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Architecture is one of those fields that sounds dull at first, until you get into it and realize how amazing it is. The simple definition of architecture is the design of buildings, but it is really so much more than that. Architecture textbooks delve deeper into the art behind the buildings. These text books describe the social, religious, and political impact that we put into the buildings that we create. Everything that is built well is built for a reason, from the Islamic relevance of the spires of the Taj Mahal to the fact that restrooms are located near the bar in restaurants. When you rent architecture textbooks, you gain access to the secrets behind the buildings that surround you, without having to figure out what to do with the book when the class ends. Textbook rental allows you to use your books for as long as you need them, and return them when you're done. Choosing to rent textbooks is a sound decision, for architecture textbooks and every other subject you need.

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Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance by Stallings, William ISBN: 9780136073734 List Price: $143.00
Architecture of Computer Hardware and System Software by Englander, Irv ISBN: 9780471715429 List Price: $127.95
Computer Architecture, Fifth Edition: A Quantitative Approach (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in... by John L. Hennessy, David A. ... ISBN: 9780123838728 List Price: $89.95
Empathic Space : The Computation of Human-Centric Architecture AD by Derix, Christian, Izaki, As... ISBN: 9781118613481 List Price: $39.95
The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture by Linda Null, Julia Lobur ISBN: 9781449600068 List Price: $215.95
Smart Automatic Services for Soa, Eda and Cloud Computing Based Architectures by Diop, Cod´┐Ż, Exposito, Ernesto ISBN: 9781848215849 List Price: $85.00
Software Architecture 2 (Computer Engineering) by Unknown ISBN: 9781848216884 List Price: $105.00
The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture by Linda Null, Julia Lobur ISBN: 9781284045611 List Price: $172.95
Computer Organization and Design, Fourth Edition: The Hardware/Software Interface (The Morga... by David A. Patterson, John L.... ISBN: 9780123744937 List Price: $89.95
Introduction To 80X86 Assembly Language And Computer Architecture by Richard C. Detmer ISBN: 9780763772239 List Price: $212.95
Computer Systems Design and Architecture (2nd Edition) by Vincent P. Heuring, Harry F... ISBN: 9780130484406 List Price: $171.20
Computer Systems Organization & Architecture by Carpinelli, John D. ISBN: 9780201612530 List Price: $125.00
Essentials Of Computer Architecture by Comer, Douglas E. ISBN: 9780131491793 List Price: $116.00
Computer Architecture and Organization: An Integrated Approach by Miles J. Murdocca, Vincent ... ISBN: 9780471733881
Computer System Architecture (3rd Edition) by M. Morris Mano ISBN: 9780131755635 List Price: $200.00
Essentials of Computer Organization And Architecture by Null, Linda, Lobur, Julia ISBN: 9780763737696 List Price: $139.95
Scalable Parallel Computing Technology, Architecture, Programming by Hwang, Kai, Xu, Zhiwei ISBN: 9780070317987 List Price: $136.25
Pattern-oriented Software Architecture A Pattern Language for Distributed Computing by Buschmann, Frank, Henney, K... ISBN: 9780470059029 List Price: $60.00
Computer Architecture: Concepts and Evolution by Blaauw, Gerrit A., Brooks, ... ISBN: 9780201105575 List Price: $74.99
Assembly Language and Computer Architecture by Dos Reis, Anthony J. ISBN: 9780534405274 List Price: $161.95
Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture by Null, Linda, Lobur, Julia ISBN: 9780763704445 List Price: $99.95
Schaum's Outline of Computer Architecture by Carter, Nick ISBN: 9780071362078 List Price: $18.95
Computer Architecture Fundamentals And Principles of Computer Design by Dumas II, Joseph D. ISBN: 9780849327490 List Price: $99.95
Programmer's View of Computer Architecture With Assembly Language Examples from the Mips Ris... by Goodman, James, Miller, Karen ISBN: 9780195131093 List Price: $117.00
Computer Organization and Design, Third Edition: Companion CD (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in... by Patterson, David A., Hennes... ISBN: 9780120884339 List Price: $33.95
Parallel Computer Architecture: A Hardware/Software Approach (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in ... by David Culler, J.P. Singh, A... ISBN: 9781558603431 List Price: $144.00
Fundamentals Of Computer Organization And Architecture by El-Rewini, Hesham, Abd-El-B... ISBN: 9780471467403 List Price: $139.95
Computer Organization And Architecture Designing For Performance by Stallings, William ISBN: 9780131856448 List Price: $139.00
Computer Organization and Architecture Designing for Performance by Stallings, William ISBN: 9780130351197 List Price: $108.00
Architecture of Distributed Computer Systems by Bochmann, G. V. ISBN: 9780387097237 List Price: $79.95
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