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In today's modern world the traditional values of family and relationships are constantly changing. There is no longer a normality, and variations can be as the result of religion, ethnicity or region to name but a few of the potential influencing factors. Understanding this area of study can be challenging, but don't worry as we have a huge range of discounted family and relationship textbooks to help you get through your studies. Our new and pre-owned textbooks cover topics such as adolescence, child development, human relations, marriage and family experience and the process of parenting. Save yourself the hassle of visiting your packed and cramped college bookshop to buy your textbooks and order them here online instead. You will save yourself a lot of money and valuable time. Our textbook range is as impressive as any bookstore but our prices are far lower. We offer new and used books, all in fantastic condition. You can also use our buyback service when you are done with the books.

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Adoption by Johnson, Jerry L., Grant, G... ISBN: 9780205389544 List Price: $23.00
Child's World by Papalia, Diane E., Olds, Sa... ISBN: 9780070487659 List Price: $65.25
Adolescence/With Powerweb by Steinberg, Laurence D. ISBN: 9780072504422 List Price: $102.60
Family in Transition by Skolnick, Skolnick, Jerome H. ISBN: 9780205418237 List Price: $72.20
Shaping Your Future, Student Text by Eubanks, Eddye, Sasse, Conn... ISBN: 9780026379670 List Price: $54.64
Growing through Play: Readings for Parents and Teachers by Strom, Robert D. ISBN: 9780818504235 List Price: $21.95
Early Gifts Recognizing And Nurturing Children's Talents by Olszewski-Kubilius, Paula, ... ISBN: 9781882664917 List Price: $24.95
Inclusive Games by Kasser, Susan L. ISBN: 9780873226394 List Price: $19.95
Parent-Child Relations: Context, Research, and Application by Heath, Phyllis ISBN: 9780131596764 List Price: $96.67
Death Current Perspectives by Williamson, John B., Schnei... ISBN: 9781559340113 List Price: $63.75
Childhood in America by Reef, Catherine ISBN: 9780816044382 List Price: $75.00
The Forgotten Kin: Aunts and Uncles by Milardo, Robert M. ISBN: 9780521516761 List Price: $88.00
Age of the Bachelor Creating an American Subculture by Chudacoff, Howard P. ISBN: 9780691070551 List Price: $33.95
Heavy Hands An Introduction to the Crimes of Family Violence by Kindshi Gosselin, Denise ISBN: 9780131188853 List Price: $64.00
Dying the Good Death The Pilgrimage to Die in India's Holy City by Justice, Christopher ISBN: 9780791432624 List Price: $31.95
Caring F/children in Family Child Care by Dodge, Diane T., Koralek, D... ISBN: 9781879537101 List Price: $34.95
Coaching Children in Sport: An Introduction by Bailey, Richard, Stafford, Ian ISBN: 9780415493918 List Price: $59.95
Issues for Debate in Family Violence : Selections from CQ Researcher by Researcher, C. Q. ISBN: 9781412990325 List Price: $35.95
Becoming Good Parents An Existential Journey by Hannush, Mufid James ISBN: 9780791454626 List Price: $29.95
Developing Person Through Childhood and Adolescence by Berger, Kathleen Stassen ISBN: 9780716752578 List Price: $116.45
Violence and Gender An Interdisciplinary Reader by Gilbert, Paula Ruth, Eby, K... ISBN: 9780131116313 List Price: $74.00
Family Abuse Consequences, Theories, and Responses by Mignon, Sylvia I., Larson, ... ISBN: 9780205295692 List Price: $73.60
Looseleaf Developing Person Through Childhood & Adolescence by Berger, Kathleen Stassen ISBN: 9781429244374 List Price: $85.50
Redefining Families Implications for Children's Development by Gottfried, A. E., Gottfried... ISBN: 9780306445590 List Price: $69.95
Life on Your Own by McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780078615849 List Price: $21.32
Assessing Infants and Preschoolers With Special Needs by Bailey, Donald B., McLean, ... ISBN: 9780023793943 List Price: $90.00
Child Abuse and the Legal System by Sagatun, Inger, Edwards, Le... ISBN: 9780830414208 List Price: $116.95
Welcome to the Time of Your Life : 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Keim, Will ISBN: 9780615382067 List Price: $39.95
Parent Project A Workshop Approach to Parent Involvement by Vopat, James ISBN: 9781571100016 List Price: $24.00
Understanding Child Abuse And Neglect-with Myhelpinglab by Crosson-Tower, Cynthia ISBN: 9780205489893 List Price: $68.20
Key Concepts in Family Studies by Edwards, Rosalind A., McCar... ISBN: 9781412920063
Mothers and Children Feminist Analyses and Personal Narratives by Chase, Susan E., Rogers, Ma... ISBN: 9780813528762 List Price: $26.95
Lives Together Worlds Apart Mothers and Daughters in Popular Culture by Walters, Suzanna D. ISBN: 9780520086562 List Price: $26.95
In the Shadow of Illness Parents and Siblings of the Chronically Ill Child by Bluebond-Langner, Myra ISBN: 9780691050799 List Price: $23.95
Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal Abuse Linking the Circles of Compassion for Preve... by Ascione, Frank R., Arkow, Phil ISBN: 9781557531438 List Price: $29.95
Silent Sorrow Pregnancy Loss Guidance and Support for Your and Your Family by Kohn, Ingrid, Moffitt, Perr... ISBN: 9780415924818 List Price: $17.95
Criminal Justice Response To Domestic Violence by Klein, Andrew R. ISBN: 9780534196400 List Price: $66.95
Children The Early Years by Decker, Celia Anita ISBN: 9781590705858 List Price: $61.28
FAMILY VIOLENCE ACROSS THE LIFESPAN by Barnett, Ola W., Miller-Per... ISBN: 9780761907077 List Price: $58.95
Physical Activities for Improving Children's Learning and Behavior A Guide to Sensory Motor ... by Cheatum, Billye Ann, Hammon... ISBN: 9780880118743 List Price: $25.95
Public & Private Families An Introduction by Cherlin, Andrew J. ISBN: 9780072510393
Human Relations by Dalton, Marie, Hoyle, Dawn ... ISBN: 9780538722230 List Price: $64.95
Working With People A Human Relations Guide by Minor-Evans, Leslie, Lamber... ISBN: 9780256220339
Administering for Quality by Chandler, Karen ISBN: 9780132051750
Families Across Time A Life Course Perspective Readings by Price, Sharon J., McKenry, ... ISBN: 9781891487255 List Price: $34.95
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