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Human Services and the study of social technologies examine a range of delivery systems covering areas such as social welfare, mental health services, education and healthcare. Understanding how these delivery systems work and how public policies affect the users of the services is a large subject, but we have plenty of excellent pre-owned and new textbooks on human services available to buy or rent to help you learn the subject. Our extensive range of affordable textbooks cover families and children with special needs, advocacy in human services, research process for human services, effectively managing human service organizations, theory, practice and trends in human services and much, much more. You could choose to buy these books from your college bookshop on campus but you will be paying much more for the same books. We know money is precious to students, so save your dollars and buy your discounted textbooks at a much better price here online and get them delivered straight to you.

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Human Services: An Introduction by Collins, Alice H. ISBN: 9780672630811 List Price: $7.87
Needs Assessments in Public Policy by Percy-Smith, Janie ISBN: 9780335195954 List Price: $43.95
Human Services : An Introduction by Mandell, Betty R., Schram, ... ISBN: 9780318568164
Fundamental Statistics for the Helping Professions by Krishef, Curtis H. ISBN: 9780810830240
Integrated Children's Services by Davis, John B. ISBN: 9781849207300
Consumer and Family Services Student Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9780866575447
Consumer and Family Services Module Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9780866575454
ConsumerandFamilyServices Instructors Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9780866575386
Human Services : An Organizational Perspective by Hasenfeld, Yeheskel, Garrow... ISBN: 9781412995122 List Price: $69.95
Changing Families by Cannan, Crescy ISBN: 9781138467545
Organization, Policy, and Practice in the Human Services by Neugeboren, Bernard ISBN: 9781138467460
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