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Christianity can be divided into lots of different topics and subject areas. That's why this section is devoted to books on saints. You can buy cheap saints and sainthood textbooks today and save a fortune on the usual cover prices that would be charged elsewhere. We stock the cheapest pre-owned copies of all these books and get you the best deals in each case. Look for titles such as St Symeon: The New Theologian and Orthodox Tradition; Encyclopedia of Saints; Golden Legend: Readings on the Saints; and Life and Miracles of St Benedict: Book Two of the Dialogues. As you can see the range is vast and we have several titles that you'll find hard to locate elsewhere as well. Our buyback service means you can sell your saints and sainthood books back here if you own anything you don't need to keep. You earn money for doing so and we have more affordable and pre-owned books to offer to others.

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St. Symeon the New Theologian and Orthodox Tradition by Alfeyev, Hilarion ISBN: 9780198270096 List Price: $199.00
Golden Legend Readings on the Saints by De Voragine, Jacobus, Ryan,... ISBN: 9780691001531 List Price: $27.95
Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages Essays on the Contribution of Peter Brown by Howard-Johnston, James, Hay... ISBN: 9780198269786 List Price: $150.00
Philosophical Texts by Aquinas, Thomas, Gilby, Tho... ISBN: 9780939464067 List Price: $14.95
Sister Wendy's Book of Saints by Beckett, Wendy ISBN: 9780829412703 List Price: $19.95
Golden Legend Readings on the Saints by De Voragine, Jacobus, Ryan,... ISBN: 9780691001548 List Price: $24.95
Saints (One) : December-May by Winkowski, Judi H. ISBN: 9780854392933
Saint in the Family by Usherwood, Stephen, Usherwo... ISBN: 9780854393732
Saints Alive : Word, Image, and Enactment in the Lives of the Saints by Williams, David A. ISBN: 9780773537088 List Price: $95.00
Saints of Scotland by Towill, Edwin S. ISBN: 9780785568094
Tales to Tell by Campbell, David ISBN: 9780785570059
Living Light Vol. 35, No. 2, Winter 1998 : A Cloud of Witnesses: The Communion of Saints by Marthaler, Berard, O'Donnel... ISBN: 9781574552768 List Price: $8.95
Perseverance of the Saints by Finney, Charles G., Friedri... ISBN: 9781932370072 List Price: $5.00
Sidonius Apollinaris : Concordantia in Sidonii Apollinaris Carmina by Christiansen, Peter G., Hol... ISBN: 9780318719603
Buddhistische Erz�hlliteratur und Hagiographie in T�rkischer �berlieferung by Laut, Jens Peter, R�hrborn,... ISBN: 9783447029483
The Welsh Saints: A Study in Patterned Lives by Henken, Elissa ISBN: 9780859913171 List Price: $75.00
Saints and their Lives on the Periphery: Veneration of Saints in Scandinavia and Eastern Eur... by Antonsson, H., Garipzanov, ... ISBN: 9782503530338 List Price: $87.00
Saints and Their Cults: Studies in Religious Sociology, Folklore and History by Wilson, Stephen ISBN: 9780521311816 List Price: $29.95
Brigid of the Gael: A Complete Collection of Primary Resources, Relating to Saint by Bladey, Conrad Jay ISBN: 9780970238603 List Price: $20.75
Encyclopedia of Saints - Clemens Jockle - Hardcover - Special Value by Jockle, Clemens ISBN: 9781568524498 List Price: $14.98
Images, Relics, And Devotional Practices in Medieval And Renaissance Italy by Cornelison, Sally J., Montg... ISBN: 9780866983402 List Price: $45.00
Timely Reflections and Examples of Saints for Our Times by Solimeo, Gustavo, Machado, ... ISBN: 9781877905216 List Price: $11.95
Saints of Wales: An Inventory of Their Dedications by Jones, Graham ISBN: 9781891271069
Hagiographie Im Kontext by Coue, Stephanie ISBN: 9783110148251
Indian Saints by Abbott, Justin E., Godbole,... ISBN: 9788185066219 List Price: $145.00
Life and Miracles of St. Benedict Book Two of the Dialogues by Gregorius I, Zimmermann, Od... ISBN: 9780313227660 List Price: $46.95
Singer Saints of India by Verma, Rajinder S. ISBN: 9788120718616 List Price: $12.00
Gendered Voices Medieval Saints and Their Interpreters by Mooney, Catherine M., Bynum... ISBN: 9780812216875 List Price: $27.50
Gilbert of Sempringham and the Gilbertine Order C. 1130-C. 1300 by Golding, Brian ISBN: 9780198200604 List Price: $165.00
Month of Daily Meditations on Saintly Lives by Crump, R. W. ISBN: 9780773443433
Symbolic Identity and the Cultural Memory of Saints by Petersen, Nils Holger, Mand... ISBN: 9781527510920
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