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With dozens of titles to look through, you'll be delighted you used our website to buy cheap Sikhism textbooks for your religious studies at college. We have all the best and cheapest titles available here and now, providing you with history, insight and commentary on this particular religion. Among the books are titles such as Guru Granth Sahib Canon, Meaning and Authority; History of the Sikhs 1469-1839; Sikh History and Religion in the Twentieth Century, Vol 3; and Guru Granth Sahib: Its Physics and Metaphysics. Whatever you want to learn more about you can buy used Sikhism textbooks from our marketplace now. We buy back Sikhism books too, so get in touch if you have one or more pre-owned copies you would like to sell. We rent used Sikhism textbooks as well, meaning you can borrow the book you want for a short time to help with your college studies.

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Historical Dictionary of Sikhism by Fenech, Louis, McLeod, W. H. ISBN: 9781442236004 List Price: $120.00
Sikh Diaspora by Barrier, N. Gerald ISBN: 9780685353707 List Price: $44.00
History of Sikh Struggles by Singh, Gurmit ISBN: 9780685744154
History of the Sikhs by Gupta, Hari Ram ISBN: 9780685597675
History of the Sikhs by Gupta, Hari Ram ISBN: 9780598814128 List Price: $105.40
Sikh Identity : An Exploration of Groups among Sikhs by Takhar, Opinderjit Kaur ISBN: 9781138250192
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