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Anthropology is the study of human beings. When you study anthropology, you're figuring out why humans are built the way we are built, why we behave the way we do, and why the different cultures of the world develop the way they do. If you and your friends have ever sat around wondering why the opposite sex acts so weird, you probably didn't realize it, but you were discussing anthropology. Anthropology textbooks cover a wide range of subjects. There are text books dealing with the field as a whole, as well as those that covers specialized fields. For example, cultural anthropology studies variations between cultures, like why Australians love Vegemite when everyone else would rather eat a shoe. Rent anthropology textbooks on social anthropology to study the behavior of humans in groups, like why your boyfriend is sweet when it's just the two of you, but turns into an animal around his friends. Textbook rental from us is easy and convenient. There's no need to worry about selling the book when you're done. Rent textbooks in anthropology today, and you will be prepared to learn why everyone around you is so strange tomorrow.

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Social and Cultural Anthropology A Very Short Introduction by Monagham, John, Just, Peter ISBN: 9780192853462 List Price: $11.95
The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea (Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology) by Annette B. Weiner ISBN: 9780030119194 List Price: $66.95
Human Evolution and Culture: Highlights of Anthropology (7th Edition) by Carol R. Ember, Melvin R. E... ISBN: 9780205232390 List Price: $128.80
Cultural Anthropology by Kottak, Conrad Phillip ISBN: 9780078116988 List Price: $82.81
Culture Counts: A Concise Introduction to Cultural Anthropology by Serena Nanda, Richard L. Warms ISBN: 9780495007876 List Price: $94.95
EthnoQuest(R): An Interactive Multimedia Simulation for Cultural Anthropology Fieldwork, Ver... by Frances F. Berdan, Edward A... ISBN: 9780131850132 List Price: $82.00
Cultural Anthropology (6th Edition) by Miller, Barbara D., Barbara... ISBN: 9780205035182 List Price: $137.20
Cultural Anthropology by Nanda, Serena, Warms, Richa... ISBN: 9780495810834 List Price: $172.95
Classic Readings in Cultural Anthropology by Gary Ferraro ISBN: 9781111297923 List Price: $60.95
Cultural Anthropology by Bates, Daniel G., Fratkin, ... ISBN: 9780205370351 List Price: $122.40
Cultural Anthropology : Asking Questions about Humanity by Welsch, Robert L., Vivanco,... ISBN: 9780199925728 List Price: $89.95
Applying Cultural Anthropology An Introductory Reader by Podolefsky, Aaron, Brown, P... ISBN: 9780073530925 List Price: $38.34
Classic Readings in Cultural Anthropology by Ferraro, Gary, Ferraro, Gar... ISBN: 9780495507369 List Price: $40.95
Anthropology and the Racial Politics of Culture by Baker, Lee ISBN: 9780822346982 List Price: $23.95
Cengage Advantage Books: Humanity: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology by James Peoples, Garrick Bailey ISBN: 9780495508748 List Price: $94.95
Personal Encounters A Reader in Cultural Anthropology by Walbridge, Linda S., Siever... ISBN: 9780767426039 List Price: $46.15
Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective by Ferraro, Gary, Andreatta, S... ISBN: 9780495601920 List Price: $163.95
Cultural Anthropology: A Problem-Based Approach by Robbins, Richard ISBN: 9780495509288 List Price: $57.95
Cultural Anthropology by Marvin Harris ISBN: 9780205454433 List Price: $79.98
Applying Cultural Anthropology: An Introductory Reader by Aaron Podolefsky, Peter Bro... ISBN: 9780073405339 List Price: $63.44
Cultural Anthropology by Hiebert, Paul G. ISBN: 9780801042737 List Price: $40.00
Investigating Culture: An Experiential Introduction to Anthropology by Carol Delaney ISBN: 9780631222378 List Price: $65.95
Cultural Anthropology by William A. Haviland ISBN: 9780030499425 List Price: $56.53
Cultural Anthropology the Human Challenge by Haviland, William A., Prins... ISBN: 9780495095613 List Price: $165.95
Cultural Anthropology by Miller, Barbara D. ISBN: 9780205488087 List Price: $104.33
Human Culture: Highlights of Cultural Anthropology (2nd Edition) by Carol R. Ember, Melvin R. E... ISBN: 9780205253029 List Price: $103.60
Cultural Anthropology: Understanding Ourselves & Others by Richard Crapo ISBN: 9781561344475 List Price: $54.35
Investigating Culture An Experiential Introduction to Anthropology by Delaney, Carol Lowery ISBN: 9780631222361 List Price: $138.95
Inside Cultures: A New Introduction to Cultural Anthropology by William Balee ISBN: 9781598746051 List Price: $49.95
Human Evolution and Culture: Highlights of Anthropology Plus NEW MyAnthroLab with Pearson eT... by Carol R. Ember, Melvin R. E... ISBN: 9780205924776 List Price: $135.47
Cultural Anthropology: A Perspective on the Human Condition by Emily A. Schultz, Robert H.... ISBN: 9780199760060 List Price: $89.95
Humankind : An Introductory Reader for Cultural Anthropology by Cormier, Loretta A., Cormie... ISBN: 9781609276324 List Price: $69.95
Core Concepts in Cultural Anthropology by Lavenda, Robert H., Schultz... ISBN: 9780073530987 List Price: $55.31
Religion And Culture An Anthropological Focus by Scupin, Raymond ISBN: 9780131850507 List Price: $93.60
Telecourse Study Guide for Haviland/Prins/McBride/Walrath's Cultural Anthropology: the Human... by Haviland, William A., Prins... ISBN: 9781285053882 List Price: $95.95
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