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If you are learning about food and cooking in any sense, you will benefit when you buy cooking textbooks online from our collection. With the most affordable and cheapest prices you will see anywhere online, we can provide you with discounted deals to suit your pocket. Look for books such as The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results; The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook; The Big Book of Juices: More Than 400 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day; and Bob Warden's Ninja Master Prep Cookbook. We stock pre-owned text books on all manner of topics including baby food, courses and dishes, health and healing and regional and ethnic food. Whatever you want to learn about you can always rent used cooking textbooks too. Valore Books makes it easier than ever to learn how to cook and how to become an expert on food as well.

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The Rodale Whole Foods Cookbook: With More than 1,200 Recipes for Choosing, Cooking, and Pre... by Demoelt, Dara, Rodale Press... ISBN: 9781605295435 List Price: $35.00
Italian Cuisine A Cultural History by Capatti, Alberto, Montanari... ISBN: 9780231122320 List Price: $17.95
Shark's Fin and Sichuan Pepper: A Sweet-Sour Memoir of Eating in China by Dunlop, Fuchsia ISBN: 9780393332889 List Price: $17.95
Healthy Kitchen Recipes for a Better Body, Life, and Spirit by Weil, Andrew, Daley, Rosie ISBN: 9780375710315 List Price: $16.95
Food Is Culture by Montanari, Massimo, Sonnenf... ISBN: 9780231137904 List Price: $29.50
Brewmaster's Table Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer With Real Food by Oliver, Garrett, Tillman, D... ISBN: 9780060005719 List Price: $19.99
Wild Fermentation The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods by Katz, Sandor Ellix, Katz ISBN: 9781931498234 List Price: $25.00
Cooked : A Natural History of Transformation by Pollan, Michael ISBN: 9780143125334 List Price: $17.00
Chilies to Chocolate Food the Americas Gave the World by Foster, Nelson, Cordell, Li... ISBN: 9780816513246 List Price: $15.95
Curry A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors by Collingham, Lizzie ISBN: 9780195320015 List Price: $16.95
Cook's Tour Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines by Bourdain, Anthony ISBN: 9780060012786 List Price: $14.99
Food in Russian History and Culture by Glants, Musya, Glants, Musy... ISBN: 9780253211064 List Price: $34.95
Taste Culture Reader Experiencing Food And Drink by Korsmeyer, Carolyn ISBN: 9781845200619 List Price: $35.95
Stirring the Pot: A History of African Cuisine (Ohio Africa in World History) by McCann, James C. ISBN: 9780896802728 List Price: $26.95
Curry A Tale of Cooks And Conquerors by Collingham, Lizzie ISBN: 9780195172416 List Price: $28.00
Ad Hoc at Home by Keller, Thomas ISBN: 9781579653774 List Price: $50.00
Emperor of Wine The Rise of Robert M. Parker, Jr. and the Reign of American Taste by McCoy, Elin, Mccoy, Elin ISBN: 9780060093693 List Price: $14.95
Book of Tea by Okakura, Kakuzo ISBN: 9781933330174 List Price: $9.95
Hallelujah! the Welcome Table A Lifetime of Memories with Recipes by Angelou, Maya ISBN: 9781400062898 List Price: $29.95
Food of China by Anderson, E. N. ISBN: 9780300047394 List Price: $25.00
Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That? by Garten, Ina ISBN: 9780307238764 List Price: $35.00
Serve the People: A Stir-Fried Journey Through China by Lin-Liu, Jen ISBN: 9780156033749 List Price: $13.95
Gastropolis : Food and New York City by Hauck-Lawson, Annie, Deutsc... ISBN: 9780231136525 List Price: $19.95
Food and Philosophy: Eat, Think, and Be Merry by Monroe, Dave, Piper, Odessa... ISBN: 9781405157759 List Price: $24.95
Bread of Dreams Food and Fantasy in Early Modern Europe by Camporesi, Piero, Gentilcor... ISBN: 9780226092584 List Price: $22.00
The Billionaire's Vinegar by Wallace, Benjamin ISBN: 9780307338778
Complete Indian Housekeeper and Cook by Steel, Flora Annie, Gardine... ISBN: 9780199605767 List Price: $13.95
The Carb Lovers Diet: Eat What You Love, Get Slim For Life by Largeman-Roth, Frances, Kun... ISBN: 9780848733704 List Price: $24.95
Harvests of Joy How the Good Life Became Great Business by Mondavi, Robert ISBN: 9780156010566 List Price: $15.00
30-Minute Get Real Meals Eat Healthy Without Going to Extremes by Ray, Rachael ISBN: 9781400082537 List Price: $19.95
Cook's Tour In Search of the Perfect Meal by Bourdain, Anthony, Whimsy, ... ISBN: 9781582341408 List Price: $25.95
Philosopher's Diet How to Lose Weight and Change the World by Watson, Richard ISBN: 9781567920840 List Price: $14.95
Cleora's Kitchen The Memoir of a Cook & Eight Decades of Great American Food by Butler, Cleora ISBN: 9781571781338 List Price: $19.95
Atkins Shopping Guide by Atkins Health and Medical I... ISBN: 9780060722005 List Price: $7.99
Choice Cuts A Savory Selection of Food Writing from Around the World and Throughout History by Kurlansky, Mark, Kurlansky,... ISBN: 9780142004937 List Price: $17.00
Rachael Ray 2,4,6,8 Great Meals for Couples or Crowds by Ray, Rachael ISBN: 9781400082568 List Price: $19.95
Cooking in the Outdoors by Jacobson, Cliff, Jacobson, ... ISBN: 9780762704262 List Price: $7.95
Oxford Companion to Food by Jaine, Tom, Davidson, Allan... ISBN: 9780192806819 List Price: $65.00
The PDT Cocktail Book: The Complete Bartender's Guide from the Celebrated Speakeasy by Meehan, Jim, Gall, Chris ISBN: 9781402779237 List Price: $24.95
Notes of a Potato Watcher by Lang, James, Zandstra, Hube... ISBN: 9781585441549 List Price: $24.95
Tofu Book The New American Cuisine by Paino, John, Messinger, Lisa ISBN: 9780895294098 List Price: $15.00
Cooking Activities A To Z by Matricardi, Joanne, McLarty... ISBN: 9781401872397 List Price: $17.95
Wine An Introduction by Simon, Joanna, O'Leary, Ian ISBN: 9780789480637 List Price: $29.95
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