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Memoirs of Granville Sharp, Esq : Composed from His Own Manuscripts, and Other Authentic Doc... by Sharp, Granville, Hoare, Pr... ISBN: 9781108075619 List Price: $60.00
Transatlantic Slave Trade - James A. Rawley - Hardcover - 1st ed by Rawley, James A. ISBN: 9780393014716 List Price: $24.95
Africans and Creeks: From the Colonial Period to the Civil War (Contributions in Afro-Americ... by Littlefield, Daniel F., Jr. ISBN: 9780313207037 List Price: $65.00
The Atlantic Slave Trade (New Approaches to the Americas) by Klein, Herbert S. ISBN: 9780521766302 List Price: $90.00
Let This Voice Be Heard: Anthony Benezet, Father of Atlantic Abolitionism by Jackson, Maurice ISBN: 9780812241297 List Price: $55.00
Slave Trade by Kachur, Matthew, Schwarz, P... ISBN: 9780816061341 List Price: $35.00
Henry Highland Garnet A Voice of Black Radicalism in the Nineteenth Century by Garnet, Henry Highland, Sch... ISBN: 9780837189376 List Price: $66.95
Peasant-Citizen and Slave: The Foundations of Athenian Democracy by Wood, Ellen M. ISBN: 9780860919117 List Price: $19.00
Light Of Nature And The Law Of God by Stouffer, Allen P. ISBN: 9780773509184 List Price: $85.00
Race, Power, and Social Segmentation in Colonial Society by Moore, Brian L. ISBN: 9780677219806 List Price: $82.95
Africa in America by Mullin, Michael ISBN: 9780252018893 List Price: $19.95
Slaves and Slaveholders in Bermuda, 1616-1782 by Bernhard, Virginia ISBN: 9780826212276 List Price: $39.95
Economic Growth & End of Transatlantic Slave Trade by Eltis, David ISBN: 9780195041354 List Price: $95.00
Slave Trade by Monaghan, Tom ISBN: 9780739858028 List Price: $37.14
Freedoms Given, Freedoms Won Afro-Brazilians in Post-Abolition Sao Paulo and Salvador by Butler, Kim D. ISBN: 9780813525037 List Price: $59.00
Patterns of Antislavery Among American Unitarians, 1831-1860 by Stange, Douglas C. ISBN: 9780838617977 List Price: $37.50
Slavery and the Slave Trade (Research It!) by Spilsbury, Richard, Miller,... ISBN: 9781432934958 List Price: $32.86
Slavery, the State, and Islam by Ennaji, Mohammed ISBN: 9780521119627 List Price: $90.00
Slavery, the State, and Islam by Ennaji, Mohammed ISBN: 9780521135450 List Price: $27.99
Serfdom and Slavery Studies in Legal Bondage by Bush, Michael ISBN: 9780582291850 List Price: $32.00
The Routledge History of Slavery by Burnard, Trevor, Heuman, Gad ISBN: 9780415466899 List Price: $200.00
Gender, Mastery and Slavery: From European to Atlantic World Frontiers (Gender and History) by Calpern, Amanda, McCarthy, ... ISBN: 9781403987075 List Price: $85.00
Encyclopedia of Slave Resistance And Rebellion by Rodriguez, Junius P. ISBN: 9780313332715 List Price: $199.95
Haitian Revolution : A Documentary History by Geggus, David Patrick ISBN: 9780872208667
Gender, Mastery and Slavery: From European to Atlantic World Frontiers (Gender and History) by Calpern, Amanda, McCarthy, ... ISBN: 9781403987082 List Price: $28.95
Short History of Transatlantic Slavery by Morgan, Kenneth ISBN: 9781780763873
Critical Essays on Frederick Douglass (Critical Essays on American Literature) by Andrews, William L. ISBN: 9780816173013 List Price: $49.00
Sweet Liberty: The Final Days of Slavery in Martinique (Early American Studies) by Schloss, Rebecca Hartkopf ISBN: 9780812241723 List Price: $39.95
Routledge History of Slavery by Heuman, Gad, Burnard, Trevor ISBN: 9780415520836
Hitler's Irish Slaves by Knox, David Blake ISBN: 9781848405967
Mastering America: Southern Slaveholders and the Crisis of American Nationhood by Bonner, Robert E. ISBN: 9780521833950 List Price: $82.00
Slave Drivers: Black Agricultural Labor Supervisors in the AnteBellum South by Van Deburg, William L. ISBN: 9780195056983 List Price: $11.95
Encyclopedia of Antislavery And Abolition Greenwood Milestones in African American History by Hinks, Peter, McKivigan, John ISBN: 9780313331428 List Price: $199.95
British Capitalism and Caribbean Slavery The Legacy of Eric Williams by Solow, Barbara Lewis, Enger... ISBN: 9780521533201 List Price: $53.00
Slave : My True Story by Nazer, Mende, Lewis, Damien ISBN: 9780784837085
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Jacobs, Harriet A., Karcher... ISBN: 9780312250997
Trafficking in Persons Report by Powell, Colin ISBN: 9780756737184 List Price: $45.00
Emancipation Network : Fighting Slavery with Social Enterprise and Cause Marketing by Laidler-Kylander, Nathalie,... ISBN: 9781616745493 List Price: $20.00
Slavery : Living History by Ryan, Michael ISBN: 9781854501004
Trafficking in Persons Report (10th Ed. ) by Clinton, Hillary Rodham ISBN: 9781437937169 List Price: $45.00
Slave Insurrections in the United States, 1800-1865 by Carroll, Joseph Cephas ISBN: 9780598608451 List Price: $71.30
Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African by Equiano, Olaudah ISBN: 9780598773593 List Price: $112.30
Domestic Slave Trade of the Southern States by Collins, Winfield Hazlitt ISBN: 9780598798848 List Price: $49.60
Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America by Donnan, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780598897107 List Price: $176.10
Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America by Donnan, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780598897091 List Price: $200.00
Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America by Donnan, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780598897084 List Price: $159.70
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