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There are people out there who will tell you that art can't be learned from a book, that it must be felt from within. These people tend to create really horrible works of art, because they fail to take note of the lessons that have been learned from centuries of people perfecting the craft. Art textbooks teach the finer points of these lessons. Whether you are learning about art history, discovering how certain works of art reflected the times that they were created in, or studying various techniques of art creation, these text books will help you appreciate art's more subtle influences, which in turn makes you a better artist. When you rent art textbooks, you save money over purchasing them, which allows you to focus on more important things, like supplies and pizza. Art students who rent textbooks are able to return their books once class is over. This makes textbook rental a convenient and affordable way to obtain the art textbooks needed for class without going over budget.

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Origin and History of Institutions for the Promotion of the Useful Arts : Discourse Delivere... by Daly, Charles Patrick ISBN: 9780371950951 List Price: $8.95
History and Art of Horsemanship by Berenger, Richard ISBN: 9780461868920 List Price: $12.95
Outlines of Comparative Philology : With a Sketch of the Languages of Europe, Arranged upon ... by Vere, Maximilian Schele De ISBN: 9780461870831 List Price: $15.95
History of Rome, from the Earliest Times to the Establishment of the Empire : With Chapters ... by Liddell, Henry George ISBN: 9780461873337 List Price: $22.95
Shakespeare's Dramatic Art : History and Character of Shakespeare's Plays by Ulrici, Hermann ISBN: 9780461862287 List Price: $17.95
Domestic Architecture : Containing a History of the Science, and the Principles of Designing... by (architect ), Richard Brown ISBN: 9780461894172 List Price: $19.95
Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians : Including Their Private Life, Government, Law... by Wilkinson, John Gardner ISBN: 9780461940152 List Price: $19.95
History of the Rise and Progress of the Arts of Design in the United States by Dunlap, William ISBN: 9780461909470 List Price: $16.95
Analyst : A Quarterly Journal of Science, Literature, Natural History, and the Fine Arts by Marshall, Simpkin & ISBN: 9780461904048 List Price: $21.95
Natural History of Nevis, and the Rest of the English Leeward Charibee Islands in America. w... by (revd ), William Smith ISBN: 9780461905540 List Price: $14.95
Art and History of Calligraphy by Lovett, P. ISBN: 9780712353670
History of Decorative Art in Mughal Architecture by Nath, Ajay, Nath, Prof Ram ISBN: 9781089430971 List Price: $17.99
Frame in Classical Art : A Cultural History by Platt, Verity, Squire, Michael ISBN: 9781316614815 List Price: $49.99
Art of Medieval Jewelry : An Illustrated History by Pollio, T. N. ISBN: 9781476681757 List Price: $55.00
Art History : A Critical Introduction to Its Methods: 2nd Edition by Price, Dorothy, Hatt, Micha... ISBN: 9781526154767
Approaches to Art : A New Introduction to Art History by Florence, Ferdinanda ISBN: 9781516583584 List Price: $82.95
Art of Science : The History of Creativity and Discovery in 40 Artists by Barnett, Heather, Cohen, Na... ISBN: 9781787394568
More Classic Art Memes : Art History Rewritten by Ross, Eleanor ISBN: 9781787416161
Oral History with Art Van Elslander by Elslander, Art Van ISBN: 9781935930495 List Price: $25.00
Teyler's Foundation in Haarlem and Its 'Book and Art Room' Of 1779 : A Key Moment in the His... by Bergvelt, Ellinoor S., Meij... ISBN: 9789004440999 List Price: $151.00
Feminism : In the History of Art by Tauroni Bernabeu, Esther ISBN: 9798651905737
History of Art in 21 Cats by Freind, Miss, Freind, Miss ISBN: 9798663391092
History of Art in 21 Cats by Watck, Masill, Watck, Masill ISBN: 9798665961453
Dog Art History by Antonia, Cassidy ISBN: 9798667080626
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