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Edci 285 : Multiculturalism and Education 2013–2014 by Dolby, Nadine, Dolby, Nadine ISBN: 9781626611214
Media, Management and Sales (First Edition) by DeBonis, Susan ISBN: 9781626611429
Mass Communication by Treut, Richard, Treut, Richard ISBN: 9781621316008
Advanced Research Methods for the Social Sciences by Lanier, Mark M., Lanier, Ma... ISBN: 9781621315988
Model Minority Stereotype Reader by Hartlep, Nicholas, Hartlep,... ISBN: 9781621316893
Race and Ethnicity Reader (First Edition) by Broman, Clifford, Broman, C... ISBN: 9781621317227
Understanding the Scientific Method by Liu, Baodong ISBN: 9781621317241
Introduction to the Humanities by Sweeting, Adam, Sweeting, A... ISBN: 9781621317265
Rethinking Neo-Liberal Globalization by Vincent, Godfrey, Vincent, ... ISBN: 9781621317944
: The Evolution and Diversity of Human Diet (Second Revised Edition) by Schepartz, Lynne, Schepartz... ISBN: 9781621317968
Introduction to Sociology (Preliminary Edition) by Tawwater, Dawn ISBN: 9781631894985
Participant Observation by Spradley, James P. ISBN: 9781478632085 List Price: $24.95
Environmental Anthropology : From Pigs to Policies by Townsend, Patricia K. ISBN: 9781478636137 List Price: $19.95
Handbook of Aging Issues (Preliminary Edition) by Harris, Gregory, Harris, Gr... ISBN: 9781516512553
Introduction to Sociology : A Collaborative Approach, Fourth Edition by Baylor, Tim, Bergdahl, Jacq... ISBN: 9780979153860
Anti-Tech Revolution : Why and How by Kaczynski, Theodore John ISBN: 9781944228002 List Price: $16.00
Georga 2nd Grade GPS Social Studies 2014�2015 Edition by American Book Company ISBN: 9781628000740 List Price: $26.00
High Heels and Bound Feet : And Other Essays on Everyday Anthropology by Lenkeit, Roberta Edwards ISBN: 9781478615231 List Price: $17.95
Social Studies Glossary - English/Arabic : Elementary, Middle School and High School Level by The University of the State... ISBN: 9781626320109 List Price: $15.00
K-PREP in Grade 5 Social Studies : 2015-2016 Edition by American Book Company ISBN: 9781628005639 List Price: $26.00
Alabama QualityCore in US History : 2015-2016 Edition by American Book Company ISBN: 9781628004359 List Price: $26.00
Georga 3rd Grade GPS Social Studies 2014�2015 Edition by American Book Company ISBN: 9781628000757 List Price: $26.00
Georga 8th Grade GPS Georgia Studies 2014�2015 Edition by American Book Company ISBN: 9781628000801 List Price: $26.00
Social Work Policy Practice by Ritter, Jessica A. ISBN: 9781516527373
Parent Education (First Edition) by Campbell, Deborah, Palm, Glen ISBN: 9781516515271
Special Populations in Substance Abuse by Lee, Tiffany, Lee, Tiffany ISBN: 9781621317852
Ethnographic Interview by Spradley, James P. ISBN: 9781478632078 List Price: $29.95
Organizational Behavior by Kipley, Daniel, Jewe, Ronal... ISBN: 9781631898471
First Pennsylvanians : The Archaeology of Native Americans in Pennsylvania by Carr, Kurt W., Moeller, Rog... ISBN: 9780892711505 List Price: $29.95
Assault on Paradise : The Globalization of a Little Community in Brazil by Kottak, Conrad Phillip ISBN: 9781478635833 List Price: $27.95
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