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If you are studying religion at college and you want to buy cheap Orthodox textbooks about Christianity, this is the place to be. Valore Books specializes in providing the cheapest options for college students on a budget. You can buy the likes of St Gregory Palamas and Orthodox Spirituality; Cambridge Companion to Christian Orthodox Theology; Orthodox Church; and Resurrection and the Icon. With many other affordable titles available as well, it makes life easy if you want to enjoy the cheapest prices when studying this aspect of Christianity. You can also look for the option to rent used Orthodox textbooks so you can get affordable deals for short term loans. Simply check the details for each book to see whether we offer rental terms in that situation. Make sure you always come to Valore Books and don't forget we buy back Orthodox books as well. With many services to offer we should always be your #1 choice.

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St. Gregory Palamas and Orthodox Spirituality by Meyendorff, John ISBN: 9780913836118 List Price: $18.00
Orthodox Church by Fitzgerald, Thomas E. ISBN: 9780275964382 List Price: $27.95
Cambridge Companion to Christian Orthodox Theology by Cunningham, Mary B., Theokr... ISBN: 9780521683388 List Price: $31.99
Grace in Abundance Orthodox Reflections on the Way to Porto Alegre by Metropolitan Gennadios of S... ISBN: 9782825414675 List Price: $15.90
Orthodox Church by Fitzgerald, Thomas E. ISBN: 9780313262814 List Price: $101.95
Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Europe Selected Papers of the International Conferenc... by Sutton, Jonathan, Bercken, ... ISBN: 9789042912663 List Price: $66.00
Cambridge Companion to Christian Orthodox Theology by Cunningham, Mary B., Theokr... ISBN: 9780521864848 List Price: $90.00
The Orthodox Christian World by Casiday ISBN: 9780415455169
Greek Monasticism in Southern Italy, 1000-1500 by Murzaku, Ines Angeli, Crost... ISBN: 9781472437907
Inochentism and Russian Orthodoxy : Narratives of Resistance by Kapalo, James A. ISBN: 9781472432186
Priest, Parish & Renewal Concepts for Pastoral Effectiveness by Timiadis, Emilianos, Duvall... ISBN: 9780917651915 List Price: $14.95
In the World, of the Church A Paul Evdokimov Reader by Evdokimov, Paul ISBN: 9780881412154 List Price: $20.00
Orthodox Identities in Contemporary Western Europe : Migration Settlement and Innovation by H�mmerli, Maria, Mayer, Jea... ISBN: 9781409467540 List Price: $119.95
Layman in the Desert : Monastic Wisdom for a Life in the World by Opperwall, Daniel G. ISBN: 9780881415223
Nil Sorsky: The Authentic Writings by Nil, Goldfrank, David M. ISBN: 9780879073213
Mikpon Exxonorion H Ariaematapion : The Priest's Service Book by Constantinides, Evagoras, I... ISBN: 9780685280201 List Price: $20.00
K Istoril Ispravlenija Knig V Bolgarii V XIV Veke by Syrku, P. A., Dujcev, Ivan ISBN: 9780902089389
Orthodox Theology and Diakonia : Trends and Prospects by Constantelos, Demetrios J. ISBN: 9780916586805
Understanding the Greek Orthodox Church : Its Faith, History and Practice by Constantelos, Demetrios J. ISBN: 9780917653391 List Price: $14.95
Life and Miracles of Saint Luke of Steiris by Connor, Carolyn L., Connor,... ISBN: 9780917653353
City of Zion-The Human Society in Christ, i.e., the Church Built upon a Rock by Makrakis, Apostolos, Orthod... ISBN: 9780938366164 List Price: $9.95
History of the Church of Russia by Mouravieff, A. N., Blackmor... ISBN: 9781878997098 List Price: $16.95
Life As Process - Freedom As Communion : Eastern Orthodox Christian Ontology and Ecumenics by Zavales, Anastasios ISBN: 9781884090004 List Price: $37.95
To Be and Do unto Eternity : Spiritual and Sexual Journeys and Journal Keeping Processes by Vohemian, Marc G., Zavales,... ISBN: 9781884090226 List Price: $34.95
Heart-Write : Religions and Theological Research Style Manual by Zavales, Anastasios ISBN: 9781884090073 List Price: $49.95
Kirchen der Welt Vol. 19 : Die Russische Orthodoxe Kirche by Harms, Hans H., Kruger, Han... ISBN: 9783110113990
Resurrection and the Icon by Quenot, Michel, Breck, Michael ISBN: 9780881411492 List Price: $30.00
Christianity and the Eastern Slavs: Russian Culture in Modern Times, Vol. 2 by Hughes, Robert P., Paperno,... ISBN: 9780520081758 List Price: $60.00
Orthodox Theology and Diakonia Essays in Honor of His Eminence Archbishop Lakovos on the Occ... by Constantelos, Demetrios J. ISBN: 9780916586799 List Price: $17.95
Price of Prophecy Orthodox Churches on Peace, Freedom, and Security by Webster, Alexander F. ISBN: 9780896331686 List Price: $62.50
Price of Prophecy Orthodox Churches on Peace, Freedom, and Security by Webster, Alexander F. ISBN: 9780896331693 List Price: $29.50
Status and Ministry of the Laity in the Orthodox Church by Karmiris, John N., Zacharia... ISBN: 9780917651953 List Price: $5.95
Supplement to the Philocalia The Second Century of Saint John of Karpathos by Balfour, David, Cunningham,... ISBN: 9780917653346 List Price: $14.95
Theology of the Icon by Ouspensky, Leonid, Gythiel,... ISBN: 9780881411232 List Price: $20.00
Theology of the Icon by Ouspensky, Leonid, Gythiel,... ISBN: 9780881411225 List Price: $20.00
What the Orthodox Church Owes to the West by Timiades, Emilianos ISBN: 9780917651960 List Price: $14.95
Orthodox Churches In A Pluralistic World An Ecumenical Conversation by Clapsis, Emmanuel ISBN: 9782825413975 List Price: $11.90
Orthodox Witness Today by Alfeyev, Hilarion ISBN: 9782825414484 List Price: $21.95
Abridged Typicon by Kovalchuk, Feodor S. ISBN: 9781878997142 List Price: $14.95
Vie Religieuse a Byzance - Jean Gouillard - Hardcover by Gouillard, Jean ISBN: 9780860780779
Commentary on the Inscriptions of the Psalms - Saint Gregory of Nyssa - Paperback by Saint Gregory of Nyssa, Vap... ISBN: 9780917653452 List Price: $14.95
Eyewitness to History The Short History of Nicephoros Our Holy Father the Patriarch of Const... by Tobias, Norman, Vaporis, No... ISBN: 9780917653384 List Price: $18.95
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