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Concilium 2014/3 the Return of Apocalypticism by Haker, Hille, Wacker, Marie... ISBN: 9780334031291
De Immortalitate Animae of Augustine : Text, Translation and Commentary by Augustine, Saint, Wolfskeel... ISBN: 9789060320884
Jesus and God in Paul's Eschatology by Kreitzer, Larry Joseph ISBN: 9781474230681
Countdown to the Millennium : Demystifying the Drama of These Last Days by Johnian, Mona ISBN: 9780882707198 List Price: $7.95
Life Everlasting by Fiske, John ISBN: 9780608361376 List Price: $30.40
Immortality Defended by Leslie, John ISBN: 9780470692493 List Price: $87.95
2012 : Decoding the Counterculture Apocalypse by Gelfer, Joseph ISBN: 9781845536404
Eschatology : A Study of Things to Come by Unknown ISBN: 9780761709374
Preaching in Cultural Context by Unknown ISBN: 9780761709480 List Price: $35.00
Polis - Freundschaft - Jenseitsstrafen : Briefe an und �ber Johannes by Feldmeier, Reinhard, Luchne... ISBN: 9783161506550
Living in the Last Days : Refuge from the Storm by Ostler, Craig J. ISBN: 9781608613236
Conception of Immortality by Royce, Josiah ISBN: 9780598690357 List Price: $31.70
Study of Death by Alden, Henry Mills ISBN: 9780608366357 List Price: $109.80
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