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Political Science by Horne, Cale D. ISBN: 9781596389014
B�rgerschaft und Kirche : 17. Arbeitstagung in Kempten, 3.-5. November 1978 by Sydow, Jurgen, S�dwestdeuts... ISBN: 9783799564076
Europe, India, and the Limits of Secularism by Roover, Jakob de ISBN: 9780199460977 List Price: $50.00
Church, Community and Power by Kearsley, Roy ISBN: 9781138376236
Revolutionary Iran by Kamali, Masoud ISBN: 9781138330900
State and Religion in the Arab World by Haseeb, Khair el-Din ISBN: 9781138383159
Religion and Law : An Introduction by Edge, Peter W. ISBN: 9781138380608
Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity by Parry, Ken ISBN: 9780470696576 List Price: $196.95
Politics of Religion/Religions of Politics by Welchman, Alistair ISBN: 9789402408102 List Price: $129.00
God, Faith, and Reason by Savage, Michael ISBN: 9781478976721
Somalia Between Jihad and Restoration by Shay, Shaul ISBN: 9781138533295
Last Judgment : Christian Ethics in a Legal Culture by Skotnicki, Andrew ISBN: 9781138110700
Islam : State and Society by Ferdinand, Klaus ISBN: 9781138464742
Religion and Social Transformations : Volume 2 by Herbert, David ISBN: 9781138726734
Covenant and Commonwealth by Mallin, Jay, Elazar, Daniel... ISBN: 9781138508651
Law and Religion by Ahdar, Rex J. ISBN: 9781138741744
Saudi Arabia and the Illusion of Security by Peterson, J. E. ISBN: 9781138466685
Contesting Secularism : Comparative Perspectives by Berg-S�rensen, Anders ISBN: 9781138274082
Religious Transnational Actors and Soft Power by Haynes, Jeffrey ISBN: 9781138250987
Answering the Call : Popular Islamic Activism in Sadat's Egypt by Al-Arian, Abdullah ISBN: 9780199373789 List Price: $69.00
Global Institutions of Religion : Ancient Movers, Modern Shakers by Marshall, Katherine ISBN: 9780203581940
Foreign Policy of Islamist Political Parties : Ideology in Practice by Roy, Olivier, Adraoui, Moha... ISBN: 9781474426657
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