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You may not see the point in calculating Pi to its billionth decimal position nor determining the theoretical speed at which your hypothetical hula hoop will fall if you throw it off a nonexistent building. However, Math can be used for more personally satisfying purposes like on-the-spot calculations in a vacation destination to measure temperature on the Celsius scale, and mentally converting your currency throughout your trip. Sure, there's an omniscient i-device in your pocket, but if something happens, you'll need to fall back on the education you got from your Math textbook rental. You'll soon see that Math is more than memorizing multiplication tables--it's one of the most basic and important skill sets to have on tap. No matter which way you add it up, this subject is integral to your success. Follow in the footsteps of Math heroes everywhere, from Archimedes to Newton, rent a Math textbook, and learn how to win the numbers game.

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Discrete Mathematics by Bhagat, M. D., M D Bhagat, Na ISBN: 9789383525867 List Price: $28.00
Mathematics for Intenrational Student:HL Options Discrete Mathematics by Blythe, Sangwin, Haese Quinn ISBN: 9781921972348
Modern Discrete Mathematics and Analysis : With Applications in Cryptography, Information Sy... by Daras, Nicholas J., Rassias... ISBN: 9783030089641 List Price: $129.00
Mathematical Maturity Via Discrete Mathematics by Ponomarenko, Vadim ISBN: 9780486838571 List Price: $14.95
A mathematical model of the structure and evolution of small scale discrete auroral arcs by National Aeronautics and Sp... ISBN: 9781729363102 List Price: $18.99
Algebraic Curves in Cryptography (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications) by San Ling, Huaxiong Wang, Ch... ISBN: 9781138381414 List Price: $71.00
Discrete Mathematics Via Logic and Proof by Jongsma, Calvin ISBN: 9783030253578 List Price: $59.99
Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics by RALPH P. GRIMALDI ISBN: 9789353433055
RC4 Stream Cipher and Its Variants (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications) by Goutam Paul, Subhamoy Maitra ISBN: 9780367382162 List Price: $74.95
Enumerative Combinatorics (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications) by Charalambos A. Charalambides ISBN: 9780367396121 List Price: $74.95
Discrete Mathematics : First Edition by Shirsath, Swati, Shirsath, ... ISBN: 9781983296048
Discrete Mathematics and Computing : A Set of Lectures by Magdon-Ismail, Malik ISBN: 9780578567877 List Price: $65.00
Partial Difference Equations (Advances in Discrete Mathematics and Applications) by Sui Sun Cheng ISBN: 9780367395476 List Price: $74.95
Quadratics (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications) by Richard A. Mollin ISBN: 9780367401528 List Price: $74.95
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