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Science has helped the world go round, as we try to understand how things come about and where we are headed. The process of knowing has been full of surprises that have included Benjamin Franklin testing the guiles of lightening, Einstein discovering relativity, Moseley defining the atomic number, Salk brewing up the first polio vaccine, and Hubble's research that revealed the universe continues to expand. All of these findings and more can be found within the numerous Science textbooks in our online store. The science of saving money can be yours when you buy used textbooks and have them shipped directly to your home. Just imagine how amazed Einstein would be today if he were to experience the power of the Internet. He'd probably decide to buy lots of cheap college textbooks to catch up on all that has happened over the years. To find the right Science textbooks for your classes, we invite you to search by book title, author and/or ISBN number. Make sure that you look closely at your course syllabus to assure that the edition you have chosen is the correct one. You'll be thrilled when your college textbooks are delivered in perfect condition, ready to fill your mind with scientific wisdom!

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Role of Tourism in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by Brand�o, Filipa, Breda, Z�l... ISBN: 9781799856924
Reactive Separation for Process Intensification and Sustainability by Cardona Alzate, Carlos Ariel ISBN: 9781799818403
Applications of Artificial Intelligence for Smart Technology by Swarnalatha, P., Prabu, S. ISBN: 9781799833369
Analyzing Future Applications of AI, Sensors, and Robotics in Society by Musiolik, Thomas Heinrich, ... ISBN: 9781799835004
Owl House by Butler, Daniel ISBN: 9781781725061
Dinosaur Revelation by Robert, Brother ISBN: 9781949758740 List Price: $27.99
Paige & Paxton in the Elements by Williams, Rachel, Williams,... ISBN: 9781947933088 List Price: $9.99
Botany Cards from Montessori by Mom by Montessori By Mom ISBN: 9781951864040 List Price: $19.95
Inner Workings : The Extraordinary Insides of Ordinary Things by Bushel & Peck Books, Zakhar... ISBN: 9781952239304 List Price: $18.99
Neuroscience and the Fruit of the Spirit by Spoon, Bryan ISBN: 9781952327131 List Price: $18.99
Mary and Bioethics : An Exploration by Etheredge, Francis ISBN: 9781952464225 List Price: $29.95
Visit to the Zoo - Field Trip Journal - Observe & Study 50 Amazing Animals by Brown, Sarah Janisse ISBN: 9781951435103 List Price: $22.50
Mars Exploration by Phillips, Jenny ISBN: 9781952920189 List Price: $7.99
Dancing Through the Stars by Phillips, Jenny ISBN: 9781952920172 List Price: $6.99
Ann and the Island Storm by Phillips, Jenny ISBN: 9781952920165 List Price: $6.99
Boyhood of Kaede by Applegate, David ISBN: 9781951795016 List Price: $9.95
Universe 2021 Astronomy Wall Calendar by Collier, Grant ISBN: 9781935694472 List Price: $14.95
Seeing with Fresh Eyes : Meaning, Space, Data, Truth by Tufte, Edward ISBN: 9781930824003 List Price: $37.00
Archaeology and the Book of Mormon : A Cultural Perspective by Main, Ian ISBN: 9781934537886 List Price: $16.95
Australian Geographic a Naturalist's Guide to the Reptiles of Australia : 2/e by Peter Rowland and Chris Far... ISBN: 9781912081035
Women in Science Hardcover Book Set by Wissinger, Mary, Pioli, Dan... ISBN: 9781938492372
All about Atoms Hardcover Book Set by Wissinger, Mary, Rodis, Har... ISBN: 9781938492389
Food Quality Management : Technological and Managerial Principles and Practices by Luning, Pieternel A., Marce... ISBN: 9789086863488 List Price: $119.00
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