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Force and Fanaticism : Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and Beyond by Valentine, Simon Ross ISBN: 9781849044646
Race for Paradise : An Islamic History of the Crusades by Cobb, Paul M. ISBN: 9780190614461 List Price: $21.95
Majn=un: The Madman in Medieval Islamic Society by Dols, Michael W. ISBN: 9780198202219 List Price: $125.00
Age of the Caliphs A History of the Muslim World by Spuler, Bertold, Bagley, F.... ISBN: 9781558760950 List Price: $24.95
Muslim Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Empire by Alavi, Seema ISBN: 9780674735330 List Price: $45.00
Sex and Society in Islam: Birth Control before the Nineteenth Century by Musallam, Basim F. ISBN: 9780521338585 List Price: $17.95
Studies in Islamic Culture in the Indian Environment by Ahmad, Aziz ISBN: 9780195644647 List Price: $35.00
Virtues of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Volume 2 by Al-Jawzi, Ibn, Cooperson, M... ISBN: 9780814738948
Avicenna and his Legacy: A Golden Age of Science and Philosophy (Cultural Encounters in Late... by Langermann, Y. Tzvi ISBN: 9782503527536 List Price: $116.00
Soft Force : Women in Egypt's Islamic Awakening by McLarney, Ellen ISBN: 9780691158495
Cultural Values in the News by Mertens, Stefan, Mertens, S... ISBN: 9781498509879
Marx and the End of Orientalism (Routledge Revivals) by Turner, Bryan S. ISBN: 9781138792661
Women's Rebellion+islamic Memory by Mernissi, Fatima, Agar, Emily ISBN: 9781856493987 List Price: $19.95
Political Islam and Global Media : The Boundaries of Religious Identity by Mellor, Noha, Rinnawi, Khalil ISBN: 9781138639577
Muslims in India Since 1947 Islamic Perspectives on Inter-Faith Relations by Yoginder, Sikand ISBN: 9780415314862 List Price: $150.00
What Is Moderate Islam by Benkin, Richard L., Benkin,... ISBN: 9781498537438
The New Cambridge History of Islam (Volume 5) by Robinson, Francis ISBN: 9780521838269 List Price: $200.00
Islamic Crosspollinations by Montgomery, James, Montgome... ISBN: 9780906094556
Arabian Mirrors and Western Soothsayers Nineteenth-Century Literary Approaches to Arab-Islam... by Al-Da'mi, Muhammed A. ISBN: 9780820461267 List Price: $56.95
Islam, Gender, and Democracy in Comparative Perspective by Cesari, Jocelyne, Casanova,... ISBN: 9780198842088 List Price: $25.00
Man Versus Society in Medieval Islam by Rosenthal, Franz, Gutas, Di... ISBN: 9789004270886 List Price: $246.00
Young Muslim Women in India (ASAA Women in Asia Series) by Chakraborty, Kabita ISBN: 9780415563246 List Price: $130.00
Muslims in Britain: An Introduction by Gilliat-Ray, Sophie ISBN: 9780521830065 List Price: $95.00
Mecca A Literary History of the Muslim Holy Land by Peters, F. E. ISBN: 9780691032672 List Price: $75.00
Position of Women in Islam A Progressive View by Syed, Mohammad Ali ISBN: 9780791460962 List Price: $29.95
Beauty in Arabic Culture by Behrens-Abouseif, Doris ISBN: 9781558761988 List Price: $69.95
Introduction to Islamic Civilization by Savory, Roger M. ISBN: 9780521099486 List Price: $46.00
Russia's Muslim Heartlands : Islam in the Putin Era by Rubin, Dominic ISBN: 9781849048965
Soft Force : Women in Egypt's Islamic Awakening by McLarney, Ellen ISBN: 9780691158488
Story of Islamic Culture by Rauf, A., Nur, Muhammad ISBN: 9780933511651 List Price: $3.50
Islamophobia in Western Europe and North America (Routledge Advances in Sociology) by Helbling, Marc ISBN: 9780415594448 List Price: $130.00
Muslim Studies Vol 2 CB by Goldziher, Ignac, Stern, S.... ISBN: 9780873952354 List Price: $44.50
Frontiers of Embedded Muslim Communities in India by Jairath, Vinod ISBN: 9780415668880 List Price: $95.00
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