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Would you like to rent cheap Presbyterian textbooks to help you learn more about this particular aspect of the Christian religion? The marketplace presented to you here by Valore Books makes it possible to do just that. With plenty of affordable titles available, you can save money on every single college text book you buy. We also offer you the chance to rent used Presbyterian textbooks if you prefer: just check the options for individual text books to see how to proceed. Look for titles including Presbyterians; Fred McKay: Successor to Flynn of the Inland; Presbyterian Controversy: Fundamentalists, Modernists and Moderates; Kuyper Reconsidered: Aspects of His Life and Work; and Ministers and Elders. Within the pages of these affordable textbooks lie the secrets and answers the Presbyterian religion has to share. Valore Books makes it easy to rent Presbyterian textbooks online, so make sure you get the best and most affordable deals today.

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Presbyterian Controversy Fundamentalists, Modernists, and Moderates by Longfield, Bradley J. ISBN: 9780195086744 List Price: $60.00
Kuyper Reconsidered Aspects of His Life and Work by Van der Kooi, Cornelis, de ... ISBN: 9789053836408 List Price: $35.00
Ministers and Elders by Paas, Steven ISBN: 9789990887020
Bibliography of Published Articles on American Presbyterianism, 1901-1980 by Parker, Harold M., Jr. ISBN: 9780313245442 List Price: $70.95
From Reform to Renewal : Scotland's Kirk Century by Macdonald, Finlay A. J. ISBN: 9780861539765
Presbyterians Awake : An Expatriate Looks Across the Border by Johnston, Alexander ISBN: 9780715206256 List Price: $35.00
Church of Scotland Year Book, 1992 by Herron, Andrew ISBN: 9780861531448
With Scorching Heat and Drought? by St. Andrew Press Staff ISBN: 9780861531134
Session Matters : A Handbook for Elders by Matthew, Stewart ISBN: 9780785568087
Fasti Ecclesiae Vol. X : Scoticanae by Macdonald, Donald F. ISBN: 9780785568223
History of the Presbyterian Churches in the United States by Thompson, Robert Ellis ISBN: 9780598664563 List Price: $141.40
Office Bearers : A Learn Resource for Congregational Office Bearers by Mission and Discipleship Co... ISBN: 9780861539321
Tomorrow's Calling : Exploring a Call to Service in the Church by Mission and Discipleship Co... ISBN: 9780861539840
Church of Scotland Yearbook 2016-17 by Galbraith, Douglas ISBN: 9780861539666
Trinity by Clark, Gordon H. ISBN: 9780875528649
Voice of Authority by Marston, George W. ISBN: 9780875523606
Fred McKay: Successor to Flynn of the Inland by McKenzie, Maisie ISBN: 9780864391094
While the Earth Endures by St. Andrew Press Staff ISBN: 9780861530854 List Price: $40.00
Glory to God : Words Only by Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.... ISBN: 9780664503222
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