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There are people out there who will tell you that art can't be learned from a book, that it must be felt from within. These people tend to create really horrible works of art, because they fail to take note of the lessons that have been learned from centuries of people perfecting the craft. Art textbooks teach the finer points of these lessons. Whether you are learning about art history, discovering how certain works of art reflected the times that they were created in, or studying various techniques of art creation, these text books will help you appreciate art's more subtle influences, which in turn makes you a better artist. When you rent art textbooks, you save money over purchasing them, which allows you to focus on more important things, like supplies and pizza. Art students who rent textbooks are able to return their books once class is over. This makes textbook rental a convenient and affordable way to obtain the art textbooks needed for class without going over budget.

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Conversation A History of a Declining Art by Miller, Stephen ISBN: 9780300123654 List Price: $17.00
Viewpoints Readings in Art History by Calo, Carole Gold ISBN: 9780139593963 List Price: $77.00
Art History by Stokstad, Marilyn ISBN: 9780136054092 List Price: $72.40
Art History, Vol. 1 (Study Guide) by Marilyn Stokstad ISBN: 9780130918536 List Price: $28.60
Art History Portable Edition by Stokstad, Marilyn ISBN: 9780136054085 List Price: $51.20
Janson's History of Art: The Western Tradition, Volume I, Books a la Carte Plus MyArtsLab (8... by Davies, Davies, Penelope J.... ISBN: 9780205800490 List Price: $87.33
Art History: Ancient Art by Stokstad, Marilyn ISBN: 9780136040972 List Price: $75.40
Art History, Portable Editions Books 4,6 (4th Edition) by Marilyn Stokstad, Michael C... ISBN: 9780205004744 List Price: $121.67
History of Modern Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Photography by H. Harvard Arnason ISBN: 9780132273237 List Price: $93.40
Bonsai: Its Art, Science, History and Philosophy by Deborah R. Koreshoff ISBN: 9780908175758
Art a History or Painting, Sculpture And Architecture by Hartt, Frederick ISBN: 9780131841550 List Price: $112.80
History of Art : A Students' Handbook by Pointon, Marcia R. ISBN: 9780415639248
Art History, Volume I by Marilyn Stokstad, Marion Sp... ISBN: 9780133575002 List Price: $56.10
A History of Far Eastern Art by Sherman E Lee ISBN: 9780133900880
Primitivism and Twentieth-Century Art A Documentary History by Flam, Jack D., Deutch, Miriam ISBN: 9780520215030 List Price: $41.95
Gardner's Art Through the Ages: Global History, Enhanced Edition, Volume II by Kleiner, Fred S. ISBN: 9781439085837 List Price: $147.95
Trespass : A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art by McCormick, Carlo, Seno, Eth... ISBN: 9783836509640 List Price: $39.99
History of Art, Vol. 1 by Janson, Anthony F. ISBN: 9780133884487 List Price: $41.95
Art and Money An Irreverent History by Menen, Aubrey ISBN: 9780070414839 List Price: $1.98
Theory For Art History by Emerling, Jae ISBN: 9780415973649 List Price: $32.95
The Social History of Roman Art (Key Themes in Ancient History) by Stewart, Peter ISBN: 9780521016599 List Price: $33.99
History of Far Eastern Art by Lee, Sherman E., Richard, N... ISBN: 9780133933987 List Price: $78.10
Art History After Modernism by Belting, Hans, Saltzwedel, ... ISBN: 9780226041858 List Price: $19.95
Frames of Reference: Art, History, and the World by Janet Marquardt, Stephen Es... ISBN: 9780072829488
Art of Biblical History by Long, V. Philips ISBN: 9780310431800 List Price: $19.99
History of Swedish Experimental Film Culture : From Early Animation to Video Art by Andersson, Lars Gustaf, Sun... ISBN: 9780861966998 List Price: $29.95
Art History, Volume 1, Books a la Carte Plus NEW MyArtsLab with eText -- Access Card Package... by Marilyn Stokstad, Michael C... ISBN: 9780205216000 List Price: $120.67
Trench Art An Illustrated History by Kimball, Jane A. ISBN: 9780975597101 List Price: $65.00
Art History Portable Books 1-6 Package (5th Edition) by Marilyn Stokstad, Michael C... ISBN: 9780205969876 List Price: $181.67
The Comics: An Illustrated History of Comic Strip Art by Kelly, Walt, McCay, Winsor,... ISBN: 9781595826572 List Price: $39.99
Art History The Basics by Pooke, Grant, Newall, Diana ISBN: 9780415373081 List Price: $19.95
A History of Western Art - 3rd edition by Laurie Adams ISBN: 9780072317176
Janson's History of Art The Western Tradition by Davies, Penelope J. E., Den... ISBN: 9780131934788 List Price: $125.00
Flesh and the Ideal Winckelmann and the Origins of Art History by Potts, Alex ISBN: 9780300087369 List Price: $24.00
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