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Founding Fathers and the Place of Religion in America by Lambert, Frank ISBN: 9780691088297 List Price: $50.00
Islam Vs. Islamism The Dilemma of the Muslim World by Demant, Peter R., Engineer,... ISBN: 9780275990787 List Price: $49.95
Disenchantment of the World by Gauchet, Marcel, Burge, Oscar ISBN: 9780691044064 List Price: $55.00
Religion and Politics in the Contemporary United States by Griffith, R. Marie, McAlist... ISBN: 9780801888687 List Price: $25.00
Jewish Social Contract An Essay in Political Theology by Novak, David ISBN: 9780691122106 List Price: $39.50
Karl Barth Against Hegemony by Gorringe, Timothy J. ISBN: 9780198752479 List Price: $60.00
Politics of Religion in Russia and the New States of Eurasia by Bourdeaux, Michael ISBN: 9781563243578 List Price: $38.95
Islamic Leviathan Islam and the Making of State Power by Nasr, Seyyed Vali Reza ISBN: 9780195144260 List Price: $95.00
Religion in Schools Controversies Around the World by Thomas, R. Murray ISBN: 9780275990619 List Price: $49.95
One Nation, Divisible by Silk, Mark, Walsh, Andrew ISBN: 9780742558458 List Price: $47.95
Faith Factor How Religion Influences American Elections by Green, John C. ISBN: 9780275987183 List Price: $39.95
In Washington but Not of It The Prophetic Politics of Religious Lobbyists by Hofrenning, Daniel ISBN: 9781566393041 List Price: $29.95
Intellectual Discourse and the Politics of Modernization Negotiating Modernity in Iran by Mirsepassi, Ali, Alexander,... ISBN: 9780521659970 List Price: $36.99
In God We Trust? Religion and American Political Life by Smidt, Corwin E. ISBN: 9780801022616 List Price: $29.00
Small Media, Big Revolution Communication, Culture, and the Iranian Revolution by Sreberny-Mohammadi, Annabel... ISBN: 9780816622177 List Price: $25.50
Supreme Court on Church and State by Alley, Robert S. ISBN: 9780195050295 List Price: $55.95
Introduction to International Relations and Religion by Haynes, Jeffrey ISBN: 9781405824743 List Price: $51.80
Introduction to Religion and Politics by Fox, Jonathan, Haynes, Jeff ISBN: 9780415676328 List Price: $53.95
Receding Shadow of the Prophet The Rise and Fall of Radical Political Islam by Takeyh, Ray, Gvosdev, Nikol... ISBN: 9780275976293 List Price: $26.95
Religion and Politics A Reference Handbook by Storey, John W., Utter, Gle... ISBN: 9781576072189 List Price: $45.00
Holiest Wars Islamic Mahdis, Their Jihads, And Osama Bin Laden by Furnish, Timothy R., Rubin,... ISBN: 9780275983833 List Price: $44.95
Sacred and Secular Religion and Politics Worldwide by Norris, Pippa, Inglehart, R... ISBN: 9780521839846 List Price: $104.00
African Constitutionalism and the Role of Islam by Naim, Abd Allah Ahmad ISBN: 9780812239621 List Price: $65.00
Iran's First Revolution Shi'Ism and the Constitutional Revolution of 1905-1909 by Bayat, Mangol ISBN: 9780195068221 List Price: $125.00
Can We Be Good without God?: On the Political Meaning of Christianity by Tinder, Glenn ISBN: 9781573830423 List Price: $2.95
In Defense of Religious Liberty by Novak, David ISBN: 9781933859767
Church and State in the Modern Age A Documentary History by Maclear, J. F. ISBN: 9780195086812 List Price: $160.00
Radical Christian Writings A Reader by Bradstock, Andrew, Rowland,... ISBN: 9780631222507 List Price: $52.95
Faith And Poltical Philosophy The Correspondence between Leo Strauss and Eric Voegelin, 1934... by Strauss, Leo, Voegelin, Eri... ISBN: 9780826215512 List Price: $29.95
Liberation Theology in Latin America by Schall, James V. ISBN: 9780898700060 List Price: $13.95
Modern Middle East: A History by Gelvin, James L. ISBN: 9780195327588 List Price: $72.95
Democracy and Tradition by Stout, Jeffrey ISBN: 9780691102931 List Price: $35.00
Schooling Islam The Culture and Politics of Modern Muslim Education by Zaman, Muhammad Qasim, Hefn... ISBN: 9780691129334 List Price: $23.95
Islamist Terrorism and Democracy in the Middle East by Dalacoura, Katerina ISBN: 9780521683791 List Price: $26.99
Churches and Other Religious Organisations as Legal Persons by European Consortium for Chu... ISBN: 9789042918580
Nation and World, Church and God : The Legacy of Garry Wills by Baffes, Melanie, Vaux, Kenn... ISBN: 9780810130012
Leuven Lectures On Religious Institutions, Religious Communities And Rights by Van der Vyver, J. D., Van d... ISBN: 9789042914971 List Price: $45.00
Financing of Religious Communities in the European Union (English and French Edition) by Basvedant-Gaudemet, Brigi, ... ISBN: 9789042920835 List Price: $77.00
Religious Policy in the Soviet Union by Ramet, Sabrina Petra ISBN: 9780521022309 List Price: $74.00
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