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We have hundreds of text books in store that can help you find the information you need on many different diseases. Buy diseases textbooks online now and discover the reason why so many people come to us to buy the text book they require for college. We've divided this section into various sub-sections on various ailments and illnesses, so you can find the best way to get to the discounted and affordable books you want. Look for titles including Will to Live: AIDS Therapies and the Politics of Survival; Cancer in Young Adults: Through Parents' Eyes; Quality of Life from Nursing and Patient Perspectives: Theory, Research and Practice, and Handling the Young Child with Cerebral Palsy at Home. Whatever books you need, you can buy or rent used diseases textbooks from Valore Books for the cheapest prices now. It's the best way to make sure you save as much cash as you can.

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Discourses of Counselling HIV Counselling As Social Interaction by Silverman, David ISBN: 9780803976627 List Price: $44.95
Handbook of Diabetes Medical Nutrition Therapy by Powers, Margaret A. ISBN: 9780834206311 List Price: $172.95
AIDS Effective Health Communication for the 90's by Ratzan, Scott C. ISBN: 9781560322733 List Price: $115.00
Caring for Alzheimer's Patients: A Guide for Family and Healthcare Providers by Miner, G. D., Winters-Miner... ISBN: 9780306431999 List Price: $23.00
Nutrition Case Management of Diabetes : User's Manual by Litchford, Mary, Yordy, Lau... ISBN: 9781880989562 List Price: $7.00
AIDS, Behavior, and Culture : Understanding Evidence-Based Prevention by Green, Edward C., Ruark, Al... ISBN: 9781598744781
Alzheimer's Disease (Diseases and Disorders) by Adams, Jacqueline ISBN: 9781420505535 List Price: $33.45
Seasons of Grief & Grace A Sister's Story of AIDS by Wiltshire, Susan F. ISBN: 9780826512611 List Price: $29.95
Sexual Behaviour and Knowledge About AIDS in the Developing World Findings from a Multisite ... by Cleland, John, Ferry, Benoit ISBN: 9780748403448 List Price: $59.95
AIDS Prevention and Services: Community Based Research by Van Vugt, Johannes P. ISBN: 9780897892650
Preventing Illness Among People With Coronary Heart Disease by Piette, John D., Kaplan, Ro... ISBN: 9780789000064 List Price: $34.95
Caring for the Alzheimer Patient: A Practical Guide by Dippel, Raye L., Hutton, J.... ISBN: 9780879756635 List Price: $17.00
Workable Sisterhood The Political Journey of Stigmatized Women with HIV/AIDS by Berger, Michele Tracy ISBN: 9780691118536 List Price: $55.00
Moral Threats and Dangerous Desires AIDS in the News Media by Lupton, Deborah ISBN: 9780748401802 List Price: $33.95
Cancer (Biographies of Disease) by Moses, Marsha A., Pories, S... ISBN: 9780313359798 List Price: $45.00
Against Death The Practice of Living With AIDS by Ariss, Robert, Dowsett, Gary ISBN: 9789056995638 List Price: $120.00
HIV, Aids, and the Law: A Guide to Our Rights and Challenges by Senak, Mark S., Sweeney, Tim ISBN: 9780306452680 List Price: $26.00
Ethics & AIDS in Africa The Challenge to Our Thinking by Van Niekerk, Anton A., Kope... ISBN: 9781598740707 List Price: $65.00
At Wit's End Plain Talk On Alzheimer's For Families And Clinicians by Kraus, George ISBN: 9781557534019 List Price: $24.95
Meddling With Mythology AIDS and the Social Construction of Knowledge by Barbour, Rosaline S., Huby,... ISBN: 9780415163903 List Price: $51.95
Aids and Obstetrics and Gynecology by Hudson, C. N., Sharp, Frank ISBN: 9780387195407 List Price: $121.00
When the Diagnosis Is Multiple Sclerosis by Furney, Kym E. Orsetti ISBN: 9780275994686
Diabetes and Pregnancy Teratology, Toxicity and Treatment by Jovanovic, Lois, Peterson, ... ISBN: 9780275920920 List Price: $135.00
Endangered Relations Negotiating by Lyttleton, Chris ISBN: 9789057024214 List Price: $115.00
Health and Sexuality Education in Schools The Process of Social Change by Ridini, Steven P. ISBN: 9780897895705 List Price: $109.95
HIV and AIDS Texting, Screening, and Confidentiality by Bennett, Rebecca, Erin, Cha... ISBN: 9780199243143 List Price: $55.00
Facing Cancer A Complete Guide for People With Cancer, Their Families and Caregivers by Sekeres, Mikkael A., Stern,... ISBN: 9780071414913 List Price: $20.95
For the Love of Teddi The Story Behind Camp Good Days and Special Times by Buttino, Lou ISBN: 9780275973414 List Price: $27.95
Long-Term Management of Patients After Myocardial Infarction by Kappagoda, C. Tissa, Greenw... ISBN: 9780898383522 List Price: $160.00
Cancer, Stress, and Death by Day, S. B. ISBN: 9780306421877 List Price: $139.00
Care of the Patient With Previous Coronary Bypass Surgery by Waters, David, Bourassa, Ma... ISBN: 9780803690851 List Price: $75.00
Living and Dying With Cancer by Armstrong-Coster, Angela ISBN: 9780521546676 List Price: $33.00
Against Death The Practice of Living With AIDS by Ariss, Robert, Dowsett, Gary ISBN: 9789056995645 List Price: $32.95
AIDS Crisis in Professional Ethics by Cohen, Elliot D., Davis, Mi... ISBN: 9781566391658 List Price: $28.95
AIDS in Europe New Challenges for the Social Sciences by Moatti, J. -P ISBN: 9781857285079 List Price: $150.00
AIDS Health Crisis Psychological and Social Interventions by Kelly, J. A., St. Lawrence,... ISBN: 9780306428968 List Price: $82.95
Altering the Image of AIDS by De Bruyn, Maria ISBN: 9789053832592 List Price: $16.00
Quality of Life From Nursing and Patient Perspectives Theory, Research, Practice by Hinds, Pamela S., King, Cyn... ISBN: 9780763722357 List Price: $72.95
Sex and Gender in an Era of AIDS Ghana at the Turn of the Millennium by Oppong, Christine, Oppong, ... ISBN: 9789988550554 List Price: $39.95
Chronic Fatique Syndrome : A Natural Healing Guide by Wilkinson, Steve ISBN: 9780809575657 List Price: $24.95
Life, Sex, and Prostate Cancer Surgery: How One Man Healed and Was Made Whole by Hallenborg, John C. ISBN: 9780275981358 List Price: $34.95
Guide to Symptom Relief in Advanced Cancer by Regnard, Claude, Tempest, Sue ISBN: 9781869888077 List Price: $25.00
Care of the Adult Cardiac Surgery Patient - Patricia Turk Horvath - Paperback by Horvath, Patricia T. ISBN: 9780471888000 List Price: $25.00
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