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Agriculture is becoming an increasingly globalized industry. As the world's population grows so does the demand for food globally. People need to eat throughout the world, and as we often see on the news many areas of the world have food shortages and suffer from famine, whereas other areas are left with mountains of waste food. Working towards a more even distribution of food across the world is an ongoing challenge. Specialists within the industry are striving to make agriculture and food production more efficient so we can get the most yield possible per square meter of land. We have a huge range of cheap agriculture textbooks for you to buy or rent which introduce the issues surrounding agriculture, the techniques and technologies as well as the long history of agriculture. Our new and used textbooks are all in great condition and will be delivered to the address of your choice. At the end of your course you can sell your agriculture books back if you no longer need them.

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Agriculture and Water Resources in the West Bank and Gaza by Kahan, David ISBN: 9780813307244 List Price: $43.00
Agriscience Fundamentals & Applications by Burton, Lawrence D., Cooper... ISBN: 9780766816640 List Price: $105.95
Agriscience Fundamentals & Applications by Cooper, Elmer L., Burton, L... ISBN: 9781401859626 List Price: $175.95
Hemp Diseases and Pests Management and Biological Control by McPartland, J. M., Clarke, ... ISBN: 9780851994543 List Price: $90.00
Soils in Our Environment by Miller, Raymond W., Gardine... ISBN: 9780132191043 List Price: $134.60
Range Management Principles and Practices by Holechek, Jerry L., Pieper,... ISBN: 9780130474759 List Price: $137.40
Beef Cattle Production and Trade by Cottle, David, Kahn, Lewis ISBN: 9780643109889
Agricultural Experimentation Design and Analysis by Little, T. M., Hills, F. J. ISBN: 9780471023524 List Price: $160.95
Essentials of Domestic Animal Embryology by Gauß, Florian, Betteridge, ... ISBN: 9780702028991 List Price: $107.00
Growing Grapes in Texas : From the Commercial Vineyard to the Backyard Vine by Kamas, Jim, Stein, Larry A. ISBN: 9781623491802 List Price: $25.00
Apples Botany, Production and Uses by Ferree, D. C., Warrington, I. ISBN: 9780851995922 List Price: $175.00
Handbook of Pig Medicine by Jackson, Peter G. G., Cockc... ISBN: 9780702028281 List Price: $117.00
Comparative Avian Nutrition by Klasing, Kirk C. ISBN: 9780851992198 List Price: $114.50
Laboratory Manual for Mikesell/Baker's Animal Science Biology and Technology by Mikesell, Robert, Baker, Me... ISBN: 9781435486393 List Price: $60.25
Forest Measurements by Avery, Thomas E., Burkhart,... ISBN: 9780070025035 List Price: $50.00
Soils An Introduction by Singer, Michael J., Munns, ... ISBN: 9780136792420 List Price: $110.00
Eating Pairs Counting Fruits and Vegetables by Twos by Schuette, Sarah L. ISBN: 9780736816762 List Price: $23.93
Animal Manure on Grassland and Fodder Crops. Fertilizer or Waste by Van der Meer, H. G. ISBN: 9789024735686 List Price: $369.00
Equine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Stud Management by Morel, M. C. G. Davies ISBN: 9781845934507
Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World by Bynum, Helen, Bynum, William ISBN: 9780226204741
BACKWOODSMAN by Sitton, Thad ISBN: 9780806139647 List Price: $26.95
Farm and Ranch Safety Management by Anthony, Stan ISBN: 9780827365377 List Price: $70.95
Quantity Food Purchasing by Kotschevar, Lendal H., Levi... ISBN: 9780023662201 List Price: $45.75
Nature and Properties of Soils by Brady, Nyle C., Weil, Raymo... ISBN: 9780023133718 List Price: $92.00
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers: An Introduction to Nutrient Management by Beaton, James D., Havlin, J... ISBN: 9780136268062 List Price: $115.00
Emergence of the Cotton Kingdom in the Old Southwest Mississippi, 1770-1860 by Moore, John Hebron ISBN: 9780807114049 List Price: $23.95
Forest Regeneration Manual by Duryea, Mary L., Dougherty,... ISBN: 9780792309604 List Price: $148.00
Science Under Scarcity Principles and Practice for Agricultural Research Evaluation and Prio... by Alston, Julian M., Norton, ... ISBN: 9780851992990 List Price: $80.00
Intermediate Algebra by Hails, M. R. ISBN: 9780000000163 List Price: $53.00
Ethics,public Policy+agriculture by Thompson, Paul B., Matthews... ISBN: 9780024206954 List Price: $66.00
Applied Animal Nutrition Feeds and Feeding by Cheeke, Peter R. ISBN: 9780023221156 List Price: $92.00
Handbook of Livestock Management by Battaglia, Richard A. ISBN: 9780130104915 List Price: $117.60
Cultivating Crisis The Human Cost of Pesticides in Latin America by Murray, Douglas L. ISBN: 9780292751699 List Price: $25.00
Soils in Our Environment by Miller, Raymond W., Gardine... ISBN: 9780130200365 List Price: $118.33
Fate and Management of Turfgrass Chemicals by Clark, John Marshall, Kenna... ISBN: 9780841236240 List Price: $300.00
What Does It Do? Combine by Friedman, Mark ISBN: 9781610801171 List Price: $24.21
Geopolitics and the Green Revolution Wheat, Genes, and the Cold War by Perkins, John H. ISBN: 9780195110135 List Price: $90.00
Loggers and Degradation in the Asia-Pacific Corporations and Environmental Management by Dauvergne, Peter, Ravenhill... ISBN: 9780521001342 List Price: $32.99
Mathematical Models of Crop Growth and Yield by Overman, Allen R., Scholtz,... ISBN: 9780824708252 List Price: $109.95
Sustaining the Forest, the People, and the Spirit by Davis, Thomas ISBN: 9780791444160 List Price: $31.95
Toxic Plants Dangerous to Humans and Animals by Bruneton, J. ISBN: 9781898298625 List Price: $160.00
Scientific Farm Animal Production by Taylor, Robert E., Field, T... ISBN: 9780134565910 List Price: $83.50
Reproduction in Poultry by Etches, Robert J. ISBN: 9780851987385 List Price: $70.00
Transformation of Agriculture in the West by Grigg, David B. ISBN: 9780631170945 List Price: $25.95
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