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Asrama System The History and Hermeneutics of a Religious Institution by Olivelle, Patrick ISBN: 9780195083279 List Price: $135.00
Churches in International Affairs : Reports, 2007-2009 by Commission of the Churches ... ISBN: 9782825416518
Deeds Done Beyond the Sea Essays on William of Tyre Cyprus and the Military Orders Presented To by Edgington, Susan B., Nichol... ISBN: 9781472417831 List Price: $124.95
To Be the Church Challenges and Hopes for a New Millennium by Raiser, Konrad ISBN: 9782825412114 List Price: $9.95
Law of Religious Institutions by Singh, Kashmir ISBN: 9780785561323 List Price: $160.00
Faith As Social Capital Connecting or Dividing? by Furbey, Robert, Dinham, Ada... ISBN: 9781861348371 List Price: $25.95
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