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Political science is a vast subject, which is why we are proud to offer the chance to buy cheap general textbooks on this subject area. With discounted prices on every single title you could want, you will see why other American students always head to our website when they want to rent used general textbooks to help with their political science studies. Some of the more popular titles include Power and Choice: An Introduction to Political Science, An Introduction to Political Theory and American Government: Brief Version. As you can see, no matter what level of learning you are at in this area, you'll find affordable pre-owned text books in our collection to help you get ahead in your studies. Don't miss out on our buyback service either: it's the best way to earn cash for your pre-owned text books. Make sure you get the best value from every text book you buy here.

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From the Rule of Law to the Republic Volume 2 by He, He, He, He, He, He ISBN: 9781955137065 List Price: $49.99
From the Rule of Law to the Republic Volume1 by He, He, He, He, He, He ISBN: 9781955137058 List Price: $49.99
Ice-Cold American Lemonade (a Political Satire for Children) : The Sandy Bernadette Story by Weeks, Christopher J. ISBN: 9781954771093 List Price: $12.99
Muslim Resolutions : Bosniak Responses to World War Two Atrocities in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Kar?i?, Hikmet, Dautovi?, F... ISBN: 9781955653015 List Price: $20.00
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