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We can offer a wide selection of affordable books on the subject of Eastern religions. Here you can buy cheap Eastern textbooks such as Religions of Asia and Religion in the Japanese Experience: Sources and Interpretations. With other titles available too, you can even rent used Eastern textbooks if you prefer to read them and return them to us. Look for the different prices comparing rental and purchase options on relevant books. Buy the likes of Chinese Religion: An Introduction, or rent any number of books including Religions of Asia Today. Our collection changes frequently so you need to return to our marketplace to explore the cheapest options for our collection of pre-owned books as often as you can. Make your college studies cheaper than they would otherwise be, thanks to the help of Valore Books. Trust us to deliver the books you need in record time and with the best possible service as well.

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Chinese Religious Traditions Collated by Wu, Yao-Yu, Seaman, Gary, T... ISBN: 9781878986115 List Price: $15.00
Chinese Religious Traditions Collated by Wu, Yao-Yu, Seaman, Gary, T... ISBN: 9781878986122 List Price: $30.00
Arya Samaj and the Raj by Gupta, Shiva K. ISBN: 9788185060347 List Price: $44.00
Arya Samaj As a Fundamentalist Movement A Study in Comparative Fundamentalism by Llewellyn, J. E. ISBN: 9788173040153 List Price: $30.00
Religion of Japans Korean Minority The Preservation of Ethnic Identity by Hardacre, Helen ISBN: 9780912966670 List Price: $12.00
Mirror of Self-Supremacy or Svatantrya-Darpana by Pandit, B. N. ISBN: 9788121505598
Sari-Sarna: Santhal Religion by Hembram, P. C. ISBN: 9788170990444
Religious Culture of North-Eastern India by Bhattacharyya, N. N. ISBN: 9788173041167
Understanding Ganapati: Insights into the Dynamics of a Cult by Thapan, Anita R. ISBN: 9788173041952
Bimbamana of Gautamiyasastra: As Heard by Sariputra by Marasinghe, E. W. ISBN: 9788170304173
Indian Pandits In The Land Of Snow by Das, Sarat C. ISBN: 9788120607767 List Price: $29.50
National Unity and Religious Minorities by Sankhdher, M. M., Wadhwa, K... ISBN: 9788185060361 List Price: $24.00
Need for a New Religion in India and Other Essays by Singh, Khushwant ISBN: 9788185273655 List Price: $17.50
New Sights on the Gita by Ranchan, Som P. ISBN: 9788120201842 List Price: $11.00
Rennyo: The Second Founder of Shin Buddhism : With a Translation of His Letters (Nanzan Stud... by Rogers, Minor, Rogers, Ann ISBN: 9780895819291 List Price: $75.00
Image Problems : The Origin and Development of the Buddha's Im... by DeCaroli, Robert Daniel ISBN: 9780295994567
Religion in China by Hughes, Ernest Richard ISBN: 9780598666871 List Price: $46.90
Japanische Studien Zum �stlichen Manich�ismus by Klimkeit, Hans-Joachim, Sch... ISBN: 9783447026796
Gods and Goddesses of Ancient India by Laser, Tammy ISBN: 9781622753901
Religious Policy of the Mughal Emperors by Sharma, Sri Ram ISBN: 9780685308493
Encyclopaedia of Puranic Beliefs and Practices by Dange, Sadashiv Ambadas ISBN: 9780685353745
Glossary of Indian Religious Terms and Concepts by Bhattacharya, N. N. ISBN: 9780685487051
Speaking of Basava : Lingayat Religion and Culture in South Asia by Ishwaran, K. ISBN: 9780813383897 List Price: $46.00
Religion in China by Hughes, K., Hughes, E. R. ISBN: 9781138984998
Japanese Religion : A Cultural Perspective by Ellwood, Robert, Pilgrim, R... ISBN: 9781138381919
Modern Chinese Religion I : Song-Liao-Jin-Yuan (960-1368 AD) by Marsone, Pierre, Lagerwey, ... ISBN: 9789004393448 List Price: $150.00
Languages and Literatures of Eastern Christianity : Syriac (East) by Debi�, Muriel, Taylor, David ISBN: 9780754667414
Sacred Webs : The Social Lives and Networks of Minnan Protestants, 1840s-1920s by White, Chris ISBN: 9789004339163 List Price: $147.00
Religions of Japan, from the Dawn of History to the Era of Meiji by Griffis, William Elliot ISBN: 9780598826244 List Price: $148.50
Religion in Vijayanagara Empire by Devi, Konduri S. ISBN: 9780685451380 List Price: $40.00
Freedom of Religion in Indonesia : Renegotiating Islamic Thought and the Nation by Saeed, Abdullah, Fuller, Andy ISBN: 9781472437525
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