: 9780275963927 List Price: $35.00
Mathematics of Projectiles in Sport by De Mestre, Neville, Heyde, ... ISBN: 9780521398572 List Price: $46.00
Relations Between Defence and Civil Technologies by Gummett, Philip, Reppy, Judith ISBN: 9789024737697 List Price: $204.00
Changing World Of Container Logistics by van Binsbergen, Arjan, Duin... ISBN: 9789040724749 List Price: $54.00
Jump Start Your Career Finding The Right Job After Military Service by Crews, Jerry ISBN: 9780759340640 List Price: $27.95
Facts on File Dictionary of Military Science - Todd J. Shafritz - Hardcover by Shafritz, Todd J. ISBN: 9780816018239 List Price: $40.00
Contemporary Logistics by Johnson, James C., Wood, Do... ISBN: 9780023608414 List Price: $54.48
Officer Survival Manual by Rutledge, Devallis ISBN: 9780942728361 List Price: $19.95
Military Balance 1998/99 by International Institute of ... ISBN: 9780199223725 List Price: $140.00
Military Education Past, Present, and Future by Kennedy, Gregory C., Neilso... ISBN: 9780275975975 List Price: $93.95
Artillery An Illustrated History Of Its Impact by Kinard, Jeff ISBN: 9781851095568 List Price: $85.00
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