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Pathways to Power : A History of Lanesborough Power Station by Fallon, J. J., Fallon, Patr... ISBN: 9781843516910
Sensor Network Methodologies for Smart Applications by Krit, Salahddine, Balas, Va... ISBN: 9781799853312
Practical Applications and Use Cases of Computer Vision and Recognition Systems by Chowdhary, Chiranji Lal, Pa... ISBN: 9781799852780
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for Stationary Applications by Felseghi, Raluca Andreea, A... ISBN: 9781799851301
Examining Fractal Image Processing and Analysis by Nayak, Soumya Ranjan, Mishr... ISBN: 9781799800675
Soft Computing Methods for System Dependability by Mellal, Mohamed Arezki ISBN: 9781799817192
Science in Design by Grover, Tarun, Thareja, Mugdha ISBN: 9780367548742
Science in Design by Grover, Tarun, Thareja, Mugdha ISBN: 9780367558000
Electrical and Electronic Devices Circuits and Materials by Tripathi, Suman Lata, Alvi,... ISBN: 9780367564261
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells : From Fundamental Principles to Complete Systems by Maric, Radenka, Mirshekari,... ISBN: 9780367639792
Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Iot Sensor Networks by Elhoseny, Mohamed, Shankar,... ISBN: 9780367439255
Materials and Process Selection for Engineering Design by Farag, Mahmoud M. ISBN: 9780367438340
Enabling Technologies for Next Generation Wireless Communications by Usman, Mohammed, Wajid, Moh... ISBN: 9780367422493
Fundamentals of Sustainability in Civil Engineering by Braham, Andrew, Casillas, S... ISBN: 9780367420253
Introduction to IoT by Misra, Sudip, Mukherjee, An... ISBN: 9781108842952
ASTM Standards for Ready-Mixed Concrete by American Society for Testin... ISBN: 9780803171336
LTE and LTE Advanced : 4G Network Radio Interface by P�rez, Andr� ISBN: 9781119145462 List Price: $120.00
Digital Signal and Image Processing Using MATLAB, Volume 3 : Advances and Applications, the ... by Blanchet, G�rard, Charbit, ... ISBN: 9781119054009 List Price: $135.00
Learn Nuxt.js : Hands-On Server-Side Web Development with Vue.js, Vuex, and Nuxt by Kok, Lau Tiam ISBN: 9781789952698 List Price: $44.99
RabbitMQ Essentials : Build Distributed and Scalable Applications with Message Queuing Using... by Johansson, Lovisa, Dossot, ... ISBN: 9781789131666 List Price: $29.99
MATLAB with Applications in Mechanics and Tribology by Burstein, Leonid ISBN: 9781799870784
MATLAB with Applications in Mechanics and Tribology by Burstein, Leonid ISBN: 9781799870791
Examining Quantum Algorithms for Quantum Image Processing by Li, Haisheng ISBN: 9781799837992 List Price: $195.00
Social Life of Biometrics by Grinnell, George C. ISBN: 9781978809079
Social Life of Biometrics by Grinnell, George C. ISBN: 9781978809062
Merutodaun : Dokyumento Fukushima Daiichi Genpatsu Jiko by Oshika, Yasuaki ISBN: 9784062174978
Revolu��o Digital e Os Desafios Da Comunica��o by Mattos, S�rgio ISBN: 9788561346416
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