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If you are studying art history, you'll need to buy used history textbooks to help you work your way through your art course. We stock pre-owned books on all areas of art history, including ancient and classical, medieval, prehistoric and primitive and even Romanticism. With more than a thousand titles available, you can buy used history textbooks for your art course here and now. These textbooks are renowned for being expensive, but we don't charge a huge price here. We can provide enormous percentage discounts off the list price, as you'll see if you check the column below. Affordable, pre-owned and ready to buy, you can also rent history textbooks online from us. Don't go elsewhere when you can get the best deals you possibly can right here. Remember, we also have a buyback service that caters for lots of history text books on art, so don't sit on books you don't need anymore.

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Janson's History of Art Portable Edition Book 4 by Davies, Penelope J. E., Hof... ISBN: 9780205697458 List Price: $65.20
Art and Crime: Exploring the Dark Side of the Art World by Charney, Noah ISBN: 9780313366352
Gardner's Art Thru the Ages, a Global History, Volume 1 by Kleiner, Fred S. ISBN: 9780495500315 List Price: $159.95
Interpreting the Images of Greek Myths : An Introduction by K├╝nzl-Snodgrass, Annemarie,... ISBN: 9780521720076 List Price: $32.99
Art:history of Painting,sculpture,arch. by Hartt, Frederick N., Rosent... ISBN: 9780130524324 List Price: $72.00
Looking at Greek Art by Stansbury-O'Donnell, Mark D. ISBN: 9780521125574 List Price: $27.99
Study Guide for Fleming's Arts And Ideas by Marien, Mary Warner, Flemin... ISBN: 9780534613877 List Price: $25.95
Art Across Time The Fourteenth Century to the Present by Adams, Laurie Schneider ISBN: 9780072466775 List Price: $75.65
Gardner's Art through the Ages (with Infotrac) by Kleiner, Fred S., Mamiya, C... ISBN: 9780534167035 List Price: $75.75
Janson's History of Art Portable Edition Book 2 by Davies, Penelope J. E., Den... ISBN: 9780205697410 List Price: $65.20
Art Across Time Prehistory to the Fourteenth Century by Adams, Laurie Schneider ISBN: 9780072969726 List Price: $115.00
Gardner's Art Through the Ages With Infotrac The Western Perspective by Kleiner, Fred S., Mamiya, C... ISBN: 9780534610937 List Price: $84.95
Poetry of the Revolution Marx, Manifestos, And the Avant-gardes by Puchner, Martin, Apter, Emily ISBN: 9780691122601 List Price: $27.95
Art History A View of the West, Combined by Stokstad, Marilyn ISBN: 9780132250672 List Price: $151.20
Renaissance Thought and the Arts Collected Essays by Kristeller, Paul O. ISBN: 9780691020105 List Price: $23.95
Pictorial Invention in Netherlandish Manuscript Illumination of the Late Middle Ages The Pla... by Marrow, James H., Marrow, J... ISBN: 9789042916159 List Price: $35.00
Art History and Education by Addiss, Stephen, Erickson, ... ISBN: 9780252062735 List Price: $21.00
African Art in Cultural Perspective An Introduction by Bascom, William R. ISBN: 9780393093759 List Price: $22.05
Art after Modernism: Rethinking Representation by Wallis, Brian, Wallis, Bria... ISBN: 9780879236328 List Price: $23.95
Art Across Time Prehistory to the Fourteenth Century by Adams, Laurie Schneider ISBN: 9780072965254 List Price: $136.44
Non-Western Art A Brief Guide by Mackenzie, Lynn ISBN: 9780131048942 List Price: $17.33
Social History of Art Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque by Hauser, Arnold, Harris, Jon... ISBN: 9780415199469 List Price: $31.95
Asian Art History in the Twenty-first Century by Desai, Vishakha N. ISBN: 9780300125535 List Price: $24.95
Capacity The History, the World and the Self in Comtemporary Art and Criticism by McEvilley, Thomas, Denson, ... ISBN: 9789057010415 List Price: $37.95
Mainstreams of Modern Art by Canaday, John ISBN: 9780030576386 List Price: $154.95
Gardner's Art through the Ages by Kleiner, Fred S., Mamiya, C... ISBN: 9780534167066 List Price: $78.95
Baroque & Rococo Art & Culture by Minor, Vernon H. ISBN: 9780130856494 List Price: $95.60
World Art Studies by Rhodes, Colin, Zijlmans, Ki... ISBN: 9789078088226
Reality Through the Arts by Sporre, Dennis J. ISBN: 9780130225658 List Price: $72.00
History of Art,comb.-rev.5th by Janson, Anthony F. ISBN: 9780138492410 List Price: $68.67
Myth, Ethos, and Actuality Official Art in Fifth Century B.C. Athens by Castriota, David ISBN: 9780299133542 List Price: $24.95
Greek Art and Archaeology by Pedley, John G. ISBN: 9780138745202 List Price: $66.00
Picturing the World by Gilmour, John C. ISBN: 9780887060939 List Price: $29.95
Gardner's Art Through the Ages by Tansey, Richard G., De la C... ISBN: 9780155037632 List Price: $40.00
Collecting the New Museums and Contemporary Art by Altshuler, Bruce ISBN: 9780691119403 List Price: $55.00
Worldly Art:dutch Republic 1585-1718 by Westermann, Mariet ISBN: 9780810927414 List Price: $16.95
Story of Modern Art - Norbert Lynton - Paperback by Lynton, Norbert ISBN: 9780138498603 List Price: $61.00
Art and Civilization - Edward Lucie-Smith - Paperback by Lucie-Smith, Edward ISBN: 9780130465580 List Price: $66.67
Beyond Minimalism Beckett's Late Style in the Theater by Brater, Enoch ISBN: 9780195066555 List Price: $50.00
Anthology of Non-Western Drama by Kiani, Ali ISBN: 9781878045256 List Price: $24.50
Look! The Fundamentals of Art History by D'Alleva, Anne ISBN: 9780130486356 List Price: $27.40
Janson's History of Art Portable Edition Book 3 by Davies, Penelope J. E., Den... ISBN: 9780205697434 List Price: $65.20
Art Today: An Introduction to the Visual Arts by Faulkner, Ray, Ziegfeld, Ed... ISBN: 9780030640391
Music in English Children's Drama of the Later Renaissance by Austern, Linda P. ISBN: 9782881245640 List Price: $50.00
England and Its Aesthetes Biography and Taste by Carrier, David ISBN: 9789057012914 List Price: $37.95
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