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They Fought the Good Fight: Orestes Brownson and Father Feeney by Sennott, Thomas M., Sennott... ISBN: 9780962099403 List Price: $12.95
Spirituality for Active Ministry by Clarke, Corita ISBN: 9781556123610 List Price: $6.95
Ministerial Ethics Moral Formation for Church Leaders by Trull, Joe E., Carter, Jame... ISBN: 9780801027550 List Price: $26.99
Life of James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore, 1834-1921 by Ellis, John T. ISBN: 9780870611445 List Price: $35.00
Church and Ministry in the Works of G.H. Tavard by Alexander, M. R. ISBN: 9789068316339
Community and Clergy Bristol and the Reformation C.1530-C.1570 by Skeeters, Martha C. ISBN: 9780198201816 List Price: $210.00
Women in Frankish Society Marriage and the Cloister, 500 to 900 by Wemple, Suzanne F. ISBN: 9780812212099 List Price: $27.50
Peter the Venerable Selected Letters by Peter The Venerable, Martin... ISBN: 9780888444523 List Price: $6.75
Two Views on Women in Ministry by Blomberg, Craig L., Beck, J... ISBN: 9780310231950 List Price: $16.99
Interpreting Disability A Church Of All And For All by Arne, Fritzon, Kabue, Samuel ISBN: 9782825413937 List Price: $12.95
Is It I? The Witness of Monsignor Charles Owen Rice by McNulty, K. K., Sr. ISBN: 9780935025019 List Price: $19.95
Servants of the People by Board of St. Paul Editorial... ISBN: 9780854393183
Called and Gifted for the 3rd Millennium Reflections of the U.S. Catholic Bishops on the 30t... by U. S. Catholic Bishops Staff ISBN: 9781574550023 List Price: $2.95
Universalist and Unitarian Women Ministers by Hitchings, Catherine F. ISBN: 9780317911763 List Price: $7.95
Partners in Ministry: Priests in Collaboration With Parish Life Coordinators by Monette, Maurice L. ISBN: 9781556122439 List Price: $4.95
Pastor as Teacher by Sunderland, Ronald H., Shel... ISBN: 9780829808124 List Price: $9.95
Your Daughters Shall Prophesy: Feminist Alternatives in Theological Education by Cornwall Collective Staff, ... ISBN: 9780829804041 List Price: $6.95
Family Life of Ralph Josselin by MacFarlane, Alan ISBN: 9780521077071
Contract Pastoral Care and Education The Trend of the Future? by VandeCreek, Larry ISBN: 9780789007933 List Price: $39.95
Journey into Priesthood by Sharkey, Michael ISBN: 9780854392391
Archbishop Green : His Life and Opinions by Edwards, Anthony J. ISBN: 9780863832543
Two-clergy Marriages by Rallings, E. M., Pratto, Da... ISBN: 9780819143433 List Price: $26.75
Did Christ Rule Out Woman Priests ? by Wijnaards, J. N. ISBN: 9780855972042 List Price: $3.50
Shamans, Gods, and Mythic Beasts: Essential Vedic Reference of International Servicing in En... by Sriman Praman Tiru-Venkatad... ISBN: 9781885525024 List Price: $17.50
Diamonds for Ministers: Words for Winning in Ministry - J. Konrad Hole - Paperback by Hole, J. Konrad ISBN: 9781888696035 List Price: $5.00
Handbook of Chaplaincy Studies Understanding Spiritual Care in Public Places by Swift, Christopher, Cobb, M... ISBN: 9781472434067 List Price: $39.95
For God's Sake : Re-Imagining Priesthood and Prayer in a Changing Church by Coakley, Sarah, Martin, Jes... ISBN: 9781848258143
Academic Component of Priestly Formation : Average Superiority Will Do Faithful and Critical... by Dougherty, J., McDermott, J. ISBN: 9780910919050 List Price: $3.50
Second Career Vocations by Leger, E., O'Hara, F., Lesc... ISBN: 9780910919029 List Price: $1.50
Clergy Malpractice : An Illegal Legal Theory by Ericsson, Samuel E. ISBN: 9780944561140 List Price: $5.00
Memories of a Village Rectory by Spellmount Ltd. Publishers ... ISBN: 9780946771097 List Price: $60.00
Wives of Priests : A Study of Clergy Wives in the Episcopal Church by Morgan, John H., Morgan, Li... ISBN: 9781556050596 List Price: $16.00
A Guide to Ministerial Income by Herron, Andrew ISBN: 9780715206065 List Price: $45.00
The Changing Priesthood by Dinter, Paul E. ISBN: 9780883472903 List Price: $17.95
Pastor, Church & Law Workbook Pastor Church and Law Workbook by Hammar, Richard R. ISBN: 9781880562031 List Price: $5.95
Edwin Morris: Archbishop of Wales by Peart-Binns, John S. ISBN: 9780863836367
Formation of Priests in Circumstances of the Present Day: (Instrumentum Laboris) - Synod of ... by Synod of Bishops Staff ISBN: 9781555863784 List Price: $3.95
DAZ de Luco's Guide for Bishops by Colahan, Clark A., Masferre... ISBN: 9780866983792
Light in the Lord: Reflections on Priesthood by Hume, Basil ISBN: 9780854394005 List Price: $65.00
Happy Being a Priest by Father Ray ISBN: 9780840358295 List Price: $8.95
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