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What Is a Rune? : And Other Essays by Cleary, Collin, Johnson, Greg ISBN: 9781935965800
Islamic Revival in Northwest China : Searching for Allah by Stewart, Alexander ISBN: 9781138646384
Understanding Jihad by Cook, David ISBN: 9780520287310
Visioning New and Minority Religions Projecting the Future by Gallagher, Eugene V. ISBN: 9781472465887
Representations of Islam in the News : A Cross-Cultural Analysis by Mertens, Stefan, Smaele, He... ISBN: 9781498509893
New Age in Norway by Gilhus, Ingvild S�lid ISBN: 9781781794173
New Age in Norway by Gilhus, Ingvild S�lid ISBN: 9781781794166
La�cit�s et Musulmans, D�bats et Exp�riences : (XIXe - XXe Si�cles) by Elias, Amin, Jomier, August... ISBN: 9783034314855 List Price: $93.95
Islam and Christianity in Mediaeval Anatolia by Peacock, A. C. S., Nicola, ... ISBN: 9781472448637
Geschlechterrollenvorstellungen Im Tafsir by Klausing, Kathrin ISBN: 9783631626023
Into That Heaven of Freedom by Keshavjee, Mohamed ISBN: 9781927494639
Federal Civil Rights Engagement with America's Arab and Muslim Communities by Benson, Amy ISBN: 9781634834421 List Price: $145.00
Hasan and Husayn Ibn Ali by Ylmaz, �mer ISBN: 9781597843782
Beyond Hybridity and Fundamentalism : Emerging Muslim Identity in Globalized India by Ruhi Khan, Tabassum ISBN: 9780199453610 List Price: $45.00
Woman's Identity and the Hadith Rethinking the Sunnah by Barazangi, Nimat Hafez ISBN: 9781472446787
Epistle on Worship : Risalat Al-Ubudiyya by Ibn Taymiyah, Ahmad ibn Abd... ISBN: 9781903682487
Art of Living Foundation Spirituality and Wellbeing in the Global Context by Jacobs, Stephen ISBN: 9781472412683 List Price: $109.95
War on Error : Israel, Islam, and the Middle East by Kramer, Martin ISBN: 9781412864992 List Price: $29.95
Demystifying Islam : Tackling Tcb by Zafar, Harris ISBN: 9781442223271 List Price: $35.00
Contemporary Sufism : Piety, Politics and Popular Culture by Sharify-Funk, Meena, Dickso... ISBN: 9781138687288
Gods Creativity and Human Action by MOSHER ISBN: 9781626164840
Soviet and Muslim : The Institutionalization of Islam in Central Asia by Tasar, Eren ISBN: 9780190652104 List Price: $99.00
Walayah in the Fatimid Isma'Ili Tr H by ALEXANDRIN, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781438466279
Biblical Interpretation in Islamic Context : Muslim and Christian Views by Crowther, Danny ISBN: 9781138093577 List Price: $140.00
Sufi Political Thought by Milani, Milad ISBN: 9781138787643
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