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If you're pursuing an Engineering degree, you're preparing yourself to help change the world. Consider some of the most spectacular achievements of the past 100 years. The Golden Gate Bridge, the Space Shuttle, and even the computer you're using would not exist without the imagination of engineers. Let engineering textbooks feed your dreams of creation, whether you're ready to build the next wonder of the world, or the newest hot social network. Search for new or used textbooks representing every discipline of the boundless engineering field. Whether you are pursuing a degree in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, software development or other categories of the profession, the textbooks you need are a click away. You can explore every dimension of the engineering universe with our comprehensive selection of college text books. Best of all, you don't have to use your rocket science training to buy cheap textbooks. Put away that calculator and save your brainpower for NASA, because our prices for engineering textbooks add up to significant savings.

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Industrial Safety and Health Management by Rieske, David W., Asfahl, C... ISBN: 9780132368711 List Price: $142.00
Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory (10th Edition) by Robert L. Boylestad, Louis ... ISBN: 9780135026496 List Price: $165.60
Niebel's Methods, Standards, and Work Design by Freivalds, Andris, Niebel, ... ISBN: 9780073376318 List Price: $199.06
LED Lighting - Perception and Technology by Khanh, Tran Quoc, Bodrogi, ... ISBN: 9783527412129 List Price: $190.00
Pharmaceutical Amorphous Solid Dispersions by Newman, Ann ISBN: 9781118455203 List Price: $175.00
Lines and Fields in Electronic Technology by Stanley, William D., Harrin... ISBN: 9780024156549 List Price: $159.40
Nutritional Modelling for Pigs and Poultry by Sakomura, N. K., Gous, R., ... ISBN: 9781780644110
International Encyclopedia of Digital Communication and Society by Mansell, Robin, Ang, Peng H... ISBN: 9781118290743 List Price: $595.00
GDandT : Application and Interpretation by Wilson, Bruce A. ISBN: 9781631261138 List Price: $85.28
Digital Principles and Design by Givone, Donald D. ISBN: 9780072551327 List Price: $171.13
Transportation Engineering Planning and Design by Wright, Paul H., Ashford, N... ISBN: 9780471173960 List Price: $187.95
Water Supply and Pollution Control by Viessman, Warren, Jr., Hamm... ISBN: 9780132337175 List Price: $184.00
Understanding Animal Breeding by Bourdon, Richard M. ISBN: 9780130964496 List Price: $71.60
Fundamentals of Construction Estimating by Pratt, David ISBN: 9781439059647 List Price: $173.95
Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion by Hill, Philip G., Peterson, ... ISBN: 9780201146592 List Price: $169.33
Introduction to Environmental Engineering by Vesilind, P. Aarne, Morgan,... ISBN: 9780495295839 List Price: $186.95
Aircraft Performance and Design by Anderson, John David ISBN: 9780070019713 List Price: $190.81
Introduction to Engineering and the Environment by Rubin, Edward S., Davidson,... ISBN: 9780072354676 List Price: $116.75
Medical Imaging Signals And Systems by Prince, Jerry L., Jr., Link... ISBN: 9780130653536 List Price: $130.00
Electrical Estimating Methods by Del Pico, Wayne J. ISBN: 9781118766989
Digital Design Principles And Practices by Wakerly, John F. ISBN: 9780131863897 List Price: $139.00
Novel Process Windows : For Enabling, Speeding-Up and Uplifting Chemistry by Hessel, Volker, Kralisch, D... ISBN: 9783527328581 List Price: $175.00
Introduction to Fire Protection by Klinoff, Robert W. ISBN: 9781439058428 List Price: $166.95
Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook by Perry, Robert H., Green, Do... ISBN: 9780071422949 List Price: $199.00
Structural Steel Design: A Practice Oriented Approach by Aghayere, Abi O., Vigil, Jason ISBN: 9780132340182 List Price: $109.40
Electric Machines Analysis and Design Applying Matlab by Cathey, Jim ISBN: 9780072423709 List Price: $130.00
Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Systems by Agrawal, Dharma P., Zeng, Q... ISBN: 9781439062050 List Price: $166.95
Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design by Nisbett, J. Keith, Budynas,... ISBN: 9780073312606 List Price: $175.39
Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment by Khetan ISBN: 9781118852934 List Price: $99.95
Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems by Franklin, Gene F., Powell, ... ISBN: 9780136019695 List Price: $169.00
Estimating Construction Costs-text by Oberlender, Garold D., Peur... ISBN: 9780072435801 List Price: $109.25
Digital Communications by Proakis, John G., Salehi, M... ISBN: 9780072957167 List Price: $198.75
Statistical Methods for Engineers by Vining, G Geoffrey, Kowalsk... ISBN: 9780538735186 List Price: $201.95
Signal Processing for Cognitive Radios by Jayaweera ISBN: 9781118824931 List Price: $135.00
New Sensors and Processing Chain by Thomas ISBN: 9781848216266 List Price: $125.00
Principles of Food Preparation A Laboratory Manual by Freeland-Graves, Jeanne H. ISBN: 9780023393501 List Price: $135.40
Design Concepts for Engineers by Horenstein, Mark N. ISBN: 9780136069553 List Price: $56.00
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