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The world of literature offers a glimpse into some of the world's greatest minds! Writers from around the globe have been bold enough to share their ideas, fantasy worlds and opinions at the risk of seeming a bit strange.or really strange in the eyes of the public. Kafka dared to write about a man transforming into an insect; Thoreau left the real world to live by a pond; Shakespeare poured his heart out in front of captivated audiences; Poe scared more than a few with his dark poetry. Our extensive collection of Literature textbooks will provide you with the exact used textbooks you need for a well-rounded education including American, British, African, Asian and World Literature. You'll also find books on literary criticism, research and the writing process. Cheap college textbooks can be yours when you order from our library! You can be assured that all used textbooks are like new when they arrive at your doorstep. Start your search for Literature textbooks now and save! Browse by book title, author and/or ISBN number. To assure that you have chosen the correct book edition, double check that the book's ISBN number matches the edition assigned by your professor. When class begins, we encourage you to enjoy the fantastic world of literature, as it inspires you to follow your dreams!

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Body+soul by Petroff, Elizabeth A. ISBN: 9780195084542 List Price: $41.95
Magic Stone: And Other Stories for the Faith Journey by Henderschedt, James L. ISBN: 9780893901165 List Price: $7.95
Contemporary Literary Theory: A Christian Appraisal by Walhout, Clarence, Ryken, L... ISBN: 9780802804792 List Price: $19.99
Across the Centuries, Level E by Pollard, Wendi ISBN: 9780767391726 List Price: $19.95
Christian Literature and Writing - Grade 9: A Textbook and Workbook Curriculum Set by Nash, Kimberley ISBN: 9780971095052 List Price: $55.00
Mystery of the Incarnation by John Paul II ISBN: 9781574553130 List Price: $3.95
Writing And Holiness The Practice of Authorship in the Early Christian East by Krueger, Derek ISBN: 9780812238198 List Price: $79.95
Christian Wordsworth, 17981805 by Ulmer, William A. ISBN: 9780791451533 List Price: $62.50
Anti-Christ Fragments from a Shattering Mind by Nietzsche, Friedrich ISBN: 9781840680935 List Price: $12.95
Apostolic Fathers Greek Texts and English Translations by Holmes, Michael William ISBN: 9780801022258 List Price: $34.99
Saints' Legends by Gerould, Gordon Hall ISBN: 9780598558305 List Price: $126.50
Catholic Faith and the Industrial Order by Kenyon, Ruth ISBN: 9780598834218 List Price: $63.30
Influence of Christianity on the Vocabulary of Old English Poetry by Keiser, Albert ISBN: 9780598846143 List Price: $30.00
Influence of Christianity on the Vocabulary of Old English Poetry by Keiser, Albert ISBN: 9780598846150 List Price: $30.00
Marian Moments in Early Modern British Drama by Hopkins, Lisa, Buccola, Regina ISBN: 9781138259409
Natural Theology of the Arts : Imprint of the Spirit by Monti, Anthony ISBN: 9781138257559
Architecture and Theology : The Art of Place by Rae, Murray ISBN: 9781481307642
Living Faith by Hastrich, Jerome ISBN: 9781560360728
Textsorten und Textkritik : Tagungsbeiträge by Primmer, Adolf, Smolak, Kur... ISBN: 9783700130628
Beauty of God : Theology and the Arts by Treier, Daniel J., Husbands... ISBN: 9780830879991 List Price: $26.00
Geschichte der Altkirchlichen Literatur by Bardenhewer, Otto ISBN: 9781108081856 List Price: $60.00
Geschichte der Altkirchlichen Literatur by Bardenhewer, Otto ISBN: 9781108081863 List Price: $57.00
Geschichte der Altkirchlichen Literatur by Bardenhewer, Otto ISBN: 9781108081870 List Price: $57.00
Geschichte der Altkirchlichen Literatur by Bardenhewer, Otto ISBN: 9781108081887 List Price: $41.00
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