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How much do you really know about public policy, especially with regard to economics? If you want to buy cheap economic policy textbooks it makes sense to get a great economic deal for yourself. Buy from Valore Books and we'll provide you with discounted and pre-owned text books that have already allowed other students to succeed in their studies. With Economics of the Environment, American Public Policy: An Introduction, and Economics of Poverty available, you can see just how wide the collection is. Look for authors including David N Hyman, Clarke E Cochran and Jonathan Gruber as well - they've contributed some fine tomes to this section. Rent used economic policy textbooks from us as well, and remember we buy back economic policy books too in order to expand our collection. Whatever you decide to do you'll get the cheapest deals and the best payments when you use our buyback service.

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Economic Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region by Hardt, John P. ISBN: 9780367014735
Denmark 2016 by OECD Publishing Staff ISBN: 9789264259355
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