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Sports Industry (Field Guides to Finding a New Career) by Greenwald, John ISBN: 9780816080076 List Price: $16.95
Managing Sport: Social and Cultural Perspectives (Foundations of Sport Management) by Hamil, Sean, Hassan, David,... ISBN: 9780415572156 List Price: $140.00
Sport Management by Stier, William F., Jr. ISBN: 9780896413085 List Price: $19.95
Sports Sponsorship and Marketing Communications A European Perspective by Lagae, Wim ISBN: 9780273687061 List Price: $79.50
Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry by Field, Shelly ISBN: 9780816050901 List Price: $49.50
Sports Marketing Guide, Vol. 2 by Wascovich, Terence R. ISBN: 9780963823809 List Price: $195.00
Sports Development and Sports Policy in Society: An Introduction by Bloyce, Daniel, Smith, Andrew ISBN: 9780415404068 List Price: $150.00
Business of Sport Management by Beech, John, Chadwick, Simon ISBN: 9780273682684 List Price: $97.50
Big Sports, Big Business A Century of League Expansions, Mergers, and Reorganizations by Jozsa, Frank P., Jozsa, Fra... ISBN: 9780275991340 List Price: $44.95
Business Of Sports Text and Cases On Strategy And Management by Greyser, Stephen A., Foster... ISBN: 9780324303490 List Price: $84.95
Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry - Shelly Field - Hardcover by Field, Shelly ISBN: 9780816022410 List Price: $29.95
Marketing, Fundraising and Promotion for Sport and Fitness Programs by Stier, William F., Jr. ISBN: 9780896413870 List Price: $79.95
Sports and Athletics Developments by Humphrey, James H. ISBN: 9781604562057 List Price: $129.00
Business of Sports by Humphreys, Brad R., Howard,... ISBN: 9780275993405
The Government and Politics of Sport by Houlihan, Barrie ISBN: 9780415054027 List Price: $74.95
Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry by Field, Shelly ISBN: 9780816037957 List Price: $18.95
Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry by Field, Shelly ISBN: 9780816037940 List Price: $49.50
Administrative Procedures for Conducting Recreational Sports Tournaments From Archery to Wre... by Rokosz, Francis M., Taylor,... ISBN: 9780398058951 List Price: $79.95
Almanac of Sports Contacts by Cylkowski, Greg J. ISBN: 9780963644916 List Price: $18.95
Economic Theory of Professional Team Sports by Kesenne, Stefan ISBN: 9781847202079 List Price: $110.00
Finance for Sport and Leisure Managers by Wilson, Robert J., Joyce, John ISBN: 9780415404471
Handbook on the Economics of Sport by Andreff, Wladimir ISBN: 9781843766087 List Price: $335.00
Strategies in Sports Marketing : Technologies and Emerging Trends by Alonso Dos Santos, Manuel ISBN: 9781466659940
Strategies in Sports Marketing : Technologies and Emerging Trends by Alonso Dos Santos, Manuel ISBN: 9781466659971
Governance and Policy in Sport Organizations by Hums, Mary A., MacLean, Joa... ISBN: 9781138078277
Introduction to Sport Management by BASS, Jordan ISBN: 9781524970352 List Price: $50.00
International Cases in the Business of Sport by Chadwick, Simon, Arthur, Dave ISBN: 9781138137875
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Sport Management by Ratten, V. ISBN: 9781783473946
Leveraging Brands in Sport Business by Pritchard, Mark, Stinson, J... ISBN: 9780203108994
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