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Political Islam, World Politics, and Europe by Tibi, Bassam ISBN: 9780415437813
Progressive Church in Latin America by Mainwaring, Scott, Wilde, A... ISBN: 9780268015732 List Price: $38.00
Islamic Radicalism A Documentary and Reference Guide by Calvert, John ISBN: 9780313338564 List Price: $85.00
Last Freedom From Public School to Public Sector by Viteritti, Joseph P. ISBN: 9780691130118 List Price: $27.95
Mainline Christians and U.s. Public Policy A Reference Handbook by Utter, Glenn H. ISBN: 9781598840001 List Price: $55.00
Militant Islam a Sociology of Characteristics, Causes and Consequences by Vertigans, Stephen ISBN: 9780415412452 List Price: $120.00
Political Islam and Governance in Bangladesh (Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series) by Riaz, Ali, Fair, Christine ISBN: 9780415576734 List Price: $130.00
Religion and Security in South and Central Asia (Central Asia Research Forum) by Warikoo, K. ISBN: 9780415575904 List Price: $130.00
Religion and Politics in South Asia by Riaz, Ali ISBN: 9780415778008 List Price: $145.00
Religious Practice and Democracy in India by Chhibber, Pradeep ISBN: 9781107041509 List Price: $90.00
Christians and Politics beyond the Culture Wars: An Agenda for Engagement by Gushee, David P. ISBN: 9780801022319 List Price: $21.99
Radicalism and Political Reform in the Islamic and Western Worlds by Hafez, Kai ISBN: 9780521137119 List Price: $28.99
Religion and the Early Modern State : Views from China, Russia, and the West by Ragnow, Marguerite, Tracy, ... ISBN: 9780521172653 List Price: $39.99
Politics, Faith, and the Making of American Judaism by Adams, Peter ISBN: 9780472052059 List Price: $29.95
Politics, Faith, and the Making of American Judaism by Adams, Peter ISBN: 9780472072057 List Price: $70.00
Conscience of State - Norman - Hardcover by Norman, E. R. ISBN: 9780521058377
Resistance And Control In Pakistan by Ahmed, Akbar S. ISBN: 9780415349116 List Price: $39.95
Bible and the Ballot Box: Religion and Politics in the 1988 Election by Guth, James L., Green, John C. ISBN: 9780813381831 List Price: $48.00
Coming Balkan Caliphate The Threat of Radical Islam to Europe and the West by Deliso, Christopher, Napole... ISBN: 9780275995256 List Price: $39.95
Ministry of Presence : Chaplaincy, Spiritual Care, and the Law by Sullivan, Winnifred Fallers ISBN: 9780226779751 List Price: $45.00
Nine Lives : My Time As the West's Top Spy Inside Al-Qaeda by Dean, Aimen, Cruickshank, P... ISBN: 9781786075406
Routledge Handbook of Religion and Politics by Haynes, Jeff ISBN: 9780415600293
Imperial Politics and Symbolics in Ancient Japan: The Tenmu Dynasty, 650-800 by Ooms, Herman ISBN: 9780824832353 List Price: $50.00
Rise of Prussia 1700-1830 by Dwyer, Philip G. ISBN: 9780582292680 List Price: $36.60
The Politics of Extremism in South Asia by Ollapally, Deepa M., Ollapa... ISBN: 9780521699129 List Price: $32.99
Fighting Suicide Bombing A Worldwide Campaign for Life by Charny, Israel W. ISBN: 9780275993368 List Price: $49.95
Modern Middle East A History by Gelvin, James L., Gelvin, J... ISBN: 9780195167887 List Price: $79.95
Rise of ISIS : A Threat We Can't Ignore by Sekulow, Jay, Sekulow, Jord... ISBN: 9781501125478
Religion and Terrorism : The Use O by SHERLOCK, Pratt, LO, B. R.,... ISBN: 9781498557122
Contemporary Democratic Theory and Religion by Ungureanu, Camil ISBN: 9780415552196
World Religions And Democracy by Diamond, Larry, Plattner, M... ISBN: 9780801880797 List Price: $45.00
Democratic Values in the Muslim World by Fattah, Moataz A. ISBN: 9781588265456 List Price: $23.50
Mormonism and American Politics by Balmer, Randall, Riess, Jana ISBN: 9780231165983 List Price: $90.00
Rise of ISIS : A Threat We Can't Ignore by Sekulow, Jay, Sekulow, Jord... ISBN: 9781501105142
Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Politics and Religion in America by McGraw, Barbara A. ISBN: 9780470657331 List Price: $199.95
Recht Op Recht in De Kerk by Torfs, R., Torfs, R., Marte... ISBN: 9789042913431 List Price: $39.00
Essays on Church, State, and Politics by Thomasius ISBN: 9780865974999 List Price: $14.50
Russian Orthodoxy Resurgent: Faith and Power in the New Russia by Garrard, John, Garrard, Car... ISBN: 9780691125732 List Price: $30.95
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