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If you are looking for a career that provides you with challenges, great employment packages and a rewarding career, the Allied Health Services offer a wide range of opportunities. Our affordable textbooks will help you to identify the many different roles within the allied health professions. These roles are wide and varied. Whether you are interested in science, nutrition, physical movement, physiotherapy, radiography, or speech and language therapy, you will find something that will fit in with your interests. The demand and supply of allied health services is influenced by demographic change, health care financing policies and current available career options. We offer the same textbooks that you will find in your local college bookstore, but we sell our discounted textbooks for much lower prices. If you have a college reading list from your tutor, just enter the ISBN numbers to find the exact textbooks that you need for your college studies. Buy or rent new or used allied health services textbooks here at Valore Books.

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Emergency Care by ELLING, Bergeron, J. David ISBN: 9780131142466 List Price: $36.67
Virtual Medical Office for Kinn's the Medical Assistant : An Applied Learning Approach by Young, Alexandra Patricia, ... ISBN: 9781437724059 List Price: $54.95
Delmar's Clinical Medical Assisting by Lindh, Wilburta Q., Pooler,... ISBN: 9781401881337 List Price: $36.95
Client-centered Care for Clinical Medical Assisting by Koprucki, Victoria Roehmholdt ISBN: 9781401861780 List Price: $56.95
Delmar's Comprehensive Medical Assisting Administrative and Clinical Competencies by Lindh, Wilburta Q., Pooler,... ISBN: 9780766824188 List Price: $65.95
Pediatric Skills for Occupational Therapy Assistants by Solomon, Jean W., O'Brien, ... ISBN: 9780323059107 List Price: $69.95
Pedretti's Occupational Therapy Practice Skills for Physical Dysfunction by Pendleton, Heidi McHugh, Sc... ISBN: 9780323031530 List Price: $91.95
Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice by Salvo, Susan G. ISBN: 9781437719772 List Price: $72.95
Understanding Human Behavior: A Guide for Health Care Providers (Milliken, Understanding Hum... by Milliken, Mary Elizabeth, H... ISBN: 9781435486607 List Price: $121.95
EMR Complete: A Worktext by Limmer, Daniel ISBN: 9780135037713 List Price: $86.67
Ergonomics: Body Mechanics and Self Care for Bodyworkers (MyHealthProfessionsKit Series) by Redman, Diane, Lunbeck, Ardath ISBN: 9780138024857 List Price: $54.61
Wbk-Admin Med Assisting - Pooler - Paperback by Lindh, Wilburta Q., Pooler,... ISBN: 9781401881368
Principles and Applications of Cardiorespiratory Care Equipment by Eubanks, David, Bone, Roger C. ISBN: 9780801674488 List Price: $59.00
Emergency Guide for Dental Auxiliaries by Chernega, Janet B. ISBN: 9780827341098 List Price: $62.95
Medical Assisting: Administration and Clinical Compensation - Keir - Paperback by Keir, Wise, Krebs ISBN: 9780827377158 List Price: $24.00
Medical Assisting Administrative and Clinical Competencies by Keir, Lucille, Wise, Barbar... ISBN: 9780766841468 List Price: $68.95
Physical Therapist's Guide to Health Care by Curtis, Kathleen ISBN: 9781556423789 List Price: $54.95
Ryan's Occupational Therapy Assistant Principles, Practice Issues, And Techniques by Ryan, Sally E., Sladyk, Karen ISBN: 9781556427404 List Price: $72.95
Certification Exam Review for The Pharmacy Technician (2nd Edition) by Johnston, Mike, Gricar, Jeff ISBN: 9780135109731 List Price: $49.95
Activity Analysis Application to Occupation by Hersch, Gayle Ilene, Lampor... ISBN: 9781556426766 List Price: $54.95
Pathology for the Physical Therapist Assistant by Goodman, Catherine C., Full... ISBN: 9781437708943 List Price: $74.95
Emergency Care, Hardcover Edition (12th Edition) by Limmer, Daniel J., O'Keefe,... ISBN: 9780132375337 List Price: $98.67
MP Pharmacy Technician: Practice and Procedures w/Student CD by Orum-Alexander, Gail, Mizne... ISBN: 9780077302368
Introduction to Occupational Therapy by Sabonis-Chafee, Barbara, Hu... ISBN: 9780323033695 List Price: $55.95
Introduction to Splinting A Clinical Reasoning and Problem-solving Approach. by Coppard, Brenda M., Lohman,... ISBN: 9780323033848 List Price: $73.95
Equine Health and Emergency Management by Henderson, Bonny ISBN: 9781418065676 List Price: $76.95
Topics for the Paramedic by Batsie, Daniel J., Mistovic... ISBN: 9780137082452
Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage by Beck, Mark F. ISBN: 9781435485235 List Price: $92.95
International Trauma Life Support (6th Edition) by John R. Campbell PhD. D.Sc... ISBN: 9780132379823 List Price: $77.33
Appleton & Lange Review for the Surgical Technology Examination by Allmers, Nancy M., Verderam... ISBN: 9780071385503 List Price: $54.95
Emergency Care by Limmer, Daniel, O'Keefe, Mi... ISBN: 9780135005231 List Price: $88.00
First Responder A Skills Approach by Limmer, Daniel, Karren, Kei... ISBN: 9780131720480 List Price: $86.67
Respiratory Care Anatomy and Physiology Foundations for Clinical Practice by Beachey, Will ISBN: 9780323027403 List Price: $67.95
Tappan's Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques (5th Edition) by Patricia J. Benjamin ISBN: 9780135142233 List Price: $78.27
Human Development and Performance Throughout the Lifespan by Cronin, Anne, Mandich, Mary... ISBN: 9780766842601 List Price: $113.95
A Practical Approach Becoming a Health Care Professional by Dimeo, Sandra ISBN: 9780135063545 List Price: $29.40
Special Tests for Neurologic Examination by Scifers, James ISBN: 9781556427978 List Price: $47.95
Laboratory Testing for Ambulatory Settings : A Guide for Health Care Professionals by Garrels, Marti, Oatis, Caro... ISBN: 9781437719062 List Price: $54.95
Egan's Fundamentals of Respiratory Care by Wilkins, Robert L., Stoller... ISBN: 9780323036573 List Price: $118.00
Foundations For The Practice Of EMS Education by Alexander, Melissa ISBN: 9780131194359 List Price: $28.00
Essentials of A&P for Emergency Care by Bledsoe, Bryan E., Colbert,... ISBN: 9780132180122 List Price: $99.00
Occupational Health and Safety for the Fire Service by Bruni, Joseph ISBN: 9780135138083 List Price: $84.00
Holistic Bodywork by Pulciani, James ISBN: 9780135138953 List Price: $54.95
Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice by Susan G. Salvo BEd LMT NT... ISBN: 9781416036524 List Price: $72.95
Clinical Procedures in Therapeutic Exercise by Sullivan, Patricia, Markos,... ISBN: 9780838513392 List Price: $79.60
Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology Essentials for Respiratory Care by Des Jardins Staff ISBN: 9781418042783 List Price: $105.95
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