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Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in Nepal : Identities and Mobilization after 1990 by Lawoti, Mahendra, Hangen, S... ISBN: 9781138086944
Federal Solutions to Ethnic Problems : Accommodating Diversity by Anderson, Liam D. ISBN: 9781138108554
Religion and Legal Pluralism by Sandberg, Russell ISBN: 9781138053298
Knights and Castles : Minorities and Urban Regeneration by Piccolo, Francesco Lo, Thom... ISBN: 9781138708440
Mainstream and Margins by Rose, Peter I. ISBN: 9781138511804
Right to Transportation : Moving to Equity by Sanchez, Thomas ISBN: 9781138373914
Positive Action in Action by Moore, Robert ISBN: 9781138332508
Politics of Ethnolinguistic Mobilization in Europe : Language Matters by Cole, Alistair, Harguind�gu... ISBN: 9781138383166
Trajectories of Minority Rights Issues in Europe : The Implementation Trap? by Agarin, Timofey, Brosig, Malte ISBN: 9781138379350
Cultural Competence in Health Education and Health Promotion by P�rez, Miguel A., Luquis, R... ISBN: 9781119578475 List Price: $80.00
Crime, Violence and Minority Youths by Tatum, Becky L. ISBN: 9781138703223
Health and Ethnicity by Macbeth, Helen, Shetty, Pra... ISBN: 9781420025156 List Price: $61.95
Law and Social Justice in Higher Education by Chambers, Crystal Ren�e ISBN: 9781317694946
Unmeltable Ethnics by Novak, Michael ISBN: 9781138540101
Revolutionary Mothering : Love on the Front Lines by Martens, China, Gumbs, Alex... ISBN: 9781771132541
Race and Ethnic Relations in the Twenty-First Century by Ray, Rashawn ISBN: 9781516560158 List Price: $97.95
Women's Health : Intersections of Policy, Research, and Practice by Armstrong, Pat, Pederson, Ann ISBN: 9780889615700
Admissions : A Memoir of Surviving Boarding School by James, Kendra ISBN: 9781538753507
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