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Introducing Social Stratification : The Causes and Consequences of Inequality by DasGupta, Kasturi ISBN: 9781626371835 List Price: $35.00
Ethics and Risk Management for Christian Coaches by Marx, Michael ISBN: 9780970793409 List Price: $29.99
Communicating in Groups and Teams (First Edition) by Keyton, Joann, Beck, Stephe... ISBN: 9781516519286
Advanced Qualitative Research : A Guide to Using Theory by O'Reilly, Michelle, Parker,... ISBN: 9781446273432
Researching Social Life by Stoneman, Paul, Gilbert, Nigel ISBN: 9781446295458
Theories of Counseling and Therapy (Third Edition) by Kottler, Jeffrey, Montgomer... ISBN: 9781516524211
American Government 2e by Krutz, Glen, Waskiewicz, Sy... ISBN: 9781947172654 List Price: $48.50
Basic and Practical Microbiology Lab Manual (Revised First Edition) by Ibba, Mette Pr´┐Żtorius, Elas... ISBN: 9781516544462
Abuse in Society : An Introduction by Kemp, Alan R. ISBN: 9781478633549 List Price: $67.95
Understanding Research (First Edition) by Kottler, Jeffrey, Sharp, La... ISBN: 9781516526253
Qualitative Research in Action : A Canadian Primer by Van den Hoonaard, Deborah K. ISBN: 9780199030026
Essential Abolitionist : What You Need to Know about Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery by Acevedo, Alejandra, Daggy, ... ISBN: 9780997118001 List Price: $24.95
Holocaust and Human Behavior by Facing History and Ourselves ISBN: 9781940457185 List Price: $40.00
Four Percent : The Extraordinary Story of Exceptional American Youth by Malone, Michael S. ISBN: 9780985909758 List Price: $27.99
Congregational Social Work : Christian Perspectives by Garland, Diana R., Yancey, ... ISBN: 9780971531888 List Price: $39.95
Brief Group Treatment : (Second Edition) by Shapiro, Jerrold Lee, Peltz... ISBN: 9781516532506
Victorian Book of the Dead by Woodyard, Chris ISBN: 9780988192522 List Price: $18.95
Consumer Rights, Issues and Problems by Cai, Yi (Tom) ISBN: 9781626617964
Criminal Procedures in California - 5th Ed by Peoples, Edward ISBN: 9780983504948 List Price: $26.95
Introduction to Transgender Studies by Haefele-Thomas, Ardel ISBN: 9781939594273
Readings in Critical Thinking by Shanab, Robert ISBN: 9781516511808
Social Research Methods : The Essentials by Walliman, Nicholas ISBN: 9781473916203
Gender and Anthropology by Mascia-Lees, Frances E., Bl... ISBN: 9781478634164 List Price: $18.95
From the Eye of the Storm : The Experiences of a Child Welfare Worker by Crosson-Tower, Cynthia ISBN: 9781478629399 List Price: $19.95
Human Geography : A Serious Introduction by Warf, Barney L. ISBN: 9781631896934
Readings in African American Culture by Schwendiman, Angela ISBN: 9781634873147
Real World Clinical Social Work : Find Your Voice and Find Your Way by Bodenheimer, Danna R. ISBN: 9781929109500 List Price: $19.95
Multicultural Social Work Research Methods and Data Analysis by Tran, Thanh, Shen, Ce, Nguy... ISBN: 9781626613324
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