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Every School : One Citizen's Guide to Transforming Education by Nielsen, Donald ISBN: 9781936599219 List Price: $17.95
Great Deformation : The Corruption of Capitalism in America by Stockman, David A. ISBN: 9781610395236
CIA World Factbook 2015 by Intelligence Agency, Central ISBN: 9781629145099
Human Security Studies : Theories, Methods and Themes by Peou, Sorpong ISBN: 9789814440479
Government Gridlock by Haerens, Margaret ISBN: 9780737772661 List Price: $46.45
Is Bipartisanship Dead? by Baker, Ross K. ISBN: 9781612054216 List Price: $126.00
Writing in Political Science : A Brief Guide by LaVaque-Manty, Danielle, La... ISBN: 9780190203931
Terrorism Lectures 2e by Forest, James J. F. ISBN: 9781940503066 List Price: $39.99
Strong State in Russia : Development and Crisis by Tsygankov, Andrei P. ISBN: 9780199336210 List Price: $29.95
Judicial Policymaking by Barnes, Jeb ISBN: 9781516512829
Freak Power : Hunter S. Thompson's Campaign for Sheriff by Watkins, Daniel Joseph, Bra... ISBN: 9780996454506 List Price: $39.95
Cq Press Writing Guide for Public Policy by Pennock, Andrew S. (Stephen) ISBN: 9781506348780
Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism by Hawley, George ISBN: 9780700621934 List Price: $34.95
Political Science Research Methods by Johnson, Janet Buttolph, Re... ISBN: 9781544331430
Current Debates in Comparative Politics by Dickovick, James Tyler, Eas... ISBN: 9780190855024
Jews of Latin America by Elkin, Judith Laikin ISBN: 9781588268723 List Price: $26.50
Restoring Dignity in Public Schools : Human Rights Education in Action by Hantzopoulos, Maria ISBN: 9780807757420 List Price: $36.95
Fascist Effect : Japan and Italy, 1915-1952 by Hofmann, Reto ISBN: 9780801453410
Myth of Liberalism by Safranek, John P. ISBN: 9780813227931
Politics in China : An Introduction by Joseph, William A. ISBN: 9780190870713 List Price: $44.95
Theory of the Border by Nail, Thomas ISBN: 9780190618650 List Price: $29.95
Mathematics of Voting and Elections : A Hands-On-Approach by Hodge, Jonathan K., Klima, ... ISBN: 9781470442873 List Price: $52.00
Politics by Ferdinand, Peter, Garner, R... ISBN: 9780198787983 List Price: $39.95
America's Failing Experiment : How We the People Have Become the Problem by Goidel, Kirby ISBN: 9781442247505 List Price: $24.95
Inside African Politics by Dunn, Kevin C., Englebert, ... ISBN: 9781626378070 List Price: $35.00
Political Science Research in Practice by Malici, Akan, Smith, Elizab... ISBN: 9781138301344
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